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This list of the debate topics was provided by the University of Vermont debate trainer Alfred C. Snider on the IDAS 2007 CD. Im publishing it to give you insight into what other topics you can use. Thanks Tuna.

This house would abolish student Grants

This house believes that the Olympic ideal is dead

This house favors compusory aids testing

This house favors genetic engineering

This house would give Russia back to the Communists

This house would permit Gay couples to adopt

This house believes that the private lives of public figures should remain private

This house would genetically engineer farm animals

This house believes that democracy has failed the third world

This house would ban boxing

This house would support the public funding of political parties

This house would legalize soft drugs

This house has lost confidence in the Catholic Church

This house believes that the values of western cicilization cannot meet the challenges of the mored age

Thois house demands a right to privacy 

This house believes that women should get an equal position in war with men

This house believes that genetic engineering triggers more harm than good 

This house believes that morals and science do not mix

This house will practice direct democracy

This house believes that we should be our own censors

This house believes that TV does more harm than good


1. This house would grant an amnesty to all illegal immigrants currently in the United states

2. This house believes that the Catholic church should allow the use of condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS  in Africa

3. Tat this house believes the west should end military cooperation with pakistan until it holds free presidential elections

4. This house would prohibit women over the age of 45 years form undergoing assisted human reproduction

5. This house would give Japan a permanent seat on the UN security council

6. This house would not allow intelligent design to be included in the School science curriculum

7. This house would recognize a legally enforceable right to a minimum standard of living

8. This house supports the creation of an independent state for the Iraqi Kurds

9. This house supports indigenous persons convicted of a crime being sentenced by their community and not the courts

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ESL Semi: This house would abandon the civilian use of nuclear power

ESL Final: This house believes that European governments should pay parents to have children

EFL Octo: This house believes that international law should recognize the right of each state to unilaterally undertake armed humanitarian intervention

EFL Qtr: This house would permit legislating by citizen initiated  referendum

EFL Semi: This house would prohibit speeches that incite hatred (wording may be wrong)

EFL Final: This house would abolish all laws prohibiting cruelty to animals 

1. This house would ban government funding of religious schools

2. This house believes that the UK should abolish it's Nuclear Arsenal

3. That this house supports accelerated land redistribution in South Africa

4. This house would criminalise the payment of Ransom

5. This house supports independence for Quebec

6. This house would abolish all taxes on inherited wealth

7. This house would support  regime change in Myanmar/Burma

8. This house would ban cosmetic surgery 

9. This house would grant citizenship in exchange for military service

Octo final: This house believes that developing nations should nationalize their energy resources

Qtr final: This house believes that people sentenced to life imprisonment should  be allowed to choose the death penalty instead

Semi final: This house would van websites that glorify eating disorders

Final: This house believes that economic growth is the solution to climate change 

ESL Final: This house believes that politicians have a right to a private life
ESL Semi: This House believes all serious crimes should be tried by Jury
Masters Final: This House supports a 35 hour working week
Masters Round 1: This house would designate one city to permanently host the Olympics
Masters Round 2: This house believes that governments should provide heroin addicts with safe injection facilities.
EFL Final: This House would lift sanctions on Iran

1. This house would prevent doctors from opting out of performing medical procedures on religious grounds

2. This house would privatise all UK Universities

3. This house, as the UN, would deny the Vatican all rights of a state

4. This house would allow soldiers, sailors and airmen in the British forces to sue the crown for negligence

5. This house believes the British Museum should give back everything to where it was plundered from

Semi. With Hindsight, this house would never have established the state of Israel

Final. This house would consider Government ministers under Oath for all Public Statements, thus making them criminally liable for perjury if they lie.

THW prosecute parents who give alcohol to their children under 16 years of age

THW ban gay-specific service providers from turnirn down heterosexuals

THW repeal all legislation restricting monopoly power

THW criminalise denying any genocide

THW privatise prisons 

Round one: Prisoners

This house supports exhanging prisoners to free hostages from terrorist organizations

THBT rpidoners on facing life imprisonment without parole should be allowed to choose the death penalty

This house would use electronic bracelets to monitor paedophiles after release from prison

Round two: Life

This house believes that All states should grant the right to citizens to have dual citizenship

THBT new migrants wishing to become citizens should be required to pass a language and values test

This house believes flag burning should not be a crime

Round three: Sports

This house believes that only countries with good human rights records should be allowrd to host the Olympics

This house supports the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports

This house believes that female athletes at the olympics should get the same amount of tv time as male athletes

Round four: Free

This house believes that drugs created from research funded by the government should be free of copyright

This house believes that governments should only use free open source business software

This house believes that once we find the cure for AIDS we should give it out for free

Quarters: International organizations

This house believes that international overnment ais should only go to Non-governmental organizations

This house would ban rogue nations from the United Nations

This house believes that the EU should abolish all preferential trade agreements with former colonies

Semis one: That country

THB that China should float its currency

THB that China should intervene to support thepeople of Burma/Myanmar

THB that China's dominance of global manufacturing brings more harm than good

Semis two: Schooling

THB that pregnant High school students should be allowed to take maternity leave

THW teach ethnic relations in schools to promote national unity

THB that homosexuality should be included as part of compulsory sex-educataion programs

Finals: Women

This house believes adultery should not be illegal

This house would abolish all women only Universities

This house would allow late term abortions of fetuses with disabilities 

Round 1. THW Criminalise Gang Membership

Round 2. THW allow nations without states a seat at the UN.

Round 3. THW permit religious courts to rule on family law in the UK.

Round 4. THBT every citizen deserves a universal basic income beyond their basic needs; regardless of whether they have ever worked, are looking for work or will ever work.

Round 5. THW channel all development aid for Africa through the African Union.

Quarter-finals: parenting licences.

Semi-finals: THBT the US should match its military aid to Israel with an equal amount of humanitarian aid to Fatah.

Final: THBT the state should pay a wage to house-wives and house-husbands.

Preliminary rounds: 

This house would not go to Bejing. 

This house believes that the Nederlands should stop the sale of drugs to all foreigners.

This house believes that all alied forces in Iraq should be replaced by merceries hired by the Iraq government.

This house believes that when a murder is committed as an honor killing the motivation should be a mittigating circumstance.


This house believes that all countries that have a abortion ban should remove the rape exception (not 100% sure the wording is right) 

TH shivers at the thought of global warming
THB FIFA and UEFA should follow the law
TH wouldn't count the bodies
THB the EU needs more energy
THW liberate the people
THB we have forgotten the Enron lesson
THB the EU needs to rethink its relations with neighbours
The EU should help developing nations
THW establish an EU Ministry for foreign affairs
THW bring Kosovo back
THW keep the European door open
THW hire the Polish plumber
Europe should have a strong social dimension
THB the UN Human Rights Council is a joke
THW adress the situation in Darfur
THB only united we can stand strong
THB we need another Green Revolution


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