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All Asians 2008

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Debate motions from the All Asian debate tournament in 2008.

This House believes that biofuels do more harm than good.
This House supports the privatization of all energy production and distribution.
This House would no longer price oil in US dollars.

This House advocates human colonization of outer space.
This House would restrict research and development of artificial intelligence.
This House believes that humanity will not reach the 22nd Century.

This House would allow both men and women to have multiple spouses.
This House would allow divorce for any reason.
This House would eliminate age restrictions for marriage.

This House would abolish zoos.
This House would make the fur trade illegal.
This House would not eat whales and sharks.

This House would not enforce labor laws on SMEs.
This House believes that trade liberalization hurts SMEs.
This House believes that SMEs should not be allowed to hire foreign workers.

This House would recognize choice of gender identity as a fundamental human right.
This House would disqualify transsexuals from professional sporting events.
This House would reserve one-third of seats for women in national legislatures.

This House believes that standardized testing is the enemy of learning.
This House prefers need based higher education scholarships to affirmative action in admissions.
This House would require all elementary and secondary schools to include debating in the curriculum.

This House believes that Asian governments have a duty to support literature in their native language
This House would institute an annual prize for the best pornographic novel.
This House believes that politicians should not be allowed to publish their autobiographies during their lifetimes.

All Asian 2007

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Round Zero: Debate
THW eliminate the humor round from All Asians.
THW allow coaching during preparation time.
THS affirmative action for women in debate.

R1: Bioethics
THS the trade of human organs.
THW encourage for profit surrogate motherhood.
THW make genetic screening of fetuses illegal.

R2: Terrorism
THW try Guantanamo Bay detainess in their home country.
THW bypass Pakistani authorities in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.
THW export suspected terrorists to countries that allow torture.

R3: Elections
THBT the next American President should be elected by a popular vote.
THW adopt fixed election dates in parliamentary democracies.
THW ban campaign finance contributions from corporate lobby groups.

R4: Pop Culture
THS the politicization of Hollywood.
THW exempt celebrities from national service.
THW legalize animated child pornography.

R5: Refugees
THS the repatriation of North Korean refugees.
THBT Palestinian refugees should be allowed to return to their homeland.
THS the abolition of refugee detention centers in Australia.

R6: Obesity
THW prohibit the sale of junk food in school.
THS the establishment of weight requirements for models in the fashion industry.
THW place obese children under the care of the state.

R7: War and Technology
THBT America’s allies should reject BMD.
THBT media facilities are legitimate targets in war.

R8: Sexual Politics
THBT male to female trans-sexuals should be allowed to compete in sporting events as a woman.
THW abolish statutory rape laws for teenagers.
THW ban the use of social networking websites in catching paedophiles.

Doubles: The Internet
THW ban websites that encourage suicide.
THW keep copyright law out of You Tube.
THW require pornographic websites to use “.XXX” domain names.

Octos: Environment
THBT airline passengers should be required to pay a carbon emissions tax.
THW require compulsory environmental service for all citizens.
THW end exploration for new sources of oil.

Quarters: NE Asia
THW comfort the comfort women.
THW assassinate Kim Jong IL.
THBT Taiwan should rejoin China.

Semis: Religion
THW not allow religious organizations to run orphanages.
THBT shariah courts have no place in Islamic democracy.
THBT parents should not have the right to deny medical treatment to their children on religious grounds.

EFL Finals: Universities
TH rejects corporate sponsorship of academic research.
TH would prohibit military recruitment on university campuses.
THBT affirmative action in universities should be
based on economic class rather than race.

Finals: Independence and Conflict
THW forcibly disarm the Tamil Tigers.
THW partition Iraq.
THBT the UN should recognize an independent Kosovo.