Other tournament motions

Round 1 - Thbt the criminal justice system should only utilize secular rehabilitation programs.
Round 2 - THW make indigenous communities exempt from laws pertaining to environmental protection.
Round 3 - This house would introduce an international minimum wage.
Round 4 - Thbt the propagation of extreme nationalism during the War on Terror do/did/does more harm than good.
Round 5 - Thbt professional sporting leagues should be responsible for sports related injuries and conditions for the lifetime of their athletes.
Round 6 - This House would allow the defendants that belong to a minority group to choose to be judged by a jury composed exclusively of other members of their same minority group.
Semifinal motion - THBT the international community should Recognize the leadership of populist uprisings over their national governments.

Round 1: This house believes that Obama should close the Guantanamo Camp immediately.

Round 2: This house believes that it is time to close the borders to economic migrants.

Round 3: This house would eliminate compuslory service in Malaysia.

Round 4: This house would legislate agains the embedding of journalists.

Round 5: This house would prosecute Robert Mugabe for crimes against humanity

Quarterfinals: This house would bomb terrorist bases in Pakistan.

Semifinals: This house believes that South American countries should nationalize thir natural resources. Watch the debate video

Finals: This house would use the military against Somali pirates. Watch the debate video

Round One - Religion (Ireland I):
That this house would compel priests to divulge the details of confessionals in criminal trials.

Round Two - Economics:
That this house supports bailing out failing financial icons
Round Three - International Relations:
That this house believes that Iraq has the right to freely prosecute all foreign soldiers for serious crimes committed in their nation.

Round Four - Health
That this house believes that governments should provide a rebate for preventative health care measures.

Round Five - EU (or Ireland II):
That this house believes that EU member states should allow for domestic referendums on all constitutional changes to the EU.

Round Six - Social Policy
That this house would grant the mentally ill and their families the right to refuse medical treatment.

Round Seven - International Relations (II):
That this house believes the West should force South Africa to oust Mugabe.

Semi Final: That this house would allow Bosnia to break up

Grand Final: That this house would allow potential parents to pay women to carry unwanted children to term.

Webmaster: Hrmm... I sure have seen a lot of debate motions, but WTH? (what the Humphrey Bogart?) Cambridge tournament is weird I see.... Anyone debated this, could you give us some more info?

Round 1: This House should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis. (Humphrey Bogart)
Round 2: This House would strive on with mindfulness. (Siddhartha Gautama Buddha)
Round 3: This House would bugger Bognor. (King George V)
Round 4: This House would live as a philosopher, and die as a Christian. (Giacomo Casanova)
Round 5: This House believes that / light light I mean / never there he will never / never anything / there / any more. (Malone from 'Malone Dies' by Samuel Beckett)

[ESL Break Motions]
This House is going outside. It may be some time. (Captain Lawrence Oates)
This House believes that the rest is silence. (Hamlet)

[Open Break Motions]
This House believes that the bastards got us but they won't get everybody. (Alexander Litvinenko)
This House told you it was ill. (Spike Milligan's epitaph)
This House believes that last words are for fools who haven't said enough. (Karl Marx)

TH believes in a constitutional right to a minimum standard of living
TH supports a ban on the use of runway models below a healthy BMI
TH would legalize insider trading
TH would let dying languages die
TH believes that NATO should have a seat at negotiations with the Taliban, should they occur.

Semifinals: TH would impose a total publication ban on news of high-profile kidnappings.
Final: TH would regret the indictment of Omar al-Bashir.

1. This House believes the gay community should "out" gay celebrities
2. This House believes the military should overthrow governments which have lost popular legitimacy
3. This House would criminalise individuals and organisations who do not recycle
4. This House would abolish all forms of affirmative action
5. This House would allow parents to cast proxy votes on behalf of their children
6. This House believes the Palestinians should give up the Right of Return
Semis: This House would make insulting religion a crime
Final: This House believes freer markets, rather than more government intervention, are the solution to the current economic crisis

Heat 1 "This house believes Israeli policy is the major obstacle to peace in the Middle East"
Heat 2 "This house believes that global security demands a McCain victory"
Heat 3 "This House regrets the demise of the Progressive Democrats"
Heat 4 "This house would ban the eating of meat"
Heat 5 "This house would ban recreational air travel"
Heat 6 "This house would refuse to fund the Arts"
Heat 7 "This house would end all private political donations"
Heat 8 "This house believes in retributive justice"
Heat 9 "This house would introduce compulsory community service."
Heat 10 "This house believes earning a licence should be necessary to vote"
Heat 11 "This house would fund science at all costs"
Heat 12 "This house would jail parents for the crimes of their children"
Heat 13 "This house would no longer pick up the tab for those living unhealthy lives"
Heat 14 "This house believes the time to fund RTE is at an end."
Heat 15 "This house would join a European Army"
Heat 16 "This house believes the Celtic Tiger took away more than it ever gave"

THW abandon space exploration
THW allow native groups to perform ceremonies in which participants may be harmed
THW abandon all laws restricting cruelty to animals
THW impose a moratorium on home foreclosures
THW use disaster relief as a tool of diplomacy.
Semi: THBT following orders is an acceptable defense for war crimes
Novice Final: THW pay a salary to stay-at-home parents
Final: THW prohibit in vitro fertilization clinics from creating savior siblings

Rd 1: This house would not prosecute battered wives for killing their husbands.
Rd 2: This house would negotiate with al quaeda
Rd 3: This house would nationalise all banks
Rd 4: This house would make politicians work in health, defense, education or emergency services to qualify for office
Rd 5: This house make entry into university based on a lottery after passing a basic high school exam
Quarter: This house would sell right to sue
Semi: This house would give money to African countries not to take money off China
Final: This House Would Make the Number of Votes a Person Can Cast in an Election Inversely Proportional to their Wealth

Round 1: This House would prioritize people who have lived a healthy lifestyle when allocating organs.
Round 2: This House would hold parents criminally responsible for crimes committed by their minor children.
Round 3: This House would refuse to extradite criminals to countries with the death penalty.
Round 4: This House supports restrictions on executive pay.
Round 5: This House would extend NATO membership to Ukraine.
Quarters: This House would legalize opium-poppy cultivation in Afghanistan .
Semis: This House would use public shaming in criminal punishments.
Finals: This House supports a doctrine of preemptive war.

Round 1

THW recognise the independence of South Ossetia
Round 2
THW ban Digital Enhancement in magazines and billboards.
Round 3
THW ban all Blood Sports.
Round 4
THW Ban Coka Cola.

Semi Final
THW legalize voluntary ethunasia for lifetime inprisoned War Criminals.

Grand Final

THW Build the Wall. 


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