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Cambridge IV 2014

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This is one of the best known tournaments, the Cambridge IV. It was held on 21/23 November 2014 in Cambridge, UK. The motions for the tournament were:

Round 1: This House Would not punish those who live below the poverty line for economic crimes, e.g. theft
Round 2: This House, as a superhero, would agree to use their powers solely in service of the democratic state
Round 3: This House Supports the objectification of men in popular culture.
Round 4: This House Would require that any houses or apartments left vacant for six months or more be surrendered to the State.
Round 5: This House Believes That Western foreign policy should abandon attempts to universalise liberal values
ESL Semi: This House Believes That Google should inform the authorities about suicide searches
ESL Final: Assuming the existence of a gay gene, This House Would disproportionately favour embryos that possess it in IVF.
Open Quarter: This House Would prohibit all research aiming to create sentient artificial intelligences.
Open Semi: This House Supports the New Atheism movement
Open Final: This House Believes That unpaid domestic workers should strike for state pay

Cambridge Women’s 2014

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The Cambridge Women’s debate tournament was held on 23rd November in Cambridge, UK. The women debated:

Round 1: This House Would legalise the buying and selling of sexual services
Round 2: This House Believes That football fans should boycott the 2022 world cup in Qatar
Round 3: This House Believes that the US and Iran should ally to fight ISIS
Round 4: This House Would aggresively financially incentivise the enrollment of female students in areas with low female enrollment
ESL Final: This House Believes That developed countries should grant an amnesty to illegil immigrants
Open Semi: This House Believes that individuals have a right to a basic income regardless of capacity or willingness to work
Open Final: This House Would allow individuals to sue religious organisations for making decisions that harm them

Cambridge IV 2011

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Debate motions from the Cambridge IV debate tournament held in 2011

Round 1: This house would allow family members to forcibly commit proven alcoholics and drug addicts to rehabilitation clinics.
Round 2: This house believes that all research organizations should institute codes of conduct that forbid the creation of Strong AI.
Round 3: This house would provide financial assistance to inner city neighborhoods to prevent gentrification
Round 4: This house believes that China should make extracting a full apology for Japan’s War Crimes a top strategic priority
Round 5: This house believes that feminists should not campaign against polygamy in poor countries.
Open QF: This house believes that the use of conscripted soldiers should be a war crime.
ESL SF: This house would take the children of the Amish into care
Open SF: This house regrets the rise of a distinct African American Culture
ESL Final: This house believes that it is morally legitimate for Occupy Movement to use violence to undermine capitalist institutions
Open Final: This house would break up Google’s Search monopoly.

Cambridge IV 2012

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R1: The state should pay a living wage to stay at home parents
R2: Infoslide: There are strong allegations that the Rwandan government of Paul Kagame is funding anti-govenment rebel fighters in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The rebels are ethnically Tutsi and have caused mass violence in the DRC. Several countries have decided to freeze budgetary assistance to Rwanda. Others have chosen not to, claiming that aid has been used effectively to develop Rwanda.Motion: THB all donor countries should freeze aid to Rwanda
R3: THW hold the senior executives of major banks and rating agencies criminally liable for the actions of their companies that led to the Global Financial Crisis
R4: THBT democratic reform is more important than economic growth for China
R5: THBT prosecutors should never offer reduced sentences in exchange for testifying against others
Quarters: TH regrets the rise of 24 hour news culture
Semi: THBT all companies should be at least 75% owned by their workforce, in equal shares
ESL Final: THBT that Japan should not abandon nuclear power
Final: THBT Egypt should provide a military security guarantee against the invasion of Gaza