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European University Debate Championship Berlin 2006

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R1 TTHW abolish the international criminal court
R2 TTHB that gender reassignment surgery should be included in state funded medical care
R3 TTHB that governments should block the foreign takeover of important companies
R4 TTHW ban the use of evidence acquired from countries which practice torture.
R5 TTHW ban all religious involvement in schools
R6 TTHW remove the right to refuse medically necessary treatments
ESL Semis TTHW allow insurance companies to consider the results of genetic tests in asessing potential customers
ESL Finals TTHW destroy the artifacts of fallen oppressive regimes
Quarters That this house would take cult members into psychiatric care 
Semifinals THW grant an automatic right of asylum to women trafficked for prostitution
Finals TTHW allow companies to refuse to hire smokers

European University Debate Championship Cork 2005

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“THW Allow the Use of Racial Profiling By Police Forces.” ESL Final
“THW make failure to render reasonable assistance to a person in distress a criminal offence”
Semi Finals
“THW withdraw from the Ottawa convention banning the sale of land mines.”
ESL Semi Finals
“THW remove the Arms Embargo on China”

Quarter Finals “THW condemn companies that seek to avoid first world regulations on human drug testing by conducting their trials in the developing world.”

Preliminary Round Motions
1. “THW make the post-mortem donation of organs compulsory without exception”
2. “THW support the right of Chechnya to secede”
3. “THBT popular referenda should not be used to ratify the EU constitution”
4. “THW prosecute the perpetrators of domestic violence
without the consent of the victim” 5. “THW grant immunity from prosecution to dictators who step down”
6. “THBT the state should assist healthy people commit suicide”

European University Debate Championship Durham 2004

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Grand Final motion
This House believes that elected politicians should not be allowed to own media companies
ESL Final motion
This House would ban international adoption
Semi Finals motion
This House believes that a foetus harmed in a criminal attack on its mother should be considered a victim of crime in its own right
ESL Semi Finals motion
This House believes that junk food companies should not be allowed to sponsor sporting events
Quarter Finals motion
This House supports compulsory HIV testing for immigrants

Preliminary Round Motions
This house believes that any EU Constitution should contain reference to Europe’s Christian heritage
This house would ban the production for road use of cars capable of driving over 160kph/100mph
This house believes that post-war reconstruction contracts should be restricted to companies from countries which supported the war
This house would legalise consensual cannibalism
This house would not allow embedded journalists attached to military units in warzones
This house believes that governments should insist that the software they use is open-source
This house believes that the military targeting of any place of worship is a crime against humanity

European University Debate Championship Zagreb 2003

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THW hold parents legally responsible for the criminal actions of their children
THW make smokers pay for their own medical expenses
THB that the minority religious practices should be exempt from the national laws
THW close its doors to the immigrants
THW reform the UN security council

THB that the USA is right to tie its foreign aid to the support in war against terrorism
THB that the cost of space exploration is not worth it
THB that the EU should start immediate accession talks with Turkey
THB that the state should tax the graduates to cover the costs of their education
TH supports compulsory drug testing in the workplace
THB that parents have the right to choose the sex of their children

European University Debate Championship Haifa 2002 Motions

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R1 THBT referenda are the way forward for European democracy
R2 THBT Women should have equal rights and equal obligations in the Army
R3 THW Deny liver transplants to alcoholics
R4 THW Clone Britney Spears
R5 THBT The European Union should ban bullfighting
R6 THB that religious education is brainwashing kids

EFL Final “THW ban the advertisement of gambling”
EFL Semifinal “THW hold the accountants accountable”
EFL QFinal “THW prefer castration to incarceration for sexual offenders”.

ESL Final “THW give Europe its own constitution”
ESL Semifinal “THW guarantee the amnesty of retired dictators”

EUDC 2001 Portorož Slovenija Motions

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Round 1: This house would make organ donation compulsory

Round 2: This house believes that sporting events are for the people not media moghuls

Round 3: This house would put a brake on Albania

Round 4: This house would end farming subsidies in the European Union

Round 5: This house believes that asylum seekers should seek refuge in the first safe country that they reach

Round 6: This house believes that Rome should look beyond its own walls for a new Pope

ESL semi finals: This house fears for the little countries in Europe

ESL final: This house believes that capitalism is in crisis

Quarter finals: This house believes that NATO has had its day

Semi finals: This house would put Slobodan Milosevic on trial in the Hague

Final: This house would clone human beings