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23-30 NOVEMBER 2008


Debate lectures and workshops with practice debates, and it all ends with a debate tournament.

Faculty and tournament judges:

Loke Wing Fatt, Jens Fischer, Sam Greenland, Neil Harvey Smith, Steve Llano, Branka Marušic, Rhydian Morgan, Uve Poom, Alfred Snider, Bojana Skrt.

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Rooms, 3 full meals and socials every evening (Helena Felc is the socials Director, so it will be FUN)

Fees: Includes all meals, double rooms, instructional materials, transportation from Ormoz to Maribor, and social activities.
200 Euros for full program, 50 Euros for tournament.

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Contact Bojana Skrt

Application for the entire program or just the tournament .

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