Other tournament motions

Round 1: Intervention
THBT the UN's responsibility to protect is more important than its respect to national sovereignity
THBT constructive engagement works better than military intervention
THBT invasion into other sovereign countries is justified only in the name of counter-terrorism

Round 2: Nukes
THBT all nations have the right to possess nuclear weapons
THBT only democratic states have the right to civilian nuclear energy
THBT South Korea should provide unconditional aid to North Korea

Round 3: Negotiating with terrorists
THBT Israel should include Hamas in its dealing with Palestine.
THW not recognize Hezbollah as the rulers of Lebanon.
THW not negotioate with violent separatist movements.

Round : Food Security
THBT the World Bank and other bilateral donors should tie developmental aid to investment in agriculture.
THW curb the production of biofuels to address the growing food crisis.
THBT the EU should not bow to the pressures of WTO in reducing agricuktural subsidies.

Quarter Finals: Cluster Munitions Treaty
THBT the greatest impact of the ban on cluster munitions is not in protecting civilians but in hampering the military capability.
THBT the "Big Players" persistence on the option of using cluster munitions is a threat to collective security.
THW criminalize countries that cooperate with other nations using cluster munitions.

Semi Finals: Responsibility
THW force countries to make contributions to relief funds proportional to their GDPs
THW hold states responsible for collateral damage
THW allow America soldiers to not respond to the call of war

Third Placing: Justice - 3rd
THBT perpetrators of crimes against humanity should only be tried in international courts or tribunals, not local courts
THBT the ICC is ineffective in delivering justice to victims of crimes against humanity
THBT TRCs are a sufficient form of recourse afforded to victims of crimes against humanity

Grand Finals: The Geneva Conventions
THBT the Geneva Conventions have no place in modern warfare
THW include terrorists as combatants under the Geneva Conventions
THBT rendition has no place in a democratic world.

Round 1: Legal/Politics
1. THBT the Shariah Law has a Place in British Courts
2. THBT the Australian Government Should Compensate the Aborigines
3. THW Not Recognize an Independent Kosovo

Round 2: Social
1. THW Ban Size Zero Models from the Runway
2. THW Monitor Employees’ Internet Activities During Office Hours
3. THW Make Governments Register their Bloggers

Round 3: Politics
1. THW Grant the Kurds a Home
2. THBT Pakistan Should do More in the Fight Against Terror
3. THBT Cross Border Offensive is a Legitimate Tool to Protect National Security

Round 4: Economics
1. THBT Trade and Environment Should Be Kept Separate
2. THW Support Government Bail Outs of Failing Industries
3. THBT the WTO Has Outlived its Purpose

Round 5: Entertainment
1. THBT Amy Winehouse Should Not Have Won the Grammys
2. THBT Trials Involving Celebrities Should be Held Behind Closed Doors
3. THBT Celebrities Have No Right To Privacy


Source: http://parliamentarydebate.blogspot.com/

* THBT the State should ban all private schools from sanctioning students who exhibit homosexual behavior.
* THW allow Universities to allot slots for the admission of children of alumni.
* TH supports the right of private elementary schools to require pre-school education for grade one applicant.

* THBT America should welcome Iran's involvement in Iraq.
* THW lift U.S. sanction in Cuba.
* THBT U.S should not support the entry of former Soviet States into the NATO.

* The government should stop funding research searching for the gene for autism.
* TH supports the parent's right to avail of medical procedure infantalizing their disabled children by inhibiting their physical growth.
* THW abolish employment quotas for the disabled.

* THW abolish the MMDA.
* THBT the Sangguniang Kabataan is irrelevant today's youth.
* THBT instead of being a political appointee, the Ombudsman should be elected by the people.

Round 5
* TH celebrates the role of organized religion in attaining equality.
* THBT the Dali Lama should cede control of Tibet to China.
* TH would remove restrictions on campaign donations made by religious organizations.

* THBT the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Plan has served the interests of the Filipino farmers.
* THW end the conservation of the indigenous lands.
* The developing world should prioritize food security.

* THBT Independent Filmmakers should welcome the piracy of their work.
* THBT authors of commercial spin-offs of copyrighted literature should not be made to pay royalties to the authors.
* THBT sponsors of commissioned art should have the right to alter the final work even without the consent of the paid artist.

Octofinal Round
* TH regrets the joint seismic marine undertaking at the Spratlys.
* THBT democratization should not be a goal of Western Foreign Policy.
* THW prioritize citizens of former colonies in admitting guest workers.

Quarterfinal Round
* TH regrets formal and informal rules restricting sexual and romantic relationship in the workplace.
* TH celebrates the rise of easily accessible and non-commercial on-line amateur porn.
* THBT States should give married individuals the option to have multiple legal spouses.

Semi-final Round
* THBT the leftist populist revolution in Latin America has failed.
* THBT post modern feminists have betrayed their sisters in the third world.
* THBT the culture of privileging formal education has broadened inequality in the developing world.

Grandfinal Round
* TH celebrates Philippine historical attachment in former colonial masters.
* THBT the mass emigration of workers has eroded Philippine Nationalism.
* THBT the hold of the elite in the Philippine governance has strengthened democracy.


Source: http://www.parliamentarydebate.blogspot.com/

Round 1 - This house would criminalize the act of having sex with a heroin-addicted prostitute

Round 2 - This house would not allow political parties to be based on religious grounds

Round 3 - This house would publicly recognize the right of the Tibetan people to national independence

Round 4 - This house would limit the voting rights of the elderly

Round 5 - This house would ban the practice of S&M

Semi Final - This house would mandate multinational companies operating from the EU to provide a reasonable level of education to their workforce in the third world

Final - This house would allow the police to use racial profiling

Demo debate
THW not confiscate land from descendants of collaborators with Japan during its colonial rule.

Round 1 : Korea
THBT Korea should priortize China over the US in diplomatic relations.
THW nationalize the tele-communications industry.
THW exclude Soju from the list of essential items announced by the Korean government to monitor inflation.

Round 2 : Social Contract
1. THBT all democratic governments should abandon laws which allow prosecution of citizens for insulting their nations.
2. THBT government should not financially profit from its citizens' sins.
3. THW limit civilian use of guns in America.

Round 3 : Human Body
1. THW allow commercial surrogate motherhood.
2. THW give prisoners with a life sentence the right to choose the death penalty.
3. THW chemically castrate pedophiles.

Round 4 : Ideology
1. THBT socialism in Latin America has done more harm than good.
2. THBT authoritarian regimes are justifiable in developing nations.
3. THBT feminism has not contributed to the well-being of women in the world.

Round 5 : International Institutions
1. THW limit the number of times United Nations Security Council members can veto.
2. THBT democracy should be the condition for debt relief for African nations.
3. THBT it is legitimate to use aid to buy votes in international organizations.

(Rookie Final) : Cute Animals
1. THW ban fur imports from developing nations. (debated)
2. THBT zoos bring more benefits than harms to society.
3. THW allow the police to shoot poachers.

(EFL Final) : Celebrities’ on the spotlight!!!
1. THBT paparazzi are beneficial for celebrities.
2. TH supports celebrities entering politics.
3. THBT celebrities should not adopt children from developing nations. (debated)

Quarter : Elections
1. THW repudiate the democratic election in Bhutan.
2. THW discourage women in Pakistan from casting ballots in order to protect their lives.
3. THW place a cap on the spending of candidates during election campaigns.

Semis : Greater Asia
1. THBT China's quest for raw materials from developing nations/rogue regimes is detrimental to the world.
2. THW pressure India to open its border to accept Tibetan exiles.
3. THBT the Kurds are better off without a Kurdish state.

Final : Law and Justice
1. THBT civil disobedience is essential to democracy. (debated)
2. THW abolish the use of insanity as a legal defense.
3. THW require doctors to report minors with HIV to their parents regardless of patients' consent.

From http://worlddebating.blogspot.com

  • Round 1. This house believes that the US should lift the economic sanctions against Cuba
  • Round 2. This house would give equal rights to the football legionnaires in the EU
  • Round 3. This house would grant the barristers the right to deny execution of a commission at any stage of criminal process
  • Round 4. This house believes that the international community should fight with visa regime usage as an instrument of external politics
  • Round 5. This house believes that the state bears liability for breakage when its actions lead to an economic crisis
  • ¼ final. This house would demonopolize the railway market
  • ½ final. This house would allow default judgment on criminal cases
  • Final. This house would boycott Beijing Olympics.

Round 1: This house would deny extremist parties, the oxygen of publicity.
Round 2: This house believes the EU should force its citizens to recycle.
Round 3: This house believes in African solutions for African problems.
Round 4: This house believes terrorism is justified.

Quarter Finals: This house would re-tailor the Common Agricultural Policy.
Semi Finals: This house would embrace the Lisbon Treaty.
Grand Final: This house would draw state boundaries to comply with the principle of national self-determination.


Thanks Ivaylo from  http://www.aubg.bg/debate/ for the info

This house (TH) will prohibit to change sports citizenship

TH should prohibit mass media to inform society of terrorist organizations activities

TH should prohibit silicone implants

TH believes that one should divest driving licence for rule of the road persistent delinquency for life

TH should reform Commonwealth of Independent States

Quarters: TH should abandon nuclear-free status

Semis: TH believes that USA President should be elected through direct elections

Finals: This house believes that the president should not have privileges

From: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/WorldDebateWebsite/~3/269812400/uyngo-fire-tournament.html

We have prepared a live debate at the International debate conference "Thinking and speaking a better world". Debate trainers and debater from all around the world have debated the topic "This house believes that the in school tests kill the education".

I will post a link to the video from this debate as soon as Tuna uploads it.

Best speaker of the tournament Will Jones (Anarcy in Drenthe)

Best team of the tournament Leela Koenig and Will Jones (Anarchy in Drenthe)

Teams in finals: Anarchy in Drenthe, I haven't done it since Euros, Berlin Mitte and Newcastle.

This house would dissolve NATO

This house would pay surrogate mothers

This house would ban all religious face covers

This house would abolish the doctor-patient confidentiality in terrorist cases

This house would stop using crops for creation of bio-fuel

Semi final motion: This house would send fat kids to fat camps

Final motion: This house wouldn't send the representatives of democratic states to the Olympic games

1st round: THBT the usage of images of Prophet Mohammed should be banned.
2nd round: TH would trade with African Nations regardless of their social development goals.
3rd round: THBT parents who have had one child taken into care should be prevented from having another.
4th round: THBT all jobs should pay equally.

5th round: THW extend punishment for those convicted of corruption to family members who profit from that corruption.
Semi Final: TH supports an independent Tibet.
Grand Final: THW reduce the size of the state.

The tournament winners are "Pass the Dutch" (Eric Stam & Rob Honig).

From Flynn


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