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Motions from the great london school of economics tournament, held on February 17th and 18th 2012:

Round 1: This house would legalise all forms of assisted suicide for mentally sound people
Round 2: This house regrets the strong social norms in favour of lifelong monogamy
Round 3: This house believes that western countries should invest primarily in air power rather than ground troops for future military interventions
Round 4: This house believes that the education system should promote equality of outcomes over equality of opportunities
Round 5: This house welcomes the advent of extreme genetic enhancements for human beings
Quarter: info slide: behavioural economics, rival changes in the way choices are presented changes behaviour This house believes that the state should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards good choices
Semi: This house believes that Western foreign policy should seek to prevent China's acquisition of Africa's natural land and resources
ESL Final: This house believes that national governments should aim to depopulate rather than regenerate areas with few viable economic activities
Final: This house regrets the decline of Marxism in liberal Western democracies

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Round 1: This house believes that inheritance should be taxed at 100%.
Round 2: This house would allow individuals to sell their vote on the market.
Round 3: This house believes that a technocratic state, not a democratic state, produces the best society.
Round 4: This house believes that in a situation where the UK is able to intervene in order to prevent human rights abuses in only some of multiple cases its soldiers should vote to decide which.
Final: This house would not participate in an industry that profits the mental problems of celebrities.

The motions from  the tournament Cardiff IV in 2012, that was held on February 11th 2012:

Round 1: This house would create a separate league for athletes who choose to take performance enhancing substances.
Round 2: This house would require all video games that ostensibly depict realistic combat to adhere to the rules of war
Round 3: This house would abolish the concept of limited liability
Round 4: This house would create a separate state where all women and only women can claim citizenship
Final: Context: You are a young man in Galilee about 2000 years ago. You are charismatic and clever. You have the ability to gain a devoted following. People believe you are the son of God and are able to perform a number of miracles, like food-multiplication and healing. Motion: This house would use the influences gained from these abilities and beliefs to propagate socialist values that are justified through faith.

Galway Open is a great tournament held in Ireland. In 2012 it was held on February 11th and 12th.

Round 1: THB It is Illegitimate for the State to Attempt to Instill Morals or Values in Children in Schools
Round 2: THW Prosecute Barack Obama for War Crimes
Round 3: TH Regrets the Existence of Valentine's Day
Round 4: from the view of Iran: THW Build a Nuclear Weapon
Round 5: THB the State Should Impose a Maximum Income of €50000, inc benefits, commissions, bonuses, etc.
Semi: THW ban all technology in the pursuit of the genetic enhancement of humanity
Final: in the context of The Matrix: THW take the Blue Pill

Round 1: This house would punish sports teams for the criminal and violent behaviour of their fans.
Round 2: This house would ban foreign citizens from adopting Armenian children.
Round 3: This house would add a right to internet access to the Armenian constitution.
Round 4: This house believes that the Armenian media does not adequately represent the views and concerns of Armenian society.
Final: This house believes that journalism is more effective than political protest in holding governments responsible for their actions.

The tournament was held from February 26 till March 6 in Paris France

Heat One: THBT we live in a mediaocracy
Heat Two: THB in the Holy Trinity: Apple, Google and Facebook
Heat Three: THBT life begins at 25
Heat Four: THBT politicians should retire at 65 like everybody else
Heat Five: THB in freedom at all costs
Heat Six: THB in a three-day week-end
Heat Seven: THW blow the whistle
Heat Eight: THBT physical appearance is a fundamental criterion for good leadership
Heat Nine: THB politicians should have a sense of humor
Heat Ten: THBT If You Are Not In Fashion, You Are Nobody
Heat Eleven: THBT science has replaced philosophy
Heat Twelve: THBT men build too many walls and not enough bridges
Heat Thirteen: THBT if it isn't broken, break it
Heat Fourteen: THW look back in anger
Heat Fifteen: THBT greed is good
Heat Sixteen: THBT If It's Not Fun, You're Not Doing It Right.
Heat Seventeen: THBT the best is yet to come
Heat Eighteen: THBT stale, pale males still rule

The Irish Mace Round 2 in 2012 was held from January 24th till February 4th. Here are the motions:

Heat One: THW remove all hate speech laws
Heat Two: THW allow “religious duty/compulsion” as a mitigating defense for crimes
Heat Three: THW ban media reporting on violent crimes
Heat Four: THW hold parents responsible for the crimes of their kids
Heat Five: THW make rehabilitation the sole criteria for releasing criminals from prison
Heat Six: THW ban works of literature/film/music that glorify criminality
Heat Seven: THW compel priests to report a crime which they learn of through confession
Heat Eight: TTHW abolish the practice of plea bargaining
Heat Nine:: THW end the use of prisons
Heat Ten: THW, in countries where the death penalty is in use, not allow anyone to watch the execution
Heat Eleven: THW take socio-economic background into account when sentencing criminals
Heat Twelve: TTHW prosecute domestic violence without the consent of the victim
Heat Thirteen: THBT post-revolution states should delegate all trials and sentencing of former rulers and high ranking officials to the international community
Heat Fourteen: THW Elect its Judges Democratically
Heat Fifteen: THW publish a list of convicted sex offenders
Heat Sixteen: THW ban alcohol

Here are the motions from the 2012 York IV tournament.

Round 1: This house would force broadcasters to display, promote and report women’s sport equally to men’s sport.
Round 2: This house would allow people to opt in to drugs that have not yet passed clinical trials.
Round 3: This house would make Georgia a NATO member.
Round 4: This house would ban the private production of pornography and replace it with state-produced pornography that promotes respect and good treatment for women.
SemiFinal: This house would prevent foreign ownership of significant domestic companies
Final: This house would treat the desecration and destruction of sites of historical or cultural value as a crime against humanity

Motions from the Trinity IV debate tournament in 2012

Round 1: This house would disclose the ethnicity of a sperm/egg donor to the prospective parent
Round 2: This house believes that goverments should only fund bailouts of other countries if they get permission to do so in a referendum
Round 3: This house believes that the US should give South Korea weapons
Round 4: This house believes that the feminist groups should not campaign against abortion
Round 5: This house believes that the US should pay reparations to its Muslim population for policies carried out in the aftermath of 9/11
Quarter: This house believes that Boston College should release the IRA tapes
Semi: This house whishes that Barack Obama had faced a primary challenge
Final: This house would welcome the downfall of global capitalism

The Rotterdam BP tournament was not held in English, so these are the translated motions. Netherlands, January 21 2012.

Round 1: This house would allow ‘Fight Clubs’ to be founded
Round 2: This house would give police the same investigative powers as under the anti-terrorism framework when dealing with ‘loverboys’ (men who trick young women into becoming prostitutes)
Round 3: This house believes that the EU should focus all its efforts on the Common Market (should only strive for a Common Market)
Round 4: This house would oblige prospective parents with a genetic disease to use embryo selection
Semi: This house would suspend all sanctions on North Korea
Final: This house would impose a legal duty of care on adult children for their parents


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