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University of Queensland Australs 2005

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Round 1: Justice
That the Indonesian President should pardon Scapelle Corby.
That individuals found guilty of crimes overseas should serve their sentences in their country of origin.
That trial by jury sould be abolished.

Round 2: Gay Rights
That this house would legislate to prevent gays becoming parent.
That we should swash the myth of the ‘lipstick lesbian’.
That the gay rights movement should mourn the emergence of ‘gay-bourhoods’.

Round 3: Environment
That the poverty of people should be a secondary concern to the demise of the environment.
That the decision to uphold the ban on whaling is an act of Western Imperialism.
That this house would charge the CEO of corporations for crimes committed against the environment in the Third World.

Round 4: Popular Culture
That “hip-hop” culture has a harmful effect on non-black communities.
That fringe art should receive no governmental funding.
That this house would allow the production of animated child pornography.

Round 5: Asia
That the ASEAN should take an interventionist stance in separatist conflicts in member states.
That Japan should have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
That this house supports the call for Gloria’s resignation.

Round 6: The Media
That cheque-book journalism should be banned.
That Microsoft should not help China censor the Internet.
That Holocaust denial should be a crime.

Round 7: Terrorism
That this house would pay for the return of hostages.
That the US should prevent its residents from accessing the Al Jazeera Network.
That this house would establish a permanent international tribunal for trying terrorists.

I’m missing the break motions, if you have them, please post them in the comments! Thanks! P.

Buddle Findlay Vic Australs 2006

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Debate motions from the debate tournament Australs 2006 in Buddle Findlay Vic

Adjudication test
That we should uphold the right of Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Women’s debate
That we should have quotas for the number of women in national parliaments.

Round 1
That media should be able to freely report suicides.
That we should ban all advertising during children’s television programming.
That we should ban the publication of political party support polls.

Round 2
That ASEAN should sign a free trade agreement now.
That we should disband the WTO.
That China should move to float its currency.

Round 3
That we should boycott developing countries that nationalize their oil companies.
That we should support net oil-importing developing nations in building nuclear power plants.
That governments should issue tradable quotas for air travel.

Round 4
That the micro-states of the Pacific should federate.
That Australia and New Zealand should actively uphold the result of the democratic process in Fiji.
That New Zealand should become a state of Australia.

Round 5
That all schools should have comprehensive sex education classes.
That we should require large companies in AustralAsia to provide comprehensive healthcare for employees.
That Catholic medical providers should be forced to provide preventative and emergency contraception.

Round 6
That Pakistan should close its Madrassas.
That Jerusalem should become a UN protectorate.
That we should transfer military resources from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Round 7
That we should abolish detention without trial for suspected terrorists.
That we should abolish the imposition of custodial sentences on young offenders.
That civilian victims of the war on terror should be compensated.

Octo Finals
That players and fans should be able to participate in ambush marketing activities.
That iTunes music should be downloadable to any device.
That we should force pornography websites to move to a .xxx internet domain.

ESL Semi-Finals
That we should publish cartoons of religious figures.
That sporting boycotts are a legitimate tool of foreign policy.
That convicted criminals should be banned from running for public office in Asia.

Quarter Finals
That corporations should be held responsible for abuses committed by their contracted service providers.
That the compensation of all executives should be pegged to the average wage of that company’s workers.
That we should require companies to donate 5% of their annual revenue to charitable causes to be eligible for government contracts.

Semi Finals
That Australia should compromise the legal protections of asylum seekers to appease Indonesia.
That East Asia should adopt a common history textbook.
That politicians must relinquish all control over family-owned assets to global investment banks.

ESL Final
That we should end affirmative action in Malaysia.
That governments should fund development aid and not disaster relief.
That we would introduce hard labour for criminals in the developed world.

That we should criminalise the payment of dowry.
That it should be legitimate to use aid to buy votes in international organisations.
That China should allow the internal free movement of labour.

UT Mara Australs 2007

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Motions from Australs in 2007 in UT Mara

That presidential democracies should change to parliamentary democracies.
That the media should be required to cap political advertising by candidates and parties during elections.
That Tonga should abandon its absolute monarchy.

That the West should not recognize clinical trials conducted in the Third World.
That governments should abolish patent protection and instead establish a fund that guarantees payments for the development of new medicines for Third World diseases.
That we should have a moratorium on genetically modified foods until they are proven to be safe.

That segregating universities on the basis of ethnicity should be abolished.
That all Malaysians should come under the same civil code.
That Malaysia should abolish compulsory national service.

Round 4: The Dismal Science
That governments in the Third World should reclaim ownership of basic services.
That the WTO should enforce fair trade instead of free trade.
That growth in happiness, not growth in GDP, should be the measure of success in developed countries.

That new citizens should be required to pass a language and values test.
That we should strive to prevent endangered languages from becoming extinct.
That the membership of the United Nations Security Council should represent the world’s major ‘civilizations’.

That we should lift trade sanctions on North Korea as soon as it shuts and seals its nuclear facilities.
That Sri Lanka should grant the Tamils statehood.
That Australia should recruit soldiers from Pacific Island States.

That democratic states should adopt Singapore’s law regarding oral sex.
That the state should compel the parents of obese children to sponsor a child in the Third World.
That ’emo’ youths should be placed in state care.

That we should use biofuels as the solution to ‘peak oil’.
That the developed world should institute a policy of zero population growth.
That we should abandon the Kyoto Protocol in favour of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6).

The West Bank should become a part of Jordan.
That the West should overtly support pro-democracy movements in Middle Eastern states.
That only ‘soft power’ can achieve America’s goal of democratisation in the Middle East.

Octo Finals: LABOUR
That host countries of guest workers should pay a tax to the country of origin.
That the Members-States should grant free movement of labour in EU.
That South America should cease coca eradication programs.

That the United States should establish a system of universal health care.
That religious schools should be forced to teach comprehensive sex education.
That Southeast Asian Governments should provide condoms in prisons.

That the election of Hillary Clinton would be good for women.

That we should suspend Russia’s G8 membership pending democratic reforms.
That NATO should support the unilateral declaration of Kosovo’s independence.
That the US should accept Putin’s request to modify its plans for missile defense.

That male circumcision should be banned.
That we should decriminalize prostitution in Southeast Asia.
That cock fighting should be banned.

That we should legalise abortion in Southeast Asia.
That there should be gender quotas for Executive positions in Fortune 500 companies.
That doctors should be required to report suspected cases of domestic violence.

Grand Final: Mental Health
That governments should pay for treatments that seek to ‘normalise’ autism.

Ateneo Australs 2008 motions

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Motions from the debate tournament Ataneo Australs in 2008

Round 1: Conflict Zones
That the UN should hire mercenaries for military operations.
That African states should recognize Tsvangirai as the rightful leader of Zimbabwe.
That we would respect China’s right to prosecute foreign athletes who protest at the Beijing Olympics.

Round 2: Sin
That we would ban groups that glorify obesity.
That governments should not take any action to discourage individuals from smoking.
That problem gamblers should have their welfare payments suspended.

Round 3: Philippines
That we should end US involvement in fighting terrorism in Southern Mindanao.
That we have had enough People Power revolutions.
That the Philippines should adopt Chavez-style land reforms.

Round 4: Business and Trade
That corporate regulators should have veto power over executive bonuses.
That we would protect nationally important companies from ownership by foreign government entities.
That the WTO should abandon consensus voting as the basis for decision-making.

Round 5: Sustainable Development
That areas of high ecological value should be returned to indigenous peoples for management.
That arable lands should not be used for growing crops for bio-fuels.
That individuals should be given carbon quotas.

Round 6: Bois and Grrrls
That we would create separate units for gays in the military.
That governments should ban groups that seek to ‘straighten out’ gay men and women.
That we would allow minors to have sex change operations.

Round 7: Science and Tech
That all state-funded projects should be open source.
That genetic research that attributes negative traits to particular races should not be published.
That nations should be able to charge licensing fees for the use of genetic information from their native plants and animals.

Round 8: Democracy
That candidates should be disallowed from using their own money to finance their campaigns.
That the West should cease pressuring transitioning democracies to hold elections.
That we would abolish political parties.

Women’s debate
That pre and post op transsexuals should be allowed into women-only organizations.

ESL Semi Finals: Immigration
That industrialized nations should be forced to accept climate change refugees.
That states should remove all restrictions against the immigration of HIV-infected people.
That medical workers from developing countries should not be allowed to migrate to the developed world.

ESL Final: Energy
That the price of petrol should be determined entirely by the market.
That we would drill for oil in the arctic circle.
That the production of non-hybrid cars should be stopped.

Octo Finals: Health
That hymen reconstruction surgeries should be banned.
That IVF clinics should be stopped from implanting embryos known to have disabilities.
That all restrictions on the advertising of prescription drugs should be removed.

Quarter Finals: US Racial Politics
That we should vote for Barack Obama on the basis of his race.
That low-income ethnic neighborhoods should be protected from gentrification.
That Latinos should have the right to be taught in Spanish.

Semi Finals: Pedophilia
That we would abolish the crime of statutory rape.
That police officers should be banned from posing as children on the internet to catch pedophiles.
That capital punishment should be allowed in cases of child rape.

Grand Final: Weapons
That international institutions should use force to restrict the sale of small arms to African nations.
That gun ownership should be restricted to law enforcement agencies.
That we should rely on mutual assured destruction rather than on nuclear non-proliferation.

Monash Australs 2009

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Debate motions from the Australs 2009 held in Monash

Round 1: Education
That extra fees or donations above the actual cost of education should not be used to gain admission into university.
That talented students should be taught separately from their peers.
That indigenous people should have free and unqualified access to university.

Round 2: Global Financial Crisis
That Governments should bail out homeowners directly.
That trade unions should have their power restricted during times of economic crisis.
That Governments should obtain a majority stake in companies that they bail out.

Round 3: Sexuality
That the gay rights movement should not support the institution of marriage.
That we should recognise the right of religious groups to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.
That sexual education classes at school should include, but not be limited to: sexual orientation, anal sex, mutual gratification and masturbation.

Round 4: The Environment
That population control should be part of any global approach to tackle climate change.
That protection of the environment should be considered a mitigating factor when sentencing eco-terrorists.
That the developed world should not sell contaminated material to the developing world for processing.

Round 5: Borders
That soldiers who have fought for foreign countries should be granted citizenship within the country that they fought for.
That this house would open all borders.
That the US should grant citizenship to all Guantanamo detainees regardless of guilt.

Round 6: Latin America
That the United States should stop funding the Columbian Government.
That Latin American countries should take action against countries whose leaders took power through military coups.
That the United States should stop buying Hugo Chavez’s oil.

Round 7: Law
That single parents in prison should be provided special treatment to allow them to raise their young children from behind bars.
That parliamentarians should receive no compensation beyond their base salary.
That employees of the United States Government who authorised or carried out “enhanced interrogation techniques” during the Bush administration should be prosecuted.

Round 8: The “STOP” Round
That we should ban celebrities from participating in political campaigns.
That we should ban mail-order brides.
That we should ban the use and development of all unmanned offensive military weaponry.

Octo Finals
That the international community should provide material support to the Iranian opposition
That we should detain and search North Korean vessels suspected of carrying nuclear weapons technology.
That aid to Pakistan should be conditional on allowing international forces to secure and monitor their nuclear weapons installations.

Quarter Finals
That businesses should refuse to comply with China’s internet restrictions.
That the hiring and firing by employers should not be influenced by information found on social networking sites.
That the Government should subsidise print journalism.

ESL Semi Finals
That Western countries should ban the wearing of the burkha in public spaces.
That Governments should not provide religious services to its military personnel.
That aid agencies should not be allowed to undertake missionary activites.

Semi Finals
That water should not be privatised.
That we should create an international market for the sale of babies.
That we should create a global free market for the sale of all drugs.

ESL Grand Final
That ASEAN should establish a Human Rights Court.
That the European Parliament should be abolished.

Grand Final
That Palestine should accept demilitarisation in return for a guaranteed sovereign state.
That we should grant the Roma Gypsies a sovereign state.
That we should divide Sudan.

Auckland Australs 2010 motions

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Round 1: Religion
That we should prevent parents from raising their children in a particular religious faith
That governments should refuse to recognise Scientology as a religion
That it should be a crime to insult religions

Round 2: Sport
That we should ban the international trade in sportspeople under the age of 18
That we should ban the private ownership of professional sporting clubs
That all countries competing in the Olympics should have to include male and female athletes

Round 3: Australia (and New Zealand)
That New Zealand and Australia should remove the Fiji Government by force
That New Zealand and Australia should place no restrictions migrants from Pacific countries, other than those relating to health and security
That we support granting land rights to indigenous peoples as a means of redressing historical injustice

Round 4: Families
That infidelity should be a factor in the financial resolution of divorce
That senior citizens should be financially supported (when required) by their adult children
That courts should refuse to recognise pre-nuptial agreements

Round 5: Asia
That the US should not sell arms to Taiwan
That China should abolish the ‘one child’ policy
That the Philippines should have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission into the crimes of the Arroyo administration instead of criminal trials

Round 6: Liberty, Freedom and Choice
That we should prohibit the labelling of products as ‘fair trade’
That we should prohibit discrimination in the labour market on the basis of physical attractiveness
That we should end all government funding for health, education, and police measures that aim to prevent suicide

Round 7: La Vieille Europe
That the US should withdraw its military bases from Europe
That we should say, au revoir, tot ziens, and, finally, partition Belgium
That Turkish admission to the EU should be contingent upon a full recognition of the Armenian genocide

Round 8: The Law
That all defendants and victims in sexual assault trials should have their identity protected until a verdict is reached
That socially progressive movements should use the courts to advance social change
That we should prohibit private prisons

Octo-finals: Learning
That we should ban homeschooling
That we support the use of school vouchers
That we should link funding of schools to performance in standardised exams

Quarter-finals: Democracy
That we should ban professional political lobbyists
That the leaders of parliamentary parties should be chosen by party members rather than their parliamentary colleagues
That individuals should be able to sell their vote

ESL Semi-finals: Health
That we should stop the search for the ‘gay gene’
That we should abolish private health insurance
That we should ban non-essential cosmetic surgery

Semi-finals: Tax and Equality
That there should be a constitutional limit on the regressiveness of the tax system
That income tax levels should be determined by the relative privilege of an individual’s upbringing
That we should use the tax system to subsidise the ownership of major businesses by members of disadvantaged social minorities

ESL Grand Final: Immigration
That we should auction the right to immigrate
That emigrants should pay an ‘exit tax’ when they change their citizenship
That ASEAN should allow free and open movement of labour within its borders

Grand Final
That the West should immediately withdraw from Afghanistan
That the right to a minimum standard of living should be legally enforceable in developed countries
That the International Criminal Court should allow for the prosecution of ‘crimes against the earth’

Korea Australs 2011

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Motions from the 2011 Australs in Korea

That sporting teams should not tour nations whose players have been found guilty of match fixing
That sporting bodies should allow the use of al performance enhancing drugs
That we should restrict access to international competitions for nations who abuse their athletes

Round 2:Development
That a fixed proportion of development aid should be allocated to microcredit schemes
That developing nations should embrace medical tourism
That the World Bank and IMP chairs should be selected on a rotational regional basis

Round 3:Government
That military officers should be allowed to criticize the governments
That we should abolish parliamentary privilege as a defense to defamation
That the public should directly elect US Supreme Court Justices

Round 4:International relations
That we should not sell uranium to India
That Mexico should cease the war on drugs
That South Korea should return to the Sunshine Policy

Round 5:Economics
That Greece should return to the Drachma
That we should prohibit price gouging after natural disasters
That we should recognize the necessity of sweatshops

Round 6:Crime and punishment
That the state should not fund medical care for those injured as a result of committing crimes
That employers should not have access to job applicants’ criminal records
That juries should return not guilty verdicts if they believe laws are unjust

Round 7:Aboreligion
That we should grant automatic asylum to women living in states which practice Shariah law.
That the state should refuse to tolerate sexist indigenous cultural practices
That it is legitimate to oppose religion by seeking out and exposing private immoral behavior of religious leaders

Round 8:Illicit markets
That we should allow the trade of endangered animals
That states should forbid non-citizens from working in the sex industry in order to prevent human trafficking
That we should be allowed to buy and sell children

Double Oct:Politics
That politicians should be able to nominate certain campaign promises as legally binding on them upon assuming power
That we should remove tax exempt status from any organization that funds or engages in political activity.
That individuals should be able to direct portion of state funding for medical care to alternative medicines

Open Oct:International relations2
That we should recognize the independence of Somaliland
That China should remove all restrictions on internal migration
That colonial states have a duty to intervene in failed postcolonial states.

That we should create a system of tradeable fishing quotas
That we should allow indigenous groups to manage their own environmental resources as they see fit.
That we should prohibit corporations from sponsoring academic research

That developing nations should sell sovereignty over autonomous zones to entrepreneurs
That all artists should receive a percentage of the resale value of their work
That developing nations should retaliate against developed-world protectionism by refusing to respect intellectual property laws

That the US should close down all of its military basis in Asia
That Israel should publicly admit possession of nuclear weapons
That nations should use bounty hunters to capture or kill enemies

ESL QF:Families
That the receipt of family benefits should be conditional on the implantation of long-term contraceptives
That welfare-dependent students who perform well academically should receive bonus payments
That parents should receive extra vote per child in elections

ESL SF:Media
That there should be a minimum quota for domestically created content in media
That media organizations should be required to provide equal airtime to all political parties
That the government should not regulate or rate media content

ESL GF:Institutions
That the WTO should allow nations to place tariffs on imports that damage the environment
That ASEAN should allow the free movement of labor
That the ICC should only indict leaders at the conclusion of conflicts

Wellington Australs 2012

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Here are the debate motions from Australs 2012:

Round 1 Sport
TWS ban eating contests.
That sporting leagues should never suspend players for off field behaviour.
That developing nations should not host international sporting events.

Round 2 Sin
That the government should not receive any revenue from gambling beyond standard taxation.
TWS require individuals to disclose that they carry STIs even if protection is used.
That individuals should be required to pass drug tests in order to receive welfare benefits.

Round 3 Ethics
TWS grant higher-level primates more rights than other animals.
That doctors should be required to perform medical procedures even when it conflicts with their beliefs.
That employers should be allowed to discriminate on lifestyle factors (such as smoking and obesity) when hiring.

Round 4 Growing Threats
That NATO should invite former Eastern Bloc states to be members.
That the UN should establish a standing military force.
That the US should impose retaliatory tariffs on China for currency manipulation.

Round 5 Food
That the state should provide incentives for individuals to grow their own produce and buy locally.
TWS adopt a vegetarian diet.
TWS celebrate the growth of the fat pride movement.

Round 6 Politics
That developing nations should prohibit families of current or former politicians from running for office.
TWS make voting mandatory.
TWS ban all political campaign contributions.

Round 7 Economics
TWS introduce a tax on financial transations.
That EU should create a common fiscal authority.
That governments should not fund reconstruction in areas that are prone to natural disasters.

Round 8 Law
That where gay marriage is legal, religious institutions should be forced to conduct marriage ceremonies for gays.
TWS force victims of domestic violence to testify in court.
TWS criminalise prostitution.

Octos Motions
TWS repeal the individual mandate for healthcare in the
TWS set term limits for US Supreme Court justices.
That the US should declare an amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

Quarters Motions
That the death of print media is bad for journalism
That law enforcement should turn a blind eye to drug use and sale in designated areas.
That families whose children perform well in school should receive bonus welfare payments

ESL Semi Motions
That media outlets should be allowed to report on the details of suicides.
That the media should not report on the private lives of politicians.
That there should be a minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) for women on television

Semi Final Motions
That we should have a one state solution for Israel and Palestine
That the West should suppress pro-democracy movements which are against the West’s strategic interests
That we should only grant amnesty to dictators at the conclusion of conflicts

Final Motion
That we should introduce good samaritan laws
That we should introduce a system of school vouchers
That the state should stop subsidising monogamous relationships.

UT MARA Australs 2013

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ROUND 1: Education
That universities should not have patents.
That we would abolish tenure for university professors.
That states that don’t provide free tertiary education should subsidize career paths for students that is useful for the state.

ROUND 2: Sport
That the English Premier League should significantly limit the number of foreign players per team .
That professional sporting clubs should only b owned by the local authority of the area they represent.
That we should ban players’ unions in major sporting leagues

ROUND 3: Crime
We should require criminal judges to be employed in a prison for 6 months prior to appointment to the bench.
That illegally gathered evidence and information should be admissible in criminal trials
That individuals who commit minor crimes should be allowed 2 convert their sentences into corporal punishment

ROUND 4: Media
That we should require all free-to-air TV stations to have and adequately fund 60min of ad-free news in prime time.
That journalists should be required to lodge their sources with a press council for verification.
That CEOs of major news companies should be democratically elected in open public elections.

ROUND 5: Economics
That countries should not seek to regulate digital currencies like the Bitcoin
TWS prohibit credit rating agencies from disclaiming legal liability for the inaccuracy of their ratings
TWS make lenders liable for the losses of low-income customers who are not given independent legal advice

ROUND 6: Social Politics
That we should make legislative deliberations & decisions on retirement age and superannuation private, anonymous, confidential and by the secret ballot.
That we should support granting private administrative control of cities on the basis of charters
That gay rights group should disavow the “Gay is the New Black” campaign.

That the US should pay Chinese activists to combat the efforts of China’s ’50 Cent Party’
That Detroit should sell the Detroit Institute of Art’s 1 billion USD collection to service it’s debts
That Obama should grant Edward Snowden amnesty from all charges

Round 8
TWS refuse classification to films and TV shows that fail the Bechdel Test.
TWS pay parental leave as equal and non-transferable portions of leave for each parent
That progressive women’s groups should refrain from attacking female politicians regardless of their policies

Adj Test: That individuals should be allowed to sell their right to sue to one/more 3rd parties.

ESL Quarter-Final: politics
That minimum standards of living should be legally enforceable in developing countries
That political parties should abolish their military wings
That we should select only women as diplomats to countries with poor rights standards for women

ESL Semi-Finals:
That China should establish military bases overseas.
That Palestinians should not accept citizenship from Arab Nations.
That we should require UN approval for the giving of military aid or selling of (words missing).

ESL Final:
That the media should not have broadcast the footage of British soldier, Lee Rigby, being murdered in London.

Open Pre-Octo Finals: Social Policy
That the infacticide of newborns should not be punished beyond the penalty for unlawful late-term abortion.
That it was wrong for parents to accept confidential settlements from the Catholic Church on behlaf of their children for abuse committed by clergymen.
That Islamic states should set the curriculum of madrassas.

Open Octo Finals: Environment
That we should abolish Green Belt regulations. (Green Belt regulations prevent urban development beyond a certain geographic boundary.)
That we should rewrite animal welfare standards to be uniform for each species of animal, regardless the animal’s use/context.
That Obama should use the Environmental Protection Agency and other executive powers to aggressively combat climate change

Open Quarter-Final: The Middle East
TWS support aggressive Palestinian protests, like property destruction, in illegal Israeli settlements
That the Muslim Brotherhood should cooperate with Adly admin and accept Cabinet positions for ending protests against the interim gov
That we regret the rise of the nation state in the Arab World

Open Semi-Final: Law
That we should abolish the criminal law, expand tort law and provide extra funding for the litigants
That the standard or ‘responsibleness’ in criminal cases should never be influenced by prejudicial assumptions, even if held by the average person in that society.
That the tax offices should be allowed to retrospectively declare acts of aggressive accounting, which expliot tax loopholes, illegal.

Grand Final:
That women should be criminally liable for harm to foetuses in utero as a result of their lifestyle choices