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Zeit Debatte Munster 2012

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Motions from the tournament in German language Zeit Debatte Munster, Germany, held on May 11-13 2012:

Round 1: This house would ban broadcasting of boxing matches from TV
Round 2: This house would adjust development aid to countries where gay rights are violated
Round 3: This house would include paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchis in the collectinos of leading German art museums (this motion was preceded by an infoslide)
Round 4: This house would declare a trade war against China
Round 5: This house would instate a public service (öffentlich-rechtliches) system for newspapers
Semis: This house would ban the defamation of religious symbols or authorities
Final: This house supports the targeted/deliberate killing of Iranian scientists

Israeli Open 2012

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This are the debate topics, that were debated at the Israeli Open held in Israel, April 21 2012:

Round 1: This house, which is the West, would sanction China.
Round 2: This house, which is the ministry of health, will withhold any information regarding a drug that will ensure the birth of heterosexual children.
Round 3: (Information slide) Immediate Democracy is a system in which the voter may change their vote at any given time, thus changing the composition of the parliament on a daily basis according to public support. This house would enact an Immediate Democracy.
SemiFinal: This house would release inmates from jail solely on the basis of their rehabilitation and not upon the completion of a predetermined period of time.
Final: (Information slide) You are a young man living in the Galilee 2,000 years ago. You are smart and charismatic. You are capable of collecting and leading a fold of followers. People believe you are the son of God and can do miracles such as healing and food replication. Motion: This house would use its influence to disseminate socially progressive values supported by faith.

LSE Open 2012

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Motions from the great london school of economics tournament, held on February 17th and 18th 2012:

Round 1: This house would legalise all forms of assisted suicide for mentally sound people
Round 2: This house regrets the strong social norms in favour of lifelong monogamy
Round 3: This house believes that western countries should invest primarily in air power rather than ground troops for future military interventions
Round 4: This house believes that the education system should promote equality of outcomes over equality of opportunities
Round 5: This house welcomes the advent of extreme genetic enhancements for human beings
Quarter: info slide: behavioural economics, rival changes in the way choices are presented changes behaviour This house believes that the state should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards good choices
Semi: This house believes that Western foreign policy should seek to prevent China’s acquisition of Africa’s natural land and resources
ESL Final: This house believes that national governments should aim to depopulate rather than regenerate areas with few viable economic activities
Final: This house regrets the decline of Marxism in liberal Western democracies

EU-China Youth Debate Tournament

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Motions from the European Union – China youth debate tournament, held in Beijing, held on September from 23rd to 28th.

Round 1: THBT EU membership should not be determined on the basis of geographic criteria
Round 2: THBT media company owners have the right to influence the nature of news
Round 3: THBT China should abolish the “Gaokao” in favour of allowing universities to establish their own (admission) criteria
Round 4: THBT during riots it is legitimate for governments to deny access to social networks
QuarterFinal: THBT a Chinese Marshall Plan should be initiated to save the Euro
SemiFinal: THW demand international corporations operating in China to uphold the same environmental standards required in their home country
Final: THBT Mandarin should be taught as the primary second language in all EU schools

Pan American UDC 2014

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The motions from the Pan American Univesity Debating Championships. Motions are both in english and spanish. Follow Tuna on twitter, all motions and nothing else with his twitter account. I will update this article with other motions, when they are announced, so come back for more.

Round 1: This House would promote nudist beaches.

Round 2: This house would prohibit granting immunity to criminals in exchange for their testimony.

Round 3: This house would prefer to prosecute the clients rather than the prostitutes

Round 4: This house believes that all corporations should become workers cooperatives.

Round 5: This house believes that Iran should not have been excluded from current Geneva negotiations about peace in Syria.
Round 5: – EC cree que Iran no debio haber sido excluida de las actuales negociaciones de paz para Siria.

Round 6: This House regrets that China obtained a concession for controlling the navigation of ships through the interoceanic canal it is constructing in Nicaragua
Round 6: deplora que a China se le haya otorgado una concesion para controlar la navegacion de barcos en el canal interoceanico que construira en Nicaragua.

Quarter motion: THB that Puerto Rico should be independent.

Semifinal motion: THBT it was morally wrong for the USA to deliberately kill Osama Bin Laden

Final motion: THW approve Spanish language as one of the official languages in all USA jurisdictions in which large Spanish speaking populations live.

I have collected different tweets and motions from the tournament here:

KLOC 2012

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Round 1: TH prefers civilian trials to military trials.
Round 2: TH regrets the Arab Spring.
Round 3: THBT religion has done more harm than good to the world.
Round 4: TH celebrates Ecuador’s decision to grant Assange asylum.
QuarterFinals: THBT Chinese aid to Africa does more harm than good.
SemiFinals: THW subject the funding of all major science projects to a public referendum.

Finals: THW vote Obama.

Cambridge IV 2011

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Debate motions from the Cambridge IV debate tournament held in 2011

Round 1: This house would allow family members to forcibly commit proven alcoholics and drug addicts to rehabilitation clinics.
Round 2: This house believes that all research organizations should institute codes of conduct that forbid the creation of Strong AI.
Round 3: This house would provide financial assistance to inner city neighborhoods to prevent gentrification
Round 4: This house believes that China should make extracting a full apology for Japan’s War Crimes a top strategic priority
Round 5: This house believes that feminists should not campaign against polygamy in poor countries.
Open QF: This house believes that the use of conscripted soldiers should be a war crime.
ESL SF: This house would take the children of the Amish into care
Open SF: This house regrets the rise of a distinct African American Culture
ESL Final: This house believes that it is morally legitimate for Occupy Movement to use violence to undermine capitalist institutions
Open Final: This house would break up Google’s Search monopoly.

AWDC 2012 motions

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Here are the debate motions that were debated on the AWDC debate tournament

R1: THBT standardized tests are bad for education.
R2: TTHW not publish or broadcast depictions of the prophet Mohammed.
R3: That this house should let endangered languages die.
R4: This house opposes gender-specific prizes and awards for professional achievement.
R5: THBT increasing Chinese involvement and investment in Africa is a good thing.
R6: THBT the state should place a cap on the number of people it can incarcerate at any one time.
SF: THW cease to recognise marriage.
GF: THW ban all private campaign contributions and institute state funded campaigns

KNC 2008

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Round 1: Korea
THBT Korea should priortize China over the US in diplomatic relations.
THW nationalize the tele-communications industry.
THW exclude Soju from the list of essential items announced by the Korean government to monitor inflation.

Round 2: Social Contract
1. THBT all democratic governments should abandon laws which allow prosecution of citizens for insulting their nations.
2. THBT government should not financially profit from its citizens¡¯ sins.
3. THW limit civilian use of guns in America.

Round 3: Human Body
1. THW allow commercial surrogate motherhood.
2. THW give prisoners with a life sentence the right to choose the death penalty.
3. THW chemically castrate pedophiles.

Round 4: Ideology
1. THBT socialism in Latin America has done more harm than good.
2. THBT authoritarian regimes are justifiable in developing nations.
3. THBT feminism has not contributed to the well-being of women in the world.

Round 5: International Institutions
1. THW limit the number of times United Nations Security Council members can veto.
2. THBT democracy should be the condition for debt relief for African nations.
3. THBT it is legitimate to use aid to buy votes in international organizations.

(Rookie Final): Cute Animals
1. THW ban fur imports from developing nations. (debated)
2. THBT zoos bring more benefits than harms to society.
3. THW allow the police to shoot poachers.

(EFL Final): Celebrities¡¦ on the spotlight!!!
1. THBT paparazzi are beneficial for celebrities.
2. TH supports celebrities entering politics.
3. THBT celebrities should not adopt children from developing nations. (debated)

Quarter: Elections
1. THW repudiate the democratic election in Bhutan.
2. THW discourage women in Pakistan from casting ballots in order to protect their lives.
3. THW place a cap on the spending of candidates during election campaigns.

Semi: Greater Asia
1. THBT China¡¯s quest for raw materials from developing nations/rogue regimes is detrimental to the world.
2. THW pressure India to open its border to accept Tibetan exiles.
3. THBT the Kurds are better off without a Kurdish state.

Final: Law and Justice
1. THBT civil disobedience is essential to democracy. (debated)
2. THW abolish the use of insanity as a legal defense.
3. THW require doctors to report minors with HIV to their parents regardless of patients¡¯ consent.

EUDC 2013 Manchester motions

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Round 1: This House would ban videogames in which the player engages in brutal and immoral violence in a realistic setting.

Round 2: This House would require international development aid budgets to be approved by popular referenda.

Round 3: This House, as the Muslim Brotherhood, would sincerely offer to cease resistance, participate in elections, and respect a liberal constitution.

Round 4: This House would permit government agencies to conduct automated surveillance without court authorisation.

Round 5: This House believes that Israel should allow members of the Jewish diaspora to vote in its elections.

Round 6: This House applauds the rise of songs by female pop artists that glorify assertive female sexuality.

Round 7: This House belives that it is in China’s strategic interest to cease all non-humanitarian assistance to North Korea until it verifiably ends Its nuclear programme.

Round 8: This House believes that Barack Obama should not have granted legal immunity to officials who ordered the use of torture.

Round 9: This House would provide welfare in the form of basic goods and services, rather than cash payments.

ESL Motions

QuarterFinal: THBT men should consistently call out and correct chauvinistic claims by colleagues and co-workers.
SemiFinal: THB that environmentalists should launch a campaign of sabotage and property destruction aimed at major polluting companies.
ESL Final Motion: THB the state should not fund any work of art or perfomance that the average cititzens would not recognise as having artistic merit 

Open motions

QuarterFinals: THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools.
SemiFinals: TH Regrets that Western Media has Demonised Islamic Terrorists Rather than Portraying Them as Criminals with Legitimate Political Grievances.
Open Final Motion: THW give more votes to citizens according to their performance on a current affairs test.