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Zeit Debatte Hamburg 2012

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Round 1: Should pensioners be obliged to do voluntary work?
Round 2: Should the 9th of November be Germany’s national holiday?
Round 3: Do we need a common European asylum and migration policy?
Round 4: Should the debt limit on Länder be abolished?
Round 5: Should people with prostheses be allowed to participate in regular sports competitions, even when the prostheses could be considered advantageous?
Semi: Should research in all German universities exclusively serve civil and peaceful purposes?
Final: Should the position of national president be abolished?

John Smith Memorial Mace, Irish Leg 2012

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Heat 1, 2, 3: THW create a permanent seat for the Travelling Community in the Dáil.
Heat 4, 5, 6: THW create a constituency for the Irish abroad.
Heat 7, 8, 9: THW allow Asylum Seekers to work.
Heat 10, 11, 12: THW compel parents to take equal paternity and maternity leave.
Heat 13, 14, 15: THW require the unemployed to participate in community work to be eligible for social welfare.
Heat 16, 17, 18: THW re-introduce the punishment of banishment for serious crimes.
Heat 19, 20, 21: THW grant the police the ability to stop and search without reasonable suspicion in designated areas and times.
Heat 22, 23, 24: THB the US Federal Government should continue to enforce the national prohibition on drugs in states which legalise the personal use of cannabis.

WUDC 2011 Gaborone Botswana motions

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Rd1: This house believes that national sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the national population
Rd2: This house believes that all states have a right to nuclear weapons
Rd3: This house believes that governments should not provide benefits on the basis of marital status
Rd4: This house believes that central banks should set limits on government spending
Rd5: This wouse would prioritise asylum Seekers who have engaged in armed struggle against oppressive regimes
Rd6: This wouse would allow teachers unions the right to strike
Rd7: This wouse would require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet
Rd8: This house believes that the southern african development community (SADC) should pursue political union
Rd9: This house believes that social movements should use the courts rather than the legislature to advance social change
Octo: This wouse would buy countries votes in nternational organizations
Qtr: This house believes that courts should not enforce wills that discriminate on the basis of race Semi: This house opposes organised religion
Final: This wouse would invade Zimbabwe
EFL Semi: This house supports a one state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
EFL Final: This wouse would give more votes to the poor
ESL Qtr: This house believes that domestic courts should try foreign nationals who commit war crimes abroad
ESL Semi: This wouse would prefer that the children of racial minorities be adopted by parents of that race
ESL Final: This house believes that the courts should break up consistently dominant political parties
Masters Rd1: This wouse would buy local
Masters Final: This house prefers a philosopher King to a tyrannical democracy