Other tournament motions

Round 1: This house would give incentives to women to participate in the military forces
Round 2: This house believes that we should stop gender affirmative action in refugees admission
Round 3: This house suggests  cohabitation as the new marriage
Round 4: This house would grant fathers paternity leave
Round 5: This house would only give brith to women
Round 6: This house believes that the government should pay women to become housewives
Round 7: This house believes that Islamic countries that allow women to drive should openly condemn countries who don’t
Round 8: This house would create a quota and provide subsidies for women home ownership
Round 9: This house would censor movies that objectify women
Round 10: This house would abolish single sex schools
Round 11: This house would prioritize the posting of female diplomats to countries with bad human rights record
Round 12: This house would ban arranged marriages
Round 13: This house would elect the women’s minister through a national elections where only women can vote
Round 14: This house believes that the state should compel employers to pay half of husbands salary directly into the wife’s account

Round 1: This House Would Ban All Political Donations
Round 2: This House Would Establish Brothels on Military Bases
Round 3: This House Believes That it is Legitimate for Nations to Rewrite History Books in their Favour After a Time of War
Round 4: That This House, as Barack Obama, would use inception to plant socially progressive ideas in Vladmir Putin's dreams
Round 5: This House Believes That liberal states with sexually conservative communities should subsidise hymenoplasty

Semi: "Info slide - Disgruntled with NSA spying on US citizens, two senators from opposing parties have introduced a bill banning companies in California from providing essential utility services to the agency – including cutting off its computer-cooling water supply."
This house would Support the Bill

Final: This house Welcomes the advent of extreme (artificial and natural) genetic advancements for humans

Round 1: This house would ban private sponsorship of police.
Round 2:
This house regrets the rise of anti-hero in media
Round 3:
This house believes that US foreign policy should prioritize the protection of minority rights over the support of democracy.
Round 4:
This house would campaign for the increased sexualization of men in the media rather than campaign against sexualization of women
Round 5: This house would prohibit the media from reporting on the private lives of any person without their explicit permission

Quarters motion: This house believes that Putin's actions towards Ukraine have been in the best interest of Russia
Novice final: This house would ban all forms of advertising that go beyond a description of what a product is and what it hopes to accomplish
Semi Final: This house prefers a society where the rich feel negative exuberance to one where the poor do
Finals: This house believes that secular governments should actively censor those sections of religious texts that either constitute hate speech or propagate negative attitudes to other religious/ethnic groups.

Here are the debate topics from the tournament Bucharest Cup 2014.

Here they are written out:

Round 1: This house believes thatT criminal defendants should only be allowed to use a state appointed attorney
Round 2: This house would not grant lifetime achievement awards to artists when their morality is significantly put into question
Round 3: This house would phase out fractional reserve banking
Round 4: This house opposes the popular trend which encourages people to 'be themselves' despite the opinions of others

Semi-final: This house would support a a vigilante terrorist organisation combating violence against women in Africa and the Middle East
Junior's Final: This house supports compulsory fully privatised health care for people living above the poverty line
Open Final: This house belives that it is in Europe's best interest to have Ukraine divided in separate pro-European and pro-Russian states

Debate motions from the Women's 2011 debate tournament

This house would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate sexual abuse within the Catholic Church
Semi Final: : This house would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.
R6: This house would refuse to uphold confidential out-of-court settlements.
R5: That this house would oust the Karzai administration.
R4: This house supports democratic education.
R3: This House would redistribute, aggressively and without compensation, all land taken from black South Africans during apartheid.
R2: This house believes that, in times if economic crisis, economic bodies should withhold information that may damage market confidence.
R1: That this House would never prosecute child soldiers for crimes committed during war.

Video from the final:

Round 1: THW make politicians in health,defence,education or emergency services qualify for office.
Round 2: THW use military against Somali pirates
Round 3: THW not prosecute beat-up wives for killing their husbands
Round 4: THW hold the state liable for injuries or deaths due to being homeless

Semis THW require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their user
Final Motion: THBT state should pay wages to housewives and house husbands.

The Mediterranean Universities Debating Championships in 2012 were held at the  Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 29 - August 3.

Round 1: This house believes the state should send all underage overweight children to a summer far camp
Round 2: This house believes that all EU countries should set the bar of entry to their parliament in such a way that would ensure a two party system
Round 3: This house believes that Amercia is justified in keeping the Second Amendment
Round 4: You are a western reporter covering the Middle East. You received indisputable and ex
clusive evidence that Israel is about to launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities in the next 24 hours. This house would not publish the story
Round 5: This house believes Turkey should abandon all efforts to join the EU
Round 6: You are a CEO of a major clothing company and currently pay workers in your factory 1 dollar a day. You are presented with a plan that would give your employees a dignified living wage. This would significantly increase production costs but would not put you out of business. This house would implement the plan.
Round 7: This house believes that posing for Playboy is immoral
Semi: This house would heavily incentivise Bosnians, Croats and Serbs in Bosnia and Hercegovina that move to areas where dominant ethnicity is other than their own
Final: Given the technology, This house would burn obedience to criminal law in the brains of all humans

Motions from the Berlin IV debate tournament in 2012. Here are the topics that were debated:

Round 1: This house would assasinate Bashar al Assad
Round 2: This house believes that schools should teach children from first-generation immigrants in the language of their parents
Round 3: This house believes that developing countries should limit rural to urban migration
Round 4: This house would compel the Catholic Church to allow women to serve as priests
Round 5: This house regrets South Africa’s decision to use Truth and Reconciliation Commisions rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes under Apartheid
Missing is the semis motion.
Final: This house regrets the decline of socialism

Israeli Nationals in 2012 were held at the MTA College in Israel, June 10-11 2012. Here are the motions

Round 1: This house would compel citizens to vote in national elections
Round 2: This house would exempt from mandatory military service any Hasid who chooses to work rather than study in a Yeshiva
Round 3: This house, which is the Hamas movement, would lay down its arms
Round 4: This house would decriminalize squatting
Round 5: This house would introduce mandatory minimum sentences
Round 6: This house would ban student parties who are backed by national political parties from participating in elections for student unions
Semi: This house would stop providing tactical training and equipment to "neighbourhood watch" groups in Israeli settlements in the West Bank
Final: This house, which is the Iranian regime, would develop nuclear weapons

Motions from the German Language Championships held in Austria, June 7-10. The motions are translated from the German language, because the tournament was in German.

Round 1: This house would oblige pharmaceutical companies to spend half of their research budgets on illnesses that occur primarily in developing countries
Round 2: This house wouldforbid domestic security services to monitor Members of Parliaments
Round 3: Thise house would continue the European Football Championships with 16 participating teams
Round 4: This house, which is technically capable to do so, would clone Neandertalers
Round 5: This house would create Eurobonds
Round 6: This house would not perform any plays of Thomas Bernhard in Austria
Round 7: This house supports the foundation of an independent Kurdic state
Quarter: This house condemns the use of unmanned weapon systems (drones) against human targets
Semi: This house would use geo-engineering to combat climate change
Final: This house supports large-scale migration from poor to rich regions in the European Union

Motions from the Iron Man BP Tournament, University College Utrecht, June 2, the Netherlands:

Round 1: This house believes that there should be no restrictions on political donations
Round 2: This house would predicate any humanitarian aid on efforts limiting birth-rates where there’s a risk of overpopulation.
Round 3: This house believes that, rather than after the fact, the judicial system should be able to take pre-emptive measures when there’s a suspicion of hate-speech
Round 4: This house believes that that the Turkish military should stop enforcing the separation between church & state
Semis: This house would practice investment over austerity in times of economic crisis
Final: This house would undertake military action against the Syrian government


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