Other tournament motions

Round 1: This house supports doctors who refuse to take people as patients who are unvaccinated because of a religious or philosophical objection that they or their parents hold
Round 2: This house believes that the feminist movement should actively exclude socially conservative viewpoints
Round 3: This house believes that Palestine should prohibit the establishment and operation of Israeli companies within Palestinian territories
Round 4: This house would allow the public to remove Supreme Court justices by a popular referendum with a 60% supermajority
Round 5: This house would choose not to consume art created by people who have committed deeply immoral acts
Round 6: Excluding sexual offenses, THW make poverty a significant mitigating factor in criminal sentencing

Octofinals: This house would ban prenuptial agreements
Quarterfinals: This house believes that the assassination of political leaders is a legitimate tactic in war
Semifinals: This house supports developing countries violating the intellectual property rights of multinational corporations to benefit the public interest
Novice Finals (this wasn't the exact wording, but you get the idea): For any crime that tribal courts have jurisdiction over tribal members, THW give tribal courts jurisdiction over non members.
Grand Finals: This house Regrets the continuation of NATO after the dissolution of the Soviet Union

Round 1: This house would close all tuition centers and "after-school" cram schools
Round 2: This house believes that the state should regularly compel people to give blood
Round 3: This house would hold schools and teachers criminally liable in cases of bullying and sexual abuse among their students
Round 4: This house believes that sweatshops (ie. Foxconn) have done more harm than good.
Round 5: As feminists, This house regrets the rise of sexually assertive pop stars (eg. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna)
Round 6: Assuming full confidentiality from all other parties, This house believes that the state should have access to each individual's secrets. 

Quarter Finals: This house believes that China should unilaterally abandon the trade agreement which allows China and Taiwan to invest more freely in each other's services markets. 

Semi Finals: As NATO, This house would take back Crimea. 

Finals: This house believes that "People Power" Protests undermine democracy more than promote it. 


Round 1: THBT big sports events should be organized only in countries with highest standards of living.
Round 2: THBT radical means (eg posters with dead foetuses, Holocaust comparisons etc.) do more harm than good to pro-life movement.
Round 3: THBT Poland shouldn't support any anti-Russian actions in former USRR countries.
Round 4: THBT Poland should prioritize economic growth over reducing social inequalities.

Semis: THBT nationwide media shouldn't inform about crimes not committed by organized groups.

Final: THW introduce single member constituencies.

Round 1 - This house would put a CAP on the amount of money one can spend behind ones' pets.
Round 2 - This house would limit the number of cases that can be filed by the police against well known opposition politicians.
Round 3 - This house would with-hold the scientific discoveries that have the potential to be used as Biological weapons.
Round 4 - This house believes that it's better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.
Round 5 - This house believes that public servants should prioritize their conscience over their designated duty. Quarter Final - This house believes that the composition of the national sporting teams should reflect the economic and racial demographics of society.
Semi Final - This house would impose "gender imbalance" tax on Corporations.
Grand Final - This house believes that the WTO should ban nations from placing bans on the export of food.

Round 1: This house would Allow Adults to Retrospectively Sue Their Parents for Bad Parenting (non-criminal)
Round 2: This house believes that States Should Set Up Permanent Inhumanity Exhibitions
Round 3: This house would Allow Prisoners Sentenced For More Than 1 Year Nett (3 years gross) to have sex in prisons
Round 4: This house would Always Attach Micro Recording Devices On Police Officers While They Are On Duty.
Quarters: This house would Implement Good Samaritan Laws
Semis: This house would Set Up Hypermarkets To Eliminate The Middlemen
Finals: This house would Allow A Deceased Man's Sperm to Be Extracted For Artificial Insemination By His Partner Without Prior Consent.

Round 1: This house would give incentives to women to participate in the military forces
Round 2: This house believes that we should stop gender affirmative action in refugees admission
Round 3: This house suggests  cohabitation as the new marriage
Round 4: This house would grant fathers paternity leave
Round 5: This house would only give brith to women
Round 6: This house believes that the government should pay women to become housewives
Round 7: This house believes that Islamic countries that allow women to drive should openly condemn countries who don’t
Round 8: This house would create a quota and provide subsidies for women home ownership
Round 9: This house would censor movies that objectify women
Round 10: This house would abolish single sex schools
Round 11: This house would prioritize the posting of female diplomats to countries with bad human rights record
Round 12: This house would ban arranged marriages
Round 13: This house would elect the women’s minister through a national elections where only women can vote
Round 14: This house believes that the state should compel employers to pay half of husbands salary directly into the wife’s account

Round 1: This House Would Ban All Political Donations
Round 2: This House Would Establish Brothels on Military Bases
Round 3: This House Believes That it is Legitimate for Nations to Rewrite History Books in their Favour After a Time of War
Round 4: That This House, as Barack Obama, would use inception to plant socially progressive ideas in Vladmir Putin's dreams
Round 5: This House Believes That liberal states with sexually conservative communities should subsidise hymenoplasty

Semi: "Info slide - Disgruntled with NSA spying on US citizens, two senators from opposing parties have introduced a bill banning companies in California from providing essential utility services to the agency – including cutting off its computer-cooling water supply."
This house would Support the Bill

Final: This house Welcomes the advent of extreme (artificial and natural) genetic advancements for humans

Round 1: This house would ban private sponsorship of police.
Round 2:
This house regrets the rise of anti-hero in media
Round 3:
This house believes that US foreign policy should prioritize the protection of minority rights over the support of democracy.
Round 4:
This house would campaign for the increased sexualization of men in the media rather than campaign against sexualization of women
Round 5: This house would prohibit the media from reporting on the private lives of any person without their explicit permission

Quarters motion: This house believes that Putin's actions towards Ukraine have been in the best interest of Russia
Novice final: This house would ban all forms of advertising that go beyond a description of what a product is and what it hopes to accomplish
Semi Final: This house prefers a society where the rich feel negative exuberance to one where the poor do
Finals: This house believes that secular governments should actively censor those sections of religious texts that either constitute hate speech or propagate negative attitudes to other religious/ethnic groups.

Here are the debate topics from the tournament Bucharest Cup 2014.

Here they are written out:

Round 1: This house believes thatT criminal defendants should only be allowed to use a state appointed attorney
Round 2: This house would not grant lifetime achievement awards to artists when their morality is significantly put into question
Round 3: This house would phase out fractional reserve banking
Round 4: This house opposes the popular trend which encourages people to 'be themselves' despite the opinions of others

Semi-final: This house would support a a vigilante terrorist organisation combating violence against women in Africa and the Middle East
Junior's Final: This house supports compulsory fully privatised health care for people living above the poverty line
Open Final: This house belives that it is in Europe's best interest to have Ukraine divided in separate pro-European and pro-Russian states

Debate motions from the Women's 2011 debate tournament

This house would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate sexual abuse within the Catholic Church
Semi Final: : This house would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.
R6: This house would refuse to uphold confidential out-of-court settlements.
R5: That this house would oust the Karzai administration.
R4: This house supports democratic education.
R3: This House would redistribute, aggressively and without compensation, all land taken from black South Africans during apartheid.
R2: This house believes that, in times if economic crisis, economic bodies should withhold information that may damage market confidence.
R1: That this House would never prosecute child soldiers for crimes committed during war.

Video from the final:

Round 1: THW make politicians in health,defence,education or emergency services qualify for office.
Round 2: THW use military against Somali pirates
Round 3: THW not prosecute beat-up wives for killing their husbands
Round 4: THW hold the state liable for injuries or deaths due to being homeless

Semis THW require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their user
Final Motion: THBT state should pay wages to housewives and house husbands.


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