# of people in the debate: 2

# of people in a team: 1

# of teams in the debate: 2

Duration of the speeches: The times are different from speech to speech, and are marked at the speeches

Questions format: Cross examination

This debate format derives directly from the US Presidential debates. It is a bit different, especially from the timing of the speeches. I have no information if it is being used for tournaments anywhere in the world, but it is used for training.


1st Affirmative constructive - 7 minutes

Cross examination - negative asks affirmative - 3 minutes

1st Negative constructive - 8 minutes

Cross examination - affirmative asks negative - 3 minutes

 Now follow the so called rebuttal speeches. The debaters should not present new arguments, but are allowed to present new evidence.

1st Affirmative rebuttal - 4 minutes 

1st Negative rebuttal - 7 minutes

2nd Affirmative rebuttal - 4 minutes 


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