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I really support the idea about internet debates. I've even tried to organise one with Tuna's debaters, but we had to cancel it because of some technical problems we had on my faculty to establish an connection to the server.

At the time Tuna was preparing a site, where you could upload your video and another person from another part of the world would do a reply for you. I'm sure this page is still somewhere on the internet, but I'm not sure if it works. And AFAIK IDEA is doing something simmilar, if nothing else, I am sure that they are doing it with text...

It is an idea, that should be tried out, I have the server capabilities, anyone interested?

One of the best lectures that I have seen on the topic of 2nd prop. What to do if the 1st government does a bad job is one of the questions that you will come across only a couple of times in your debates (hopefully), but when you do, you need to know what to do or you will be back stab the 1 gov and with that you will get a bad rank. The lecture was made by G. Rhydian morgan at the International debate academy Slovenia 2007 in Ormo?.

Alfred C. Snider, professor of debate at the University of Vermont gives a class on POI's at the Summer debate camp Slovenija 2007.


Or try this one video from the same professor, at the World debate institute 2007. 


Debate motion: This House would require doctors to report all cases of suspected domestic violence. 

Debating: GOVERNMENT: Malaya A, IIUM E OPPOSITION: Amsterdam B, Tilbury A

ADVANCING: Amsterdam A, Tilbury A

WUDC 2008 Octafinals debate

Debate motion: This House believes that governments in the developing world should invest in sex tourism. 

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Debating: Government: Auckland A, Sydney A; Opposition: Macquarie A, Victoria C. Advancing: Auckland A, Sydney A

WUDC 2008 debate video Round 9

The debate motion is This House would deny scarce medical resources to terminally ill patients.

Debating are: Government: Brown, HW Smith; Opposition: Princeton, Harvard

WUDC 2008 Round 5 debate video

The debate motion for the debate is This House believes that every criminal defendant should be required to use a government provided defense lawyer.

Debating are:Government: Hanyang, Hong Kong Opposition: Swinburne, Auckland

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