Other tournament motions

  • Round 1. This house believes that the US should lift the economic sanctions against Cuba
  • Round 2. This house would give equal rights to the football legionnaires in the EU
  • Round 3. This house would grant the barristers the right to deny execution of a commission at any stage of criminal process
  • Round 4. This house believes that the international community should fight with visa regime usage as an instrument of external politics
  • Round 5. This house believes that the state bears liability for breakage when its actions lead to an economic crisis
  • ¼ final. This house would demonopolize the railway market
  • ½ final. This house would allow default judgment on criminal cases
  • Final. This house would boycott Beijing Olympics.

Round 1: This house would deny extremist parties, the oxygen of publicity.
Round 2: This house believes the EU should force its citizens to recycle.
Round 3: This house believes in African solutions for African problems.
Round 4: This house believes terrorism is justified.

Quarter Finals: This house would re-tailor the Common Agricultural Policy.
Semi Finals: This house would embrace the Lisbon Treaty.
Grand Final: This house would draw state boundaries to comply with the principle of national self-determination.


Thanks Ivaylo from  http://www.aubg.bg/debate/ for the info

This house (TH) will prohibit to change sports citizenship

TH should prohibit mass media to inform society of terrorist organizations activities

TH should prohibit silicone implants

TH believes that one should divest driving licence for rule of the road persistent delinquency for life

TH should reform Commonwealth of Independent States

Quarters: TH should abandon nuclear-free status

Semis: TH believes that USA President should be elected through direct elections

Finals: This house believes that the president should not have privileges

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We have prepared a live debate at the International debate conference "Thinking and speaking a better world". Debate trainers and debater from all around the world have debated the topic "This house believes that the in school tests kill the education".

I will post a link to the video from this debate as soon as Tuna uploads it.

Best speaker of the tournament Will Jones (Anarcy in Drenthe)

Best team of the tournament Leela Koenig and Will Jones (Anarchy in Drenthe)

Teams in finals: Anarchy in Drenthe, I haven't done it since Euros, Berlin Mitte and Newcastle.

This house would dissolve NATO

This house would pay surrogate mothers

This house would ban all religious face covers

This house would abolish the doctor-patient confidentiality in terrorist cases

This house would stop using crops for creation of bio-fuel

Semi final motion: This house would send fat kids to fat camps

Final motion: This house wouldn't send the representatives of democratic states to the Olympic games

1st round: THBT the usage of images of Prophet Mohammed should be banned.
2nd round: TH would trade with African Nations regardless of their social development goals.
3rd round: THBT parents who have had one child taken into care should be prevented from having another.
4th round: THBT all jobs should pay equally.

5th round: THW extend punishment for those convicted of corruption to family members who profit from that corruption.
Semi Final: TH supports an independent Tibet.
Grand Final: THW reduce the size of the state.

The tournament winners are "Pass the Dutch" (Eric Stam & Rob Honig).

From Flynn

NPDA Nationals Resolutions: 2008

TH should legalize prostitution
2This House should increase regulation of home school education.
3Ground the fleet
4 Mute the red phone
5The United States should value constructive engagement over isolation.
6 When in conflict, United States politicians should value their personal conscience over the will of the people.
7 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s responsibility for European defense should be transferred to the European Union.
8 The North American Free Trade Agreement should be dissolved.
Quad Octas The USFG should eliminate subsidies for the production of ethanol.
Triple Octas The United States Supreme Court should rule to substantially restrict gun ownership in the United States.
Double Octas The U.S. should substantially check growing Chinese influence in Africa.
Octas The United States Federal Government should expand the scope of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.
Quarters Access to potable water should be a human right.
Semis Russia should reinstate the cold war with the United States.
Finals America needs a Presidential unity ticket.
From Tuna

Round 1: This house would introduce a minimum price restriction for the sale of all alcoholic beverages

Round 2: This house would legalise incest between consenting siblings of the age of majority

Round 3: This house loves the smell of napalm in the morning (Open Motion)

Round 4: This house would force pharmaceurtical companies to give full disclosure of clincial trials

Round 5: This house believes the government should never fund IVF treatment

Semi-Final: This house would refuse to recognise an independent Kosovo

Final: This house would restrict access to pro-anorexia websites

From: http://worlddebating.blogspot.com/2008/03/corkgalway-win-ancients-2008.html

R1.: This house believes that the white man should appologise to all his colonies

R2: This house believes that celebrating chatolic religious holidays as national holidays discriminates other religions.

R3: This house believes that human trafficking should become a much more important EU priority

R4: This house believes that conformism will destroy the world 

R5: This house believes that the people of the EU should decide about the Lisabon treaty on referendums

Finals: This house believes that the EU should establish an Ombudsman institution for the human rights of economic migrants.

Motions:Round 1: Education
THB Korean universities should have the right to select their students based on their own standards.
THW require high school students take classes in fine art and music.
THB single sex schools are more effective than coeducational schools.
Round 2: THB that governments should exclusively use open source software for all administrative tasks.
Round 3: Sports
THB all professional sporting leagues should have wage caps for their athletes.
THW allow the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports.
THW require all nations participating in the Olympics to include female athletes in their delegations.
Round 4: Pop Culture and Media
THW censor obscene lyrics in music.
THB politicians should not be allowed to own media companies.
THB the Academy Awards do more harm than good.
Round 5: THB developing nations should nationalize their energy resources.

Round 6: Economics
THW abolish the inheritance tax.
THW abandon regional trading blocs for global, multilateral trade.
THB China's position as the world's factory does more harm than good.
Octofinals: Law and Order
THW have juries participate in all criminal trials.
THW post information about pedophiles on the Internet.
THB all white collar criminals should serve mandatory jail time.
Quarter Finals & Rookie Semi Finals: Massive Engineering Projects
THW join the race to build the world's tallest building.
THW outlaw the reclamation of coastal wetland areas for development.
THB deep space exploration is a waste of resources.
Semifinals: International Relations
THS the partitioning of countries plagued by ethnic violence.
THB the United Nations should have a standing army.
THW make Jerusalem a UN protectorate.
Grand Final: THB minority communities brought over during past colonial rule have a right to reparations.


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