Other tournament motions

The Jacobs Open tournament was held in Germany, April 13-15 in 2012. Here are the motions:

Round 1: When paying teachers, This house would take into account their students' academic performance
Round 2: This house regrets joining Facebook
Round 3: This house would encourage its citizens to break laws in other countries that violate human rights
Round 4: This house would pay spouses who stay at home a salary
Round 5: This house supports the US's use of military drones in Pakistan
Final: This house supports campaigns like "Kony 2012”

The Budapest Open is a fairly new tournament, but it has been organised great, and had a lot of participants from the Native countries (Vermont, New York etc.) and it is getting more and more important. In 2014 it was held on 28th February - 2nd March.

Round 1: This house would Prohibit Religious Organisations from Speaking out against Homosexuality
Round 2: This house believes that states should take active measures to limit the spread of American pop culture
Round 3: This house believes that it is in Russia's interest to annex the Crimea
Round 4: This house believes that the Black Rights Movement should oppose the appropriation of the Confederate flag by black public figures.
Round 5: Info Slide: Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries a child for another person or couple. This house believes that that developing countries should support commercial surrogacy. 
Semifinal: This house opposes sympathizing and humanizing portrayals of nazi soldiers in popular media.
Final: This house would Suspend Elections in Countries with very high levels of Government Debt

Round 1: THW establish DNA databases of all citizens for the purposes of criminal investigations.
Round 2: THBT governments should set a maximum wage.
Round 3: THW end affirmative action for African-Americans.
Round 4: THW allow corporations to hire mercenaries to protect their shipments from pirates.
Round 5: THW ban gender discrimination within religions.
Round 6: THW support the launching of foreign strikes on terrorists in Pakistan.

SF: THW deny foreign aid to countries with space programs.
GF: THW legalise all forms of sadomasochistic sex.

The motions from the USU Open, held on April 13-16 2012.

Round 1: This house would legalize multi-partner marriages for both men and women.
Round 2: This house would ban private financing of election campaigns.
Round 3: This house regrets the Arab Spring
Round 4: This house would abolish prison sentences for all non-violent crimes.
Round 5: This house believes that the creation of the Eurozone has done more harm than good. INFO SLIDE: The Eurozone is a currency union consisting of EU member states who have adopted the Euro as their common currency. Its monetary policy is administered by the European Central Bank.
Round 6: This house believes that the West Should cease using attack drones in counter-insurgency operations.

Octo: This house would lift all sanctions on Iran that target its nuclear program.
Quarter: This house regrets the decline of labor unions.
Semi: This house believes that governments should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards socially desirable choices. INFOSLIDE: There is growing evidence from behavioral economics that seemingly trivial alterations in the way decisions are presented can substantially affect choices.  For instance, printing smiley faces on the electricity bills of low-usage households decreases their future electricity consumption.  As another example, consumers presented with a list of financial choices are more likely to choose items placed near the middle of the list.

Final: This house believes that coming cuts in USA military spending will make the world a better place.

The Paris IV tournament was held in Paris, France on April 6-7 2012. Here are the motions:

Round 1: This house would remove all constraints on companies firing workers
Round 2: This house would make sportןמע teams whose fans performed violence or severe disorderly behaviour, play their matches in front of a crowd of women and children only.
Round 3: This house, as Aljazeera, would have broadcasted the videos of the Toulouse attacks.
Round 4: This house believes that retribution should not be a part of the criminal justice system
Round 5: This house believes that the state should subsidize feminist porn
Semi: This house would ban all research into the genetic origins of homosexuality
ESL Final: This house would make assimilation the primary goal of legislation related to immigrants.
Final: This house would allow the deliberate (!) targeting of civilians in war, where it would significantly reduce casualties in the long term

Debate motions from the Melbourne Mini 2011 debate tournament

R1: THW sell uranium to India.
R2. THBT Facebook should remove pages that joke about rape.
R3. THW take drastic action against Syria.
R4: THW break up companies deemed too big to fail.
R5: THBT marriage licenses should have to be renewed periodically.
R6: THW ban all blood sports involving animals.
SF: THW allow health care professionals to opt out of any stage of abortion, including before & after care.
Final: THBT the US should support Palestinian statehood.

The HSE open debate tournament in 2012 was held in Moscow, April 7-8. The motions:

Round 1: This house believes that all teachers should openly declare their sexuality to their pupils
Round 2: This house would set legally binding minimal physical parameters for fashion models
Round 3: This house would treat cyber attacks as acts of war
Round 4: This house would legalize all drugs
Round 5: This house would not use public money on life-extending medical care for people over a certain age
Semi: This house believes that change comes through molotov cocktails, not with a voting ballot
Final: In the case where human space exploration efforts locate an inhabitable planet, This house believes that the settlers of that planet should construct a society without private property

The Dutch open tournament was held in the Netherlands on March 30-31. Here are the topics that were debated:

Round 1: This house would forcibly relocate indigenous peoples where their presence prevents the extraction of valuable resources
Round 2: This house believes that sex education classes should include sexual fetishes with the aim of normalising them.
Round 3: This house would not allow pre-nuptial agreements
Round 4: This house believes that developing countries should disregard intellectual property rights on life saving/preserving medicine
Round 5: This House Would covertly fabricate evidence that politicians who promote demonisation or criminalisation of homosexuality are gay (approximation)
Novice final: This house would make the punishment for crimes of theft inversely proportional to the wealth of the victim (approximation)
Semi: This house would create country quotas for the acceptance of refugees and allow for trade of these obligations
Final: This house would create a Supreme Court to protect future generations from current lawmakers

This are the debate topics that were debated on the Mykolas Romeris IV tournament in Lithania on 24-25th March 2012

Round 1: This house would ban beauty pageants for under 16-year olds
Round 2: This house believes that the media should not publish news on suicides
Round 3: This house would require that Roma children be sent to state boarding schools
Round 4: This house would ban the use of religious rhetoric in political campaigns
Round 5: This house supports the use of bounty hunters in law enforcement
Semi: This house regrets the influence of YouTube on popular culture
Final: This house would grant asylum to those fleeing from persecution on grounds of sexual violence


The DCU open in 2012 was held on 23rd and 24th March in 2012. The participants had to debate on these debate topics:

Round 1: This house believes that it is morally wrong for companies to base hiring/firing/promotion decisions on info taken from social networking sites
Round 2: This house would place police in schools that protect them
Round 3: This house would not (as the USA) support Israel in a pre-emptive strike on Iraq
Round 4: This house would require companies to have the same environmental and working standards in foreign countries as in their home states
Round 5: This house supports the right of parents of mentally disabled children to medically slow or prevent their physical growth


Final: A zombie infection has broken out, This house believes that it is morally legitimate to kill uninfected humans to increase your own chances of survival.

The Heriot-Watt Open tournament was held on 24th of March in Scotland. Check out the motions that were debated:

Round 1: This house would allow corporations to pay higher salaries to employees who agree not to have children
Round 2: "Info slide for Round 2: The congressional black caucus is a voting block within the US congress, claiming to represent a black voice. / Any black congressman may join, but some Republicans do not; it is dominated by Democrats / It has repeatedly rejected membership applications from non-black congressmen" Motion: This house believes that the congressional black caucus should admit non-black members
Round 3: This house would establish as a norm of international law that reparations should not be paid after wars
Round 4: This house would replace income tax with a tax on wealth
Final: This house believes that the Scottish Government should allow England to vote in the referendum on Scottish Independence


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