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Debate video – St. John’s Debate vs. Irish Times Champions

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A video posted by Steve with a debate on the motion This House believes that development aid should be tied to women’s rights.
An hour long debate video worth watching!

St. John’s University Debate vs. Irish Times National Champions from Steve Llano on Vimeo.

WUPID 2008 Finals debate video

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Final Round, World Universities Peace Invitational Debates 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sponsored by CIMB Group.
THW use the military against Somali pirates.
1st Govt University of Vermont, Lucas Caress & Sam Natale
1st Opp Ateneo de Manila, Eleano Zosa & Michael Biscocho
2nd Govt Monash, Victor Finkel & Amit Goldin
2nd Opp Sydney, Julia Fetherston & Tim Mooney

Decision: 1 Monash, 2 Sydney,

WUPID 2008 semifinals video

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Semifinal debate at World Universities Peace Invitational Debates 2008.
THBT South American countries should nationalize their natural resources.

1st Govt Queensland A
2nd Govt Monash C advances
1st Opp Harvard A
2nd Opp Vermont A advances

Harvey-Smith, Ivan Ah Sam, Berna, Chandran, Lillin
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QatarDebate – Introudction to Debating

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QatarDebate, the national debating organization of Qatar, is pleased to announce the release of our first interactive educational tool, 'An Introduction to Debating', an exciting 5-disc DVD training set for students, teachers and parents.{mosloadposition user9}

As part of QatarDebate's mission to develop, support and raise the standard of open discussion and debate in Qatar and across the world, we are delighted to offer educational institutions (schools, universities, not-for-profits and national debating federations) anywhere in the world up to 3 copies of the DVD set completely free of charge.

To place your order for QatarDebate's 'Introduction to Debating' DVD set, please visit and fill out the online order form. Your DVDs should be delivered in 10 – 15 days from the date of your order depending on where you are in the world.

While you're visiting our website, feel free to sign up for the QatarDebate newsletter (using the blue box in the top right hand corner) to receive regular updates about QatarDebate projects and opportunities, and information about The World Schools' Debating Championships which will be held in Qatar in 2010.

Best wishes,

The QatarDebate Team

Presentational debate WDI in BP style

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This is a presentational debate from the beggining of the World debate institute 2008. Students and trainers debating against each other. Here are the positions:
1st government Darius Niknamfard & Alfred Snider
2nd government Nicol Colston & Jarrad Baker
1st opposition Jacob Klein & Mandy Frank
2nd opposition Steve Llano & Debbie Newman
Motion for the debate:”This House would legalize the sale of organs by individual citizens.”
Thanks to Tuna’s debate video blog for the video{mosloadposition user9}