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USU Open 2012

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The motions from the USU Open, held on April 13-16 2012.

Round 1: This house would legalize multi-partner marriages for both men and women.
Round 2: This house would ban private financing of election campaigns.
Round 3: This house regrets the Arab Spring
Round 4: This house would abolish prison sentences for all non-violent crimes.
Round 5: This house believes that the creation of the Eurozone has done more harm than good. INFO SLIDE: The Eurozone is a currency union consisting of EU member states who have adopted the Euro as their common currency. Its monetary policy is administered by the European Central Bank.
Round 6: This house believes that the West Should cease using attack drones in counter-insurgency operations.

Octo: This house would lift all sanctions on Iran that target its nuclear program.
Quarter: This house regrets the decline of labor unions.
Semi: This house believes that governments should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards socially desirable choices. INFOSLIDE: There is growing evidence from behavioral economics that seemingly trivial alterations in the way decisions are presented can substantially affect choices.  For instance, printing smiley faces on the electricity bills of low-usage households decreases their future electricity consumption.  As another example, consumers presented with a list of financial choices are more likely to choose items placed near the middle of the list.

Final: This house believes that coming cuts in USA military spending will make the world a better place.

Cicero Debattoernooi, Tilburg 2012

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R1: THW force universities to create stricter entrance requirements, even if this would lead to fewer students
R2: THW ban the publication of any photographic and film material that portrays crime suspects
R3: TH, being a teenager, would not open a Facebook account
R4: THW force schools to offer students intensive interaction with different worldviews
R5: THW allow the Supreme Court to reject laws if they contradict the constitution (this is not SQ in the Netherlands)
Semi: THW grant the ECB the right to limit member country’s sovereign debt
Final: THW subsidise genetical modification on humans

UCD Vice-President’s Cup, Dublin 2012

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R1: THW allow people in developing countries to sell themselves into slavery
R2: THW require artists to obtain permission from the subject/muse of a work of art prior to its release
R3: THW give the ECB a veto over all national budgets within the Eurozone
R4: As a Parent, THIW Raise its Child Gender Neutral
R5: THBT it is not the role of a Government to reduce the relative poverty of its citizens
Semi: THBT the state should, were possible, teach children in their vernacular language
Final: THBT the UCI should establish a truth and reconciliation commission to deal with doping in cycling

EUDC 2012 Belgrade motions

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R1: THB parents should choose not to send their children to private school.
R2: THBT First Nations’ Peoples (e.g. Native Americans) who live in geographically separate areas should be given complete autonomous govt.
R3: THBT the music industry should not facilitate the comebacks of artists who committed violent crimes.
R4: THBT the Mexican government should remove all limits on law enforcement and the military in the fight against organised crime.
R5: THBT the ECB should unconditionally buy significant amounts of government debt from struggling Eurozone countries
R6: THW limit the amount that can be spent by corporations in any one course of litigation
R7: THW require the military to recruit solders in direct proportion to the socioeconomic make up of their country.
R8: THBT the Palestinians should accept complete demilitarisation in returned for a guaranteed sovereign state.
R9: THW allow anyone to take up residence in any country, provided that they will not be an economic burden on that country.

ESL Quarters: THS life sentence without parole for serial re-offenders
ESL Semis: TH believes that militaries in newly democratised arab states should act as guardians of secularism
ESL Final: THW retrospectively remove all amnesty granted to those who committed crimes as part of oppressive regimes.

Main QF: THBT Republika Srpska should secede from BIH.
Main Semis: THB schools should aggressively stream students according to their ability from a young age.
Main Final: THW amend the US constitution to prohibit any involvement by religious organizations in the electoral process