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ASDC 2013 Motions

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Motions from the ASDC debate tournamen in the Asian parliamentary debate format

Round 1: Politics and governance
THW make the salary of politicians equal to the per capita income of the country
THBT believes that corporations should not be allowed to contribute to campaigns
THW prefer a technocratic autocracy over a populist democracy

Round 2: Religion
THW compel religious adoption agencies to accept capable LGBT parents
THBT Free Speech should include the right to offend religions
THW remove all legal and economic privileges granted to religious organizations

Round 3: Finance and Economics
THW break up the big banks
THBT home countries should not penalize is citizens/corporations for bribery in foreign states
THBT multinational corporations have a duty to maintain a strong presence (majority of their industry) in their home countries

Round 4: parents and children
THBT parents should be given access to all password of their children’s social networking accounts
THW pay teenagers/young individuals who do not get pregnant/impregnate before they graduate
THW prevent parents from religiously indoctrinating their children

Round 5: Rights
THW force feed prisoners who go on Hunger strikes
THBT welfare benefits should be contingent upon a drug test
THW allow workers to sell their rights

Round 6: What ifs
In the face of Armageddon, THW fill the last boat (the last boat will survive) with seriously ill people instead of criminals
Assuming we had the technology to detect homosexual genes, THW allow individuals to abort their gay fetuses
THBT the government should actively invest in human beings to attain “Marvel Comic” powers

Round 7: IR
TH supports the disbandment of the EU
THBT it’s high time for Palestine to absolutely lay down its arms in its quest for independence
THBT the ICC should prosecute crimes against democracy (i.e. Massive electoral fraud and vote rigging, vote buying, suppression of the opposition, etc.)

Open Octo Final: Education
THW abolish affirmative action criteria based on gender/ethnicity in university admissions
THW stream (put them in one class) students based on their academic performance
TH actively supports the move towards online degrees

Open Quarter Final and Novice Semi Final: Environment
THBT environmentalists should exaggerate the effects of global warming
THW subject the conviction or acquittal of environmental terrorists to a referendum
THW prohibit developed nations from dumping toxic waste in developing nations

Open Semi Final: War
THBT it should be the legal obligation of invading countries to pay for the reconstruction of occupied nations
THW launch a full military invasion against North Korea
THW try its citizens who commit acts of terrorism as enemy combatants

Novice Grand Final: Media and the arts
THW rewrite Disney stories to account for political correctness
THR the Hollywoodization of independent films (Hollywoodization: when Hollywood buys the rights over these films and when Hollywood actors star in them)
THW prevent journalists from covering mass shootings in detail

Grand Final: Meta-debates
THBT there is no such thing as animal cruelty
THBT humanity is better off without sexual desires
THBT God is nothing but a social construct

Philippine Debate Open 2013

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Motions from the Philipine Debate open in 2013.

Round 1: TH regrets the emphasis on college education
Round 2: THW financially incentivize the transfer of land to women and the purchase of land by women
Round 3: THBT parents and educators should actively encourage children to invest in their physical appearance and attractiveness
Round 4: THBT states should impose a moratorium on natural resource extraction until their economies are diversified
Round 5: TH regrets civil society’s support for the current military takeover in Egypt

Octos: THBT a greater portion of foreign aid contracts and grants should go to locally-based organizations instead of companies from the donor country
Quarters: THW pay teenage girls to not get pregnant
Semis: THW impose a cap on the number of prisoners incarcerated at any given time

Finals: THBT secular states should not allow minority groups to implement their own family law systems


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The debate motions from the NALSAR IV, held in 2013.

Round 1: THW impose a tax on meat consumption.
Round 2: THW not disclose the identity of suspects of crimes until proven guilty.
Round 3: This house, as Barack Obama, who personally believes in protecting whistleblowers, would secretly help Edward Snowden using his own resources and not as the President of the United States.
Round 4: THW allow the purchase of private property in outer space and on various celestial bodies. (Infoslide: There already exists a company selling property on the moon; UN Conventions are ambiguously worded in not prohibiting such acts; there have been disputes over recognizing the legitimacy of such purchases)
Round 5: THW censor films that objectify women.

Novice Semis: THW teach gender neutral pronouns in primary school.
Novice finals: THBT India should adopt nuclear power as its primary source of energy.

Quarter Finals: THBT academic journals should accept and publish 50% of its articles from women.
Semifinals: THW not recognize any more religions than it already has.
Finals: TH celebrates the rise of China as a hegemon.

East Asian Invitationals 2010

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2nd East Asian Invitational 2010 Motions:
Round 1 This House would pay the poor not to have children
Round 2 This House would refuse to extradite suspected criminals to states where they face the death penalty.
Round 3 This House would stop all development aids to Africa.
Round 4 This House believes that oil companies should not be allowed to hold patents on renewable technologies.
Round 5 This House believes that army bases should their own state-sponsored brothels.
Semi-Finals: This house believes that USA should end all efforts to broker peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Grand Final: This House believes that 1st World Liberal Democracies should repeal all laws on treason.

KNC 2008

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Round 1: Korea
THBT Korea should priortize China over the US in diplomatic relations.
THW nationalize the tele-communications industry.
THW exclude Soju from the list of essential items announced by the Korean government to monitor inflation.

Round 2: Social Contract
1. THBT all democratic governments should abandon laws which allow prosecution of citizens for insulting their nations.
2. THBT government should not financially profit from its citizens¡¯ sins.
3. THW limit civilian use of guns in America.

Round 3: Human Body
1. THW allow commercial surrogate motherhood.
2. THW give prisoners with a life sentence the right to choose the death penalty.
3. THW chemically castrate pedophiles.

Round 4: Ideology
1. THBT socialism in Latin America has done more harm than good.
2. THBT authoritarian regimes are justifiable in developing nations.
3. THBT feminism has not contributed to the well-being of women in the world.

Round 5: International Institutions
1. THW limit the number of times United Nations Security Council members can veto.
2. THBT democracy should be the condition for debt relief for African nations.
3. THBT it is legitimate to use aid to buy votes in international organizations.

(Rookie Final): Cute Animals
1. THW ban fur imports from developing nations. (debated)
2. THBT zoos bring more benefits than harms to society.
3. THW allow the police to shoot poachers.

(EFL Final): Celebrities¡¦ on the spotlight!!!
1. THBT paparazzi are beneficial for celebrities.
2. TH supports celebrities entering politics.
3. THBT celebrities should not adopt children from developing nations. (debated)

Quarter: Elections
1. THW repudiate the democratic election in Bhutan.
2. THW discourage women in Pakistan from casting ballots in order to protect their lives.
3. THW place a cap on the spending of candidates during election campaigns.

Semi: Greater Asia
1. THBT China¡¯s quest for raw materials from developing nations/rogue regimes is detrimental to the world.
2. THW pressure India to open its border to accept Tibetan exiles.
3. THBT the Kurds are better off without a Kurdish state.

Final: Law and Justice
1. THBT civil disobedience is essential to democracy. (debated)
2. THW abolish the use of insanity as a legal defense.
3. THW require doctors to report minors with HIV to their parents regardless of patients¡¯ consent.

Great Serdang Debate 2008

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Round 1 – Prisons and Prisoners
Taht Prisoners should be allowed to vote
That we should privatize prisons
That we should revoke the possibility of parole for sex offenders

Round 2 – The gender
That we should legalize abortion
That aid should be conditional to the development of women’s right

Round 3 – Economics
That trading blocs are better than global free trade
That WTO should enforce fair trade instead of free trade
That we should prioritize food security over bio-fuel

Round 4 – The underaged
That voting should start at age 16
That pregnant students should be allowed to take maternity leaves
That parental consent is not needed for teenagers seeking abortion

Round 5 – feeling suicidal
That suicide should be decriminalized
That websites facilitating suicide should be banned
That parents of children that commited suicide should be subjected to a negligence inquiry

Quarterfinals – Democracy
That state owned media should not exist
That democracies should allow citizen-initiated referendums
That opinion polls distort the democratic process

Semifinal – Education
That parents should be allowed to teach their children at home
That education vouchers are necessary to create better schools
That state should provide free and compulsory nursery education for all children

Final – Medical Ethics
That doctors should be compelled to report instances of domestic violence.


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Young Ones
THW allow abortion on the ground of permanent physical deformity.
THBT the government should take away obese children from their parents.
THBT the state should financially support single teenage pregnantmothers.

THW not allow elected MPs to change their political parties.
THW allow unrestricted religious conversion of its citizens.
THBT Malaysian government should end its subsidy on oil.

Bargaining and Concessions
THW give aid to Myanmar in exchange of political concessions from themilitary junta
THBT it is time for South Africa to cut its aid to Zimbabwe until Mugabesteps down
THW make recognition of an independent Kosovo a precondition forSerbia’s membership into the WTO

THW legalize incestuous marriages
THW recognize the choice of identity for those who have undergone sexualreassignment surgery
THBT Non-citizens should not be allowed to be legal prostitutes

THW have airtime quota on domestic media to promote women’s sports.
THBT players should walk off the field in response to racisthooliganism.
TH should lift the ban on expression of political beliefs by athletesduring sporting events.

THW make economic aid conditional on opening up development tenders toforeign bidders
TH would punish companies’ home for bribing abroad
This house would make eco-labeling mandatory for cross-border trade

This house would restrict aid to troubled democracies unless their election is held under an international body.
This house would ban campaign contribution from foreign entities innational election.
THBT Asian democracies should disallow the succession of close relativesto top political posts

State & Religion
This House would allow use of Sharia Law for Muslim minorities inBritain
THW grant unrestricted access to pilgrimage sites to people of otherfaiths.
THW impose a quota for female teachers on government subsidized madrasas

Food Security
THW impose a moratorium on the production of Bio-Fuel
THW nationalize the food production
THW not leave food prices in the hands of the market

US Foreign Policy
THBT United States should lift the embargo on Cuba
THBT Lebanon should accept United States’ offer of military aid tofight the Hezbollah
THBT United States should involve Iran in the nation-building of Iraq

THBT Media corporations should be held accountable only to theirshareholders
THBT broadcast media organizations in the US should provide equalairtime to competing views on controversial issues.
TH supports full live television coverage of legislative sessions

THW supports surrogacy for profit
THBT private insurance companies should be allowed to access geneticinformation of its policy applicants
THW ban pharmaceutical companies from giving monetary compensation toclinical trial volunteers

In Times of War
THBT United States should not detain juvenile enemy combatants
THBT conscription of child soldiers by their parents is justified in thewar for freedom
THBT in times of war, the state should offer convicts imprisoned forheinous crimes the option to fight for the army in exchange ofconditional pardon.

Claremont National Open 2008

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Round 1: This House opposes international adoption.
Round 2: Governments should require medical personnel to act against their personal ethics in the performance of their medical duties.
Round 3: Free speech should include Holocaust denial.
Round 4: This House supports diversity quotas for legislative assemblies.
Round 5: This House supports substantial increases in fuel taxes.
Round 6: Pakistan is more an enemy than an ally to the West.

Semis: This House would use political assassination.

Finals: This House supports slave reparations.

Random themed debate motions

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This is a list of debate motions, not from debate tournaments, but they are great to debate. They are themed, so find your theme and pick your motion. If you end up using some, please post in the comments and tell me. 

School & Young People’s Issues
• This House would restrict advertising aimed at children
• This House would abolish school uniforms
• This House would make the teaching of Gaelic compulsory in all Scottish schools
• This House would abolish the school run
• This House would lower the voting age to 16
• This House would extend the school leaving age to 18
• This House would start school later
• This House supports random drugs testing in schools
• This House believes punishment exercises do not work
• This House believes schools should be mobile phone-free zones
• This House would impose a curfew on all teenagers under the age of 16
• This House would ban fatty foods in schools
• This House would make competitive sports compulsory in schools
• This House would replace teachers with computers
• This House would allow parents to smack children
• This House would abolish exams
• This House would abolish homework
• This House believes that single sex schools are better than mixed schools
• This House would rather go to boarding school
• This House would educate disabled children in special schools

• This House would support Scottish independence
• This House would devolve more power to the Scottish Parliament
• This House believes that Scottish MPs should not be allowed to vote on English matters
• This House believes that the Scottish Parliament should have a second chamber United Kingdom Politics
• This House would make voting compulsory
• This House believes ASBOs should be scrapped
• This House would ban blood sports
• This House would abolish the monarchy
• This House would reintroduce fox hunting
• This House would abolish the National Lottery
• This House demands a fully elected House of Lords
• This House would ban extremist political parties

• This House believes that the EU should make English its common language
• This House would join the Euro
• This House would admit Turkey to the European Union
• This House believes nuclear weapons make the World a safer place
• This House would prohibit international adoption
• This House would never go to war

Animal Rights
• This House would ban zoos
• This House would stop experimenting on animals
• This House would ban the wearing of fur
• This House would ban factory farming
• This House believes keeping animals as pets should be banned

• This House believes outsourcing is good for everyone involved
• This House believes Britain should give more money in aid to other countries

• This House believes the Environment must come first
• This House calls for urgent action on Global Warming
• This House would tax goods and services proportionally to the amount of C02 that they generate
• This House supports Government subsidies for non-petrol cars
• This House would make it compulsory for households to use government schemes that collect recyclable rubbish
• This House would introduce road pricing in the UK
• This House believes nuclear power stations are the way forward
• This House would go on holiday in the UK

• This House would make tobacco a Class A drug
• This House would ban smoking
• This House would move to an opt-out system of organ donation
• This House believes healthcare should be delivered entirely by private companies

Law & Order
• This House would put cameras in the courtroom
• This House supports the death penalty
• This House would arm the Police

• This House would censor racist views in the media
• This House believes that there is too much sex and violence on TV

• This House believes thin models are poor role models
• This House would outlaw rap music
• This House would ban Reality TV
• This House would ban beauty contests
• This House would ban violent video games
• This House would ban nuclear weapons
• This House would ban the consumption of alcohol outside the home
• This House would legalise cannabis
• This House would ban Holocaust denial
• This House believes the media should leave celebrities alone
• This House would be vegetarian
• This House believes magazines and newspapers should be forced to feature more normal looking people
• This House would carry an ID card

• This House would invest in the space race
• This House believes Science is a threat to humanity
• This House would clone Human Beings
• This House would allow stem cell research
• This House would allow the teaching of Intelligent Design alongside the theory of Evolution in school Science lessons
• This House believes all farms should be organic
• This House would prohibit space tourism

• This House believes footballers are paid too much
• This House would ban boxing
• This House would ban fishing
• This House believes football clubs should be held responsible for the behaviour of their fans
• This House would ban alcohol advertising in sport
• This House believes you should support your local football team not a famous football team

Cambridge IV 2013

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Round 1: This house would give primates (e.g. monkeys) and cetaceans (e.g. dolphins) the same rights to life, freedom from physical harm, and freedom of movement as humans.
Round 2: This house believes that developed countries should set maximum rents for residential properties in large urban centres.
Round 3: This house believes that, despite the expressed wishes of the Pakistani government, the United States should continue to target the leaders of Tehrik-i-Talibani (Pakistani Taliban).
Round 4: This house would break up banks, like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, that are deemed ’too big to fail’.
Round 5: This house would ban religious charities from engaging in proselytisation

Quarter finals: This house believes that Republican and Democratic parties should select House, Senate, Pres candidates by vote of leaders rather than primaries
ESL Semi: This house would prevent those who deny climate change from seeking political office
Semi: Instead of creating a Jewish state in the British Mandate of Palestine, with the benefit of hindsight This house would have created a Jewish State in Germany
ESL Final: This house believes that it should be the policy of the United States to conduct all of its military interventions unilaterally
Final: This house believes that it is in the West’s interests for Assad to decisively win the Syrian civil war