The winners are:

Victoria University of Wellington 8 (Stephen Whittington and Polly Higbee)

The runners-up are Sydney University (Julia Fetherston and Tim Mooney), Victoria University 6 (Richard D'Ath and Kathy Errington) and Victoria 7 (Paul Smith and Udayan Mukherjee).

Beaten semi-finalists were Sydney University 2, Auckland University 5, Victoria University 4 and Victoria University 5.

Top Ten speakers:

1. Tim Mooney (Sydney)
2. Polly Higbee (Victoria)
3. Julia Fetherston (Sydney)
4. Stephen Whittington (Victoria)
5. Hugh McCaffrey (Victoria)
6=Jordan Ward (Auckland)
6=Yogesh Patel (Victoria)
8. Clodagh O'Connor-McKenna (Victoria)
9. Richard D'Ath (Victoria)
10. Felicity Wilson (Macquarie)

The best novice speaker was Ella Edginton (19th).


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