• Cambridge IV 2014

    This is one of the best known tournaments, the Cambridge IV. It was held on 21/23 November 2014 in Cambridge, UK. The motions for the tournament were:

    Round 1: This House Would not punish those who live below the poverty line for economic crimes, e.g. theft
    Round 2: This House, as a superhero, would agree to use their powers solely in service of the democratic state
    Round 3: This House Supports the objectification of men in popular culture.
    Round 4: This House Would require that any houses or apartments left vacant for six months or more be surrendered to the State.
    Round 5: This House Believes That Western foreign policy should abandon attempts to universalise liberal values
    ESL Semi: This House Believes That Google should inform the authorities about suicide searches
    ESL Final: Assuming the existence of a gay gene, This House Would disproportionately favour embryos that possess it in IVF.
    Open Quarter: This House Would prohibit all research aiming to create sentient artificial intelligences.
    Open Semi: This House Supports the New Atheism movement
    Open Final: This House Believes That unpaid domestic workers should strike for state pay

  • Cicero Debattoernooi 2014

    The Cicero Debattoernooi debate tournament was held on the 22nd of November 2014 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The tournament was held in the Dutch language, here are the motions, translated into English

    Round 1: This House would grant an additional vote to families with children for national elections
    Round 2: You are a doctor. You have a patient of whom it has been commonly assumed that she suffers from epilepsy. This patient spends her spare time in visiting and forming social contacts in epilepsy support groups. A recent medical test showed that she does not suffer from epilepsy after all. Motion: This House would hide the diagnosis of pseudo-epilepsy from the patient
    Round 3: This House would submit religious organisations to the full extent of anti-discrimination laws
    Round 4: This House would nationalise social media
    Round 5: This House would show a more prominent role for women in history books
    Novice Final: This House disapproves of movements that aim to further the acceptation of obesity in society
    Semi Final: This House would never target civilians in a total war
    Final: This House Believes that it is justified for society to demand of migrants that they accept the dominance of existing norms and values

  • Durham Open 2014

    Durham Open tournament was held in Durham on the  8-9 November 2014. Here are the motions that were debated in the 5 elimination rounds and the Semis, and finals:

    Round 1: This house would ban religious organizations from providing rehabilitation services to drug and alcohol addicts.
    Round 2: This house believes that democracies should extend voting rights to migrant workers.
    Round 3: This house, as a feminist, would oppose products marketed to help women protect themselves from date rape.
    [Info slide - Undercover Color are a company that are developing a nail-varnish that changes colour in the presence of date-rape drugs such as GHB and Rohypnol. Many bars provide bottle toppers such as 'the Spikey Bottle Topper' that encourage customers to protect their drinks.]
    Round 4: This house believes that Arab-Israelis who successfully seek election to the Knesset should opt not to take up that seat. [Info slide - The Knesset has 120 seats. 12 seats are taken up by Arab-Israelis, who are divided into six parties.]
    Round 5: This house believes that the state should construct false historical narratives that promote social cohesion (e.g. racial and religious tolerance)
    Semi-Final: This house believes that true women’s liberation is incompatible with the existence of organized religion.
    Novice Final: There is a potion which can stop you falling in love. This house, as an 18 year old, would take the potion.
    Open Final: This house believes that FB should manipulate users’ newsfeeds in order to promote progressive content. [Info slide - In the past few years Facebook has engaged in a series of experiments manipulating the content that users are exposed to (e.g. skewing news feeds to show more happy/sad posts, showing or hiding posts about having voted) to determine whether this can have an effect on user’s actions/attitudes. In 2012, Facebook modified newsfeeds to test the effect of exposure to news articles about the upcoming elections, and whether it increased or decreased voter turnout. Research data suggests that these methods are effective at increasing voter turnout.]

  • Moscow Open 2014

    Moscow Open 2014 was organised on the weekend 28th till 30th November 2014. Here are the motions:

    Round 1: This house believes that laws about abortion should be decided in women-only referenda
    Round 2: This house prefers a world in which people do not believe in the existence of God or a divine being
    Round 3: This house believes that Putin's interventionist role in global geopolitics is contrary to the interests of the Russian people
    Round 4: This House Supports the use of tiger parenting techniques
    Round 5: This house believes that celebrities should not act as spokespeople for humanitarian issues
    SEMI: This house would if it was technologically possible erase memory of the idea and events caused by Nazism
    FINAL: This house believes that a state's primary obligation is towards its own citizens

  • Oxford IV 2014

    Here are the motions from the Oxford IV debate tournament, held on the 14-16 of November 2014.

    Round 1: This house believes that in order for a law to be enacted, it should have to be passed by the legislature and then by a body chosen at random from eligible voters.
    Round 2: This house believes that press agencies should not purchase or publish the work of freelance war reporters.
    Round 3: This house believes the EU should suspend Hungary's membership rights.
    Round 4: This house, as the gay community, regrets the existence of Grindr
    Round 5: This house would deny public funding to parties with explicitly ethnic-based membership or platforms

  • Westminster Open 2014

    This debate tournament was held between December 6th and 7th 2014. If you look through the motions that were debated, you can see there are a couple of complicated motions, some of them needed an info slide, but most of them were something new and interesting. Here are the motions:

    Round 1: This house would base monetary criminal fines primarily on the income of the perpetrator rather than the severity of the crime
    Round 2: This house believes that the EU should abandon its commitment to the principle of open borders between member states.
    Round 3 info video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkjW9PZBRfk (1:10 to 2:00)
    Round 3: This house believes that feminists should support the HeForShe movement.
    Round 4 info slide: The Association of South East Asian Nations (also known as ASEAN) consists of the following countries; Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Its aim is to accelerate economic growth, social progress and peace and stability within the region. Motion: This house believes it is in ASEAN's long term best interests to seek closer ties with China rather than the U.S.A.
    Round 5 info slide: John Lennon freely admitted in multiple interviews to committing acts of domestic abuse. Jimmy Page has admitted on multiple occasions that he was in a relationship with a 14 year old girl. Motion: This house believes that the music press should aggressively negatively depict the work of artists, such as John Lennon and Jimmy Page who commit morally reprehensible acts.
    Novice Final info slide: To proselytise is to induce someone to convert to one's own religious faith. Novice Final Motion: This house would ban religious charities from proselytising in the developing world.
    Semi-Final: This house supports the decision of pop stars such as Lily Allen and Adele to not take part in Band Aid
    Final: This house would grant an amnesty to those who commit crimes during US race riots so long as they meet the following criteria: 1. They were motivated by a desire to fight social injustice 2. If property is targeted, it belongs to the aparatus of the state (for example, police cares and government buildings

  • WUDC 2014 Chennai motions

    Round 1: This house believes that the United States of America should fund moderate Madrassas (schools of Islamic study) throughout the Islamic world
    Round 2: This house would allow first-time offenders to, with the consent of the victims, pay compensation to them in place of a prison sentence
    Round 3: This house regrets the rise of a 'hookup culture' (one which accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters focused on physical pleasure, without necessarily including emotional bonding)
    Round 4: This house believes that developing countries should ban members of political dynasties from standing for elected office
    Round 5:This house believes that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is in the interests of the small and medium-sized negotiating countries. Info slide:
    - A number of countries are currently negotiating to establish the world's largest free trade area by comprehensively liberalising trade in the Asia-Pacific region.
    - This proposed agreement, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), would include the following countries: United States, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zeland, Peru and Brunei.
    - China is NOT included in these negotiations.
    Round 6: This house would make the receipt of welfare payments to raise children conditional on the use of long-term, but reversible, contraception
    Round 7: This house believes that government agencies that regulate drugs should only test whether a drug is safe, not whether it is effective, before approving it for public use. Info slide: Generally, government agencies, responsible for regulating drugs (for example the Food and Drug Administration, or the European Medicines Agency) rewuire that a new drug pass two different tests before being approved for public use. These seperate tests asses whether a drug is:
    - First, "safe", does the drug pose an unacceptable health risk?
    - Second, "effective", does the drug do what it claims to do?
    Round 8: This house believes that NATO should unconditionally offer membership to the states of the former Soviet Union, excluding Russia
    Round 9: This house regrets the commodification of indigenous cultures

    EFL Semi-Finals This house believes that the gay rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice
    EFL Final This house believes that multinational companies should be liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chain

    ESL Quarter-Finals This house would remove all copyright protection for material deemed to be morally objectionable
    ESL Semi-Finals This house believes that Pope Francis should publicly encourage Catholics to support radically redistributive government policies
    ESL Grand Final This house would allow countries to pay other countries to settle asylum-seekers who reach their borders

    Open Partial Double Octo-Finals This house would abolish gated communities in the developing world
    Open Octo-Finals This house believes that Japan should shame its soldiers who participated in WWII, including those who did not commit war crimes themselves
    Open Quarter-Finals This house would auction off the long-term right to govern bankrupt cities for profit
    Open Semi-Finals This house believes that women should reject practices that alter the appearance of their genitalia, such as waxing and labiaplasty
    Open Grand Final: This house believes that India should adoptaggressive free market policies.

    Masters' Round 1 This house believes that the feminist movement should actively fight to liberate men from their prescribed gender roles
    Masters' Round 2 This house would redraw the borders of Africa
    Masters' Grand Final: This House would never categorize people on their race.

    Forum discussion and your oppinion about the motions and other issues regarding the WUDC 2014

  • Yorkshire Novice Cup

    The Yorkshire Novice Cup was held on 23 November 2014, in Hull, UK

    Round 1: This House would replace all sin taxes with an increase in income tax Info slide: Sin taes are taxes above VAT, levied on goods considered to be unhealthy such as alcohol and tobacco
    Round 2: This House believes that the EU should issue a directive to all its member states to legalise gay marriage. Info slide: An EU Directive is a non-binding requirement passed to EU member states to enforce a policy within a certain time frame. Not fulfilling this requirement will lead to heavy financial penalties.
    Round 3: This House would abolish all non-comprehensive schools and require children to attend their geographically closest school.
    Round 4: This House believes that sexually assertive female pop stars identifying as feminists is harmful for feminism.
    Final: This House believes that Western nations should not attend sporting events in countries with bad human rights records


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