Other tournament motions

Round 1: THW make politicians in health,defence,education or emergency services qualify for office.
Round 2: THW use military against Somali pirates
Round 3: THW not prosecute beat-up wives for killing their husbands
Round 4: THW hold the state liable for injuries or deaths due to being homeless

Semis THW require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their user
Final Motion: THBT state should pay wages to housewives and house husbands.

The Mediterranean Universities Debating Championships in 2012 were held at the  Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 29 - August 3.

Round 1: This house believes the state should send all underage overweight children to a summer far camp
Round 2: This house believes that all EU countries should set the bar of entry to their parliament in such a way that would ensure a two party system
Round 3: This house believes that Amercia is justified in keeping the Second Amendment
Round 4: You are a western reporter covering the Middle East. You received indisputable and ex
clusive evidence that Israel is about to launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities in the next 24 hours. This house would not publish the story
Round 5: This house believes Turkey should abandon all efforts to join the EU
Round 6: You are a CEO of a major clothing company and currently pay workers in your factory 1 dollar a day. You are presented with a plan that would give your employees a dignified living wage. This would significantly increase production costs but would not put you out of business. This house would implement the plan.
Round 7: This house believes that posing for Playboy is immoral
Semi: This house would heavily incentivise Bosnians, Croats and Serbs in Bosnia and Hercegovina that move to areas where dominant ethnicity is other than their own
Final: Given the technology, This house would burn obedience to criminal law in the brains of all humans

Motions from the Berlin IV debate tournament in 2012. Here are the topics that were debated:

Round 1: This house would assasinate Bashar al Assad
Round 2: This house believes that schools should teach children from first-generation immigrants in the language of their parents
Round 3: This house believes that developing countries should limit rural to urban migration
Round 4: This house would compel the Catholic Church to allow women to serve as priests
Round 5: This house regrets South Africa’s decision to use Truth and Reconciliation Commisions rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes under Apartheid
Missing is the semis motion.
Final: This house regrets the decline of socialism

Israeli Nationals in 2012 were held at the MTA College in Israel, June 10-11 2012. Here are the motions

Round 1: This house would compel citizens to vote in national elections
Round 2: This house would exempt from mandatory military service any Hasid who chooses to work rather than study in a Yeshiva
Round 3: This house, which is the Hamas movement, would lay down its arms
Round 4: This house would decriminalize squatting
Round 5: This house would introduce mandatory minimum sentences
Round 6: This house would ban student parties who are backed by national political parties from participating in elections for student unions
Semi: This house would stop providing tactical training and equipment to "neighbourhood watch" groups in Israeli settlements in the West Bank
Final: This house, which is the Iranian regime, would develop nuclear weapons

Motions from the German Language Championships held in Austria, June 7-10. The motions are translated from the German language, because the tournament was in German.

Round 1: This house would oblige pharmaceutical companies to spend half of their research budgets on illnesses that occur primarily in developing countries
Round 2: This house wouldforbid domestic security services to monitor Members of Parliaments
Round 3: Thise house would continue the European Football Championships with 16 participating teams
Round 4: This house, which is technically capable to do so, would clone Neandertalers
Round 5: This house would create Eurobonds
Round 6: This house would not perform any plays of Thomas Bernhard in Austria
Round 7: This house supports the foundation of an independent Kurdic state
Quarter: This house condemns the use of unmanned weapon systems (drones) against human targets
Semi: This house would use geo-engineering to combat climate change
Final: This house supports large-scale migration from poor to rich regions in the European Union

Motions from the Iron Man BP Tournament, University College Utrecht, June 2, the Netherlands:

Round 1: This house believes that there should be no restrictions on political donations
Round 2: This house would predicate any humanitarian aid on efforts limiting birth-rates where there’s a risk of overpopulation.
Round 3: This house believes that, rather than after the fact, the judicial system should be able to take pre-emptive measures when there’s a suspicion of hate-speech
Round 4: This house believes that that the Turkish military should stop enforcing the separation between church & state
Semis: This house would practice investment over austerity in times of economic crisis
Final: This house would undertake military action against the Syrian government

These are the translated debate motions from the German Bruder Grimm cup, held on May 26th and 27th 2012 in Marburg, Germany.

Round 1: This house would make football clubs pay for the costs of police surveillance during league matches
Round 2: This house would block the Security Council as long as the veto power remains available
Round 3: Vorrunde: This house would rewrite the Grimm fairytales in a gender neutral way (Dieses Haus würde die Grimmschen Märchen gendergerecht umschreiben)
Round 4: This house would require candidates for public office to be psychologically evaluated during their trial period rather than making their psychological illness history public
Semi: This house would allow defendants to choose between a judge or a jury.
Final: This house wouldallow doctors treating terminally ill patients patients to offer them treatments that are still in the experimental stages

Debate topics from the tournament Split Union Open, held in Split, Croatia, May 18th 2012.

Round 1: This house would ban single sex schools
Round 2: This house would disband NATO
Round 3: This house would make votes public
Round 4: This house would allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription drugs
Final: This house would create ethnic diversity in neighborhoods by introducing housing quotas

Debate motions from the Vienna IV 2014, held in Vienna, Austria, on 7th to 9th March, 2014.  

Round 1: This house believes that non-governmental organizations (NGOs)/charities should reject sponsorship from companies who do not act in accordance with the organizations' aims.
Round 2:
  In situations where it is not possible to achieve bot aims and the decision is with the doctor, This House Believes That doctors should prioritise prolonging life over the quality of that life. 
Round 3: This house believes that Vienna should devote Ottakring to immigrants from Eastern Europe (i.e. an Eastern European "China town")
Round 4: This house believes that the US and the EU should support a Russian annexation of Crimea in exchange for an otherwise independant Ukraine.
Round 5: Info slide: The "Thirst Games" is a Reality TV show in which contestants compete against each other and battle to the death. The games continue until only one contestant remains alive, and that person wins fame, glory and riches. Motion: With knowledge + consent, this house would allow citizens to participate in 'Thirst Games'.
Round 6: This house supports nations marketing themselves as destinations for "good time tourism"

QarterFinal: Given a machine that can predict a person's life 95% accurately, This house would not use it
Semi Final: This house believes that media aimed at children should reject the "happily ever after" model and show a more realistic picture.
Final: This house believes that no state, in any situation, has the right to demand, encourage or promote its citizen to fight or die for their country.

Motions from the tournament “Denny Crane” Faculty of Political Science, held in Belgrade, Serbia, on May 12th 2012:

Round 1: This House prefers Guantanamo Bay rather than the current practice of the war against terrorism with unmanned aerial vehicles.
Round 2: In the case of a contact with extra-terrestrial beings, this House would send a woman as a negotiator.
Round 3: This House would grant one seat in the Parliament to all more significant religions.
Round 4: This House would make a number of votes of one voter inversely proportional to his/her personal wealth.
Semis: This House believe that only people who take the law into their hands can save us.
Final: This House would never restore the buildings destroyed in the bombing.

Motions from the tournament in German language Zeit Debatte Munster, Germany, held on May 11-13 2012:

Round 1: This house would ban broadcasting of boxing matches from TV
Round 2: This house would adjust development aid to countries where gay rights are violated
Round 3: This house would include paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchis in the collectinos of leading German art museums (this motion was preceded by an infoslide)
Round 4: This house would declare a trade war against China
Round 5: This house would instate a public service (öffentlich-rechtliches) system for newspapers
Semis: This house would ban the defamation of religious symbols or authorities
Final: This house supports the targeted/deliberate killing of Iranian scientists


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