International Debate Academy Slovenia

TH believes positive discrimination is the best way to achieve equal opportunities.
TH supports that affirmative action to remedy the effects of discrimination is justified.
TH believes that racial equality is an impossible ideal.
TH believes the criminalisation of hate speech is a bad idea.
TH believes the state should pay for the education in the ethnic minorities languages.
TH supports a special seat for Roma in the European Parliament.
TH supports that ethnic minorities should have special seats in national parliaments.
TH believes in cultural and racial assimilation.
This house believes that homosexuals make good parents.
This house would permit Gay couples to adopt.
This house would put women in the military front line
This house believes that women should get an equal position in war with men
This house would positively discriminate in favor of women in the highest managment positions.
This house would positively discriminate women in the government.
This house believes:
That family and feminism are incompatible.
That we will only be post-feminist when we are in post-patriarchy.
That housewives should be paid for their work.
That feminism should give way to multiculturalism.
That feminism is corrupting the family.
That reproductive technologies are anti-women.
That media potrayal of women brings more harm than good.
That society is well – served by the maintenance of a separate culture for the deaf.
That individualts with disabilities ought to be afforded the same opportunities as able – bodied athletes.
That Mentally Handicapped People Are Better Cared For In The Community Than In Institutions.
That Elderly People Are Better Cared For In The Community Than In Institutions
That Mentally Handicapped People should be their own advocates.
That the state should be responsible for providing religious groups the venues for practising their religion.
That there should be no religious holiday recognised as a national holiday.
That all religious symbols should be banned from schools.
That sexual harassment on the working place should be punished more severly.
That state should pay for transgender surgeries.
All public bathrooms should be unisex.
Universities should have an ombudsman to investigate claims of sexual harassment of students by faculty.
Romantic relationships between professors and their students are unacceptable.

This house believes that China is a threat to international security.
This house believes UN should replace USA in Iraq.
This house believes UN and USA should cooperate when fighting terrorism.
This house supports the admission of Turkey into the EU.
This house supports Chechnya becoming an independent state.
This house supports the 6-parties talks concerning the sitatuation in Northeast Asia.
This house supports that the EU should have an army.
This house would take military measures to stop human rights abuses in Sudan.
This house believes that the USA is the most dangerous terrorist.
This house would stop work on the nuclear enrichment program in Iran.
This house would negotiate with terrorists.
This house would solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
This house believes Taiwan has a right to become an independent country.
This house would stop producing nuclear weapon.
This house would destroy all the nuclear weapons in the world.
This house supports the Kurds.
This house fears Pakistan.
This house believes that UN peacekeeping troops do more harm than good.
This house would close USA military basis in Asia.
This house believes that Africa can secure itself.
This house believes that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is a failure.
This house believes that Latin America should become a demilitarized zone.
This house believes that military participation in efforts to control illegal drugs has been a failure.
This house believes that all nations should adopt a no first use policy for nuclear weapons.
This house would develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.
This house believes that nuclear electrical power is a security danger.
This house believes that open borders can be a significant threat to international security.
This house would demilitarize space.
This house would make the United Nations responsible for outer space security and development.
This house would not allow human settlement of the moon.
This house believes that the more we venture into outer space the more secure Earth becomes.
This house believes that current security measures have not made airline travel more secure.
This house believes that those who would sacrifice liberty for security

THW make voting compulsory.
THW not negotiate with the leaders of Iran.

This house would not prosecute battered wives for killing their husbands.

TH would allow the advertising of prescription drugs.

THBT governments should not bailout failing corporations.

This House would ban international adoption.

THBT the United Nations should send a multinational peacekeeping force to Sri Lanka.

THBT violent action to protect the environment is justified.

Webmaster: This is a not so short introduction of the International debate academy Slovenia (short IDAS), a debate training, that has grown in the past, and is still growing. I attended the first one, the last one and all of them in the middle, and I would still go, if I would have the time. As last year, I will have to work that week, but for sure I'll be there for the arrivals and goodbye's weekends. Hope to see you there!

The International Debate Academy is a training program for college and university students who are interested in the arts and skills of debating. It takes place in Slovenia each November and has been held for six consecutive years. This November it will hold its seventh session.

The program is sponsored by Za in Proti, the national debate program of Slovenia directed by Bojana Skrt, and the World Debate Institute of the University of Vermont in the USA directed by Alfred Snider. Skrt directs the program and Snider is the director of training.

The program was originated because there was a high level of interest in debating in Europe, especially in the former communist nations, but very little expertise for training. There were no university faculty members who specialized in speech communication, argumentation and debate, and so students were basically on their own in terms of training. The idea was to create a low-cost one-week program for these students and to try and attract the best possible trainers from other countries, especially those with a more established debate tradition.

All except for two years the program has been held in Ormoz, a small town in eastern Slovenia. It has a good rail connection and the Hotel Ormoz (two star) has been willing to rent out its entire space for the dormitories, classrooms and practice space required. Hotel Ormoz now as additional housing nearby. Hotel Ormoz serves three adequate meals a day to all attendees.

The program has attracted some of the finest trainers from around the world, from places like the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany and many other nations. The presidents of the World Debate Council and the European Debate Council have been faculty. Former British and American champions have trained here. The program has also been used to prepare a new generation of trainers from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Former students, who have become European champions, have returned to serve as trainers. Trainers have included professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and public officials.

It is important to remember that IDAS trainers are never paid, their travel expenses are never covered and all they receive is room and board while at the academy. They do it because they love the program and they are dedicated to debating.

The program consists of five full days of training followed by a three-day tournament. Training lasts from breakfast until after a late dinner, and involves lectures, drills, exercises, elective courses and two full practice debates each day. After these training days the entire contingent boards buses and heads to a university campus or a full tournament of three days, with housing in high school dormitories.

During its history IDAS has had attendees from many nations, including:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

The evaluations of the program have been universally positive. Students have treasured the opportunity to work with so many notable international debate experts. They have gone on to achieve remarkable competitive success in heir own countries and internationally. More importantly, many of them have returned to their homes to become important, dynamic and successful leaders in creating larger and more diverse debate communities of their own. Ultimately, the goal of the academy is to bring debate and its inherent civic engagement potentials to broader populations. Whether on looks at this standard or the standard of competitive success, the academy has been a success. As the years go by even more and more will be seen from the academy graduates. The best from them still lies in the future.    

So, it's this time of the year again, and the best of the best of the debate trainers from around the world will get together in Ormož again (do check Ormož, Slovenia on google maps, to get an idea, how small the town is :D ). Its the International debate academy Slovenia time.

The spots for the whole academy are more than full and we will probably break the record from the previous years and have not one, but two full hotels :D There are a couple of places left for the tournament, that will take place at the Faculty for administration in Ljubljana, a great place to be, I must say.

I will not (sad, sad) attend the academy this year, again, RL kicked in, but as I participated in most of the previous IDAS's I know how much fun it is, so I will join the team both of the weekends, for the arrival day and first lectures on sunday, and the tournament the next weekend in Ljubljana.

I know that the hotel installed a wireless internet system, that worked more or less last year, so do check out my Facebook and twitter for posts, pictures and more. I recomend that you check out Tuna's blog ( too, and Steve's ( as I know they will be posting videos and other, Jens ( could be blogging too. 


Round 1: This house would give foreign residents the right to vote in general elections 
Round 2: THW allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.
Round 3: TTHW link executives' salaries to those of their employees.
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Round 4: THBT journalists should not be compelled by law to reveal their sources.
Round 5: THBT rich countries should pay Brazil to re-forest.
Round 6: THBT hunger strikes are a legitimate form of protest in democracies.
Semis: THBT patients cannot refuse life saving medical treatment. 
Finals:THBT armies should overthrow corrupt governments.
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