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Colgate debate Open 2014

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Round 1: This house would ban private sponsorship of police.
Round 2:
This house regrets the rise of anti-hero in media
Round 3:
This house believes that US foreign policy should prioritize the protection of minority rights over the support of democracy.
Round 4:
This house would campaign for the increased sexualization of men in the media rather than campaign against sexualization of women
Round 5: This house would prohibit the media from reporting on the private lives of any person without their explicit permission

Quarters motion: This house believes that Putin’s actions towards Ukraine have been in the best interest of Russia
Novice final: This house would ban all forms of advertising that go beyond a description of what a product is and what it hopes to accomplish
Semi Final: This house prefers a society where the rich feel negative exuberance to one where the poor do
Finals: This house believes that secular governments should actively censor those sections of religious texts that either constitute hate speech or propagate negative attitudes to other religious/ethnic groups.

Colgate IV motions

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Round 1 – Thbt the criminal justice system should only utilize secular rehabilitation programs.
Round 2 – THW make indigenous communities exempt from laws pertaining to environmental protection.
Round 3 – This house would introduce an international minimum wage.
Round 4 – Thbt the propagation of extreme nationalism during the War on Terror do/did/does more harm than good.
Round 5 – Thbt professional sporting leagues should be responsible for sports related injuries and conditions for the lifetime of their athletes.
Round 6 – This House would allow the defendants that belong to a minority group to choose to be judged by a jury composed exclusively of other members of their same minority group.
Semifinal motion – THBT the international community should Recognize the leadership of populist uprisings over their national governments.