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EUDC 2017 Tallinn motions

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Round 1: This house believes that the US should ban extremist groups (e.g. the KKK and neo-Nazi groups)
Round 2: This house believes that the WTO should allow developing countries to impose policies aimed at protecting domestic industries, even at the expense of harming international trade.

Round 4: This house believes that states should significantly fund female-only tech companies

Round 3: THR the rise of “Sharing Culture” Info slide: “Sharing Culture” (a culture which encourages the frequent posting of both mundane and intimate details of ones life on social media platforms, and the commenting on and reacting to others posts of this nature)

Round 5: This house, as Israel, supports the Jewish People’s Intelligence Services Doctrine. Info slide: The Jewish People’s Intelligence Services should have a significant responsiblity not only to Israeli citizens’ security, ut also to the security of Jewish communities abroad. If this doctrine were adopted, Israel would use significant resources and launch potentially violent operations in order to keep Jewish people safe internationally.

Round 6: This house supports  universities treating students as customers (eg by allocating significant resources to improving students lifestyles, and granting students influence over university decisions and the content and delivery of course curricula)
Round 7: This house believes that Western institutions should neither cooperate with, nor use the data produced by, non-Western medical institutions that do not meet Western standards on human clinical trials

Round 8: This house believes that LGBT groups should actively seek to include Side B Christians. Info slide: Side B Christians are Christians who identify as experiencing same sex attraction but nevertheless believe that homosexual sex is sinful and therefore attempt to remain celibate.
Round 9: This house supports the creation and use of Lethal Autonomous Robots (Lethal Autonomous Robots are fully autonomous military weapons that can select and engage targets without human intervention).

EUDC Zagreb 2014

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The European Universities Debating Championship 2014 are taking place in Zagreb right now. Here are the motions up to round 5, more will be added as they are announced.

Round 1: This house would pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child’s performance in school
Round 2: This house supports two-party political systems over multi-party political systems.
Round 3: This house would ban international aid charities from using sensational, graphic or overly-emotional images of suffering
Round 4: This house believes that EU membr states should nationalise Oil and Gas Resources to Surrender Total Ownership and Control to an EU-run Energy Agency
Round 5: Info slide: Commemoration = a state-supported national celebration or mourning of historical events or people Motion: This house believes that states of the former Yugoslavia should not commemorate the events of the Yugoslav Wars
Round 6: Info Slide: Blind voting = you state your political preferences and a party is matched to you according to your preferences Motion: This house would introduce Blind Voting
Round 7: This house would require Police that the Ethnic Composition of their Arrests match the Ethnic Composition of the Population in their Jurisdiction
Round 8: Info slide: micro-finance refers to long-term loans with little or low interest provided to individs who seek to start a business. Motion: This house believes that micro-finance organisations (charities, NGOs, Development Banks) should offer microfinance loans in developing nations only to women
Round 9: This house believes that states should hold binding national referendums on major peace agreements

EUDC 2013 Manchester motions

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Round 1: This House would ban videogames in which the player engages in brutal and immoral violence in a realistic setting.

Round 2: This House would require international development aid budgets to be approved by popular referenda.

Round 3: This House, as the Muslim Brotherhood, would sincerely offer to cease resistance, participate in elections, and respect a liberal constitution.

Round 4: This House would permit government agencies to conduct automated surveillance without court authorisation.

Round 5: This House believes that Israel should allow members of the Jewish diaspora to vote in its elections.

Round 6: This House applauds the rise of songs by female pop artists that glorify assertive female sexuality.

Round 7: This House belives that it is in China’s strategic interest to cease all non-humanitarian assistance to North Korea until it verifiably ends Its nuclear programme.

Round 8: This House believes that Barack Obama should not have granted legal immunity to officials who ordered the use of torture.

Round 9: This House would provide welfare in the form of basic goods and services, rather than cash payments.

ESL Motions

QuarterFinal: THBT men should consistently call out and correct chauvinistic claims by colleagues and co-workers.
SemiFinal: THB that environmentalists should launch a campaign of sabotage and property destruction aimed at major polluting companies.
ESL Final Motion: THB the state should not fund any work of art or perfomance that the average cititzens would not recognise as having artistic merit 

Open motions

QuarterFinals: THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools.
SemiFinals: TH Regrets that Western Media has Demonised Islamic Terrorists Rather than Portraying Them as Criminals with Legitimate Political Grievances.
Open Final Motion: THW give more votes to citizens according to their performance on a current affairs test.

EUDC 2012 Belgrade results

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BPP A (Jack Watson, Harish Natarajan)

Oxford A (Tom Hosking, Hasan Dindjer.)
TCD Hist. A (Christine Simpson, Mark Haughton.)
Cambridge A (Joe Roussos, Ashish Kumar)

ESL Champion:
Leiden A

ESL Finalist:
Berlin A
Tallin A

Best Speakers:

1.Maria English (Cambridge C)
2.Harish Natarajan (BPP A)
3. Rebecca Meredith (Cambridge C)
4. Jack Watson (BBP A)
5. Tom Hoskings (Oxford A)
6. Pam Cohen (Durham A)
7. Joe Roussos (Cambridge A)
8. Lindsay Bing (ULU B)
9. Ashish Kumar (Cambridge A)
9. Richard Robinson (ULU B)

1.Danique Van Koppenhagen (Utrecht A)
2.Yael Bezalel (Tel Aviv B)
3. Thomas Beerthuis (Utrecht A).
4. Roee Levy (Tel Aviv A)
4. Viktor LEvy (Tartu A)
6. Filip Bubenheumer (Berlin C)
6. Engin Arikan (Galatasaray A)
8. Radu Cotarcea (BBU A)
9. Berkay Ozludil (KOC A)
9. Anna Karolin (Tallin A)

Semi Finalist:

Cambridge C
TCD Hist B

Tel Aviv A
Tallinn A

Breaking Teams:

EUDC 2012 Open Break:

1. BPP A (24)
2. TCD Hist A (22)
3. Cambridge A (21)
4. Oxford A (21)
5. ULU B (20)
6. Edinburgh A (20)
7. TCD Phil A (20)
8. Durham A (19)
9. UCC Phil A (19)
10. UCD L&H A (19)
11. TCD Hist B (19)
12. Warwick A (19)
13. St Andrews B (19)
14. UCD L&H C (19)
15. UCD Law A (19)
16. Cambridge C (18)

EUDC 2012 ESL Break:

1. Berlin C (18)
2. Berlin A (18)
3. Utrecht A (17)
4. Tartu A (17)
5. Tallinn A (17)
6. Haifa A (17)
7. Tel Aviv B (16)
8. Tel Aviv A (16)
9. BBU B (16)
10. Galatasaray A (16) =
10. Leiden A (16) =
12. RRIS B (16)
13. Erasmus A (16)
14. BGU B (16)
15. Haifa B (16)
16. Koc A (15) =
16. BBU A (15) =

Leiden A deemed to break tenth, Galatasaray 11th, after a coin toss due to teams finishing tied on team and speaker points.

BBU A qualify 16th for quarter finals, after a coin toss due to teams finishing tied on team and speaker points.

EUDC 2012 Belgrade motions

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R1: THB parents should choose not to send their children to private school.
R2: THBT First Nations’ Peoples (e.g. Native Americans) who live in geographically separate areas should be given complete autonomous govt.
R3: THBT the music industry should not facilitate the comebacks of artists who committed violent crimes.
R4: THBT the Mexican government should remove all limits on law enforcement and the military in the fight against organised crime.
R5: THBT the ECB should unconditionally buy significant amounts of government debt from struggling Eurozone countries
R6: THW limit the amount that can be spent by corporations in any one course of litigation
R7: THW require the military to recruit solders in direct proportion to the socioeconomic make up of their country.
R8: THBT the Palestinians should accept complete demilitarisation in returned for a guaranteed sovereign state.
R9: THW allow anyone to take up residence in any country, provided that they will not be an economic burden on that country.

ESL Quarters: THS life sentence without parole for serial re-offenders
ESL Semis: TH believes that militaries in newly democratised arab states should act as guardians of secularism
ESL Final: THW retrospectively remove all amnesty granted to those who committed crimes as part of oppressive regimes.

Main QF: THBT Republika Srpska should secede from BIH.
Main Semis: THB schools should aggressively stream students according to their ability from a young age.
Main Final: THW amend the US constitution to prohibit any involvement by religious organizations in the electoral process

EUDC 2011 Galway Motions

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Round 1: This house would bring back death penalty.
Round 2: This house would prohibit the media from using software to cosmetically improve an individual’s appearance.
Round 3: This house believes that Germany should ban the publication of Mein Kampf indefinitely
Round 4: This house believes that Barack Obama should have vetoed any debt deal that did not increase taxation.
Round 5: This house would allow the creation of donor siblings.
Round 6: This house believes that hacking is an acceptable form of protest against large corporations.
Round 7: This house believes that early childhood education in schools should undermine traditional gender roles.
Round 8: This house believes that America and the EU should cease all financial, political and military support to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority until they reach a peace agreement.
Round 9: This house would legally require priests to report all serious crimes that they hear of in confessions.
Quarters: This house would never fight for King and Country.
ESL Quarters: This house would ban all EU arms companies from selling arms outside the EU
ESL Semifinals: This house would require persons who work in the media to wait four years before running for public office or working for the government
Semifinals: This house believes that the West should promise preferential economic and political cooperation to Arab democracies who adopt secular constitutions.
ESL Finals: This house believes God Exists.
Finals: this house believes that the state should pay reparations to women

EUDC 2010 motions

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Round 1: THBT the EU should pursue new member states by removing all non-economic membership
conditions, including political system and global location
Round 2: THBT schools should prioritise authority of the teacher over enjoyment of the pupil

Round 3: THW offer increased aid to the developing world countries that encourage and accept large
influxes of immigrants

Round 4: THBT social disgust is sufficient justification for censoring art

R5: THBT Bradley Manning should be pardoned if he is convicted of ?communicating, transmitting and delivering national defence information to an unauthorised source?

R6: THW allow all women, and women only, to bear arms

R7: THW offer the Taliban power-sharing deals in exchange for acts of disarmament

R8: THBT developing nations should distribute as a dividend to citizens all income derived from natural resource extraction

Open Quarters: This House would prohibit gay pride parades in countries or areas where there is a risk of violent backlash against those involved.
ESL Quarters: This House would extend the full protections of international law to guerilla fighters, insurgents and terrorists.
Open Semis: This House believes that the state should determine the wages to be payed (in both private and public sectors) for jobs deemed of moral value or societal importance.
ESL Semis: This House would grant higher primates rights equivalent to those of human children.

ESL final: THBT even in response to the most serious crimes a just penal system should have no consideration for society’s desire for retribution

Open final: THBT after a humanitarian intervention has halted human rights abuses the occupation forces should leave if the population clearly establishes this as their wish

EUDC 2008 Tallin results

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European Champion 2008 is team Oxford A, the best speaker of the Grand Final chosen by the honorary panel was Simon Quinn (Oxford B).

ESL European champions is team Bobes Bolyai A (Romania), the best speaker of ESL finals chosen by the honorary panel was Adam Hildebrandt (HSoG A).

Top 10 speakers of EUDC 2008

10. Ross Maguire (UCD Law A)
9. Jonathan Leader-Maynard (KCL A)
7. Fred Cowell (ULU B)
7. Dan Bradley (Manchester A)
6. Ross Frennet (UCC Phil A)
5. Stephen Boyle (UCD L&H A)
4. Alex Worsnip (Oxford B)
3. William Jones (Oxford A)
1. James Dray (Oxford A)
1. Simon Quinn (Oxford B)

Top 10 ESL Speakers
10. Assen Kochev (Tilbury A)
9. Julien Spliet (Bonaparte A)
8. Ali Al Jaberi (Bonaparte A)
6. Rutger Vos (Bonaparte C)
6. Nico Lupea (BBU A)
5. Uri Merhav (Tel Aviv A)
4. Ina Sublica (Helsinki A)
3. Simone Van Elk (Leiden A)
2. Anne Valkering (Bonaparte C)
1. Leela Koenig (Leiden A)

EUDC Haifa 2002 Results

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EFL Finalists
Oxford C (Tara Mounce and Fraser Campbell) – Winners
Oxford A (Nick Pacheco and Matt Spence)
Hebrew A (Neomi Kreiger and Eli Noverstern)
IDC A (Noga Issachson and Gour Braslavi)

EFL Semifinalists
Leeds A (Tessa Woolfson & Dan Goldschmied)
Limerick A (Julian Moore & Tadhg O’Shea)
Charles A (Milan Konrad & Barbara Havelkova)
Newcastle (Ben Bickets & Alex Ward)

EFL Qfinalists
Tel-Aviv B (Daffi Kudish & Dan Liberman)
IDC B (Ariel Halevi & Yaron Hayat)
Oxford D (Jennifer Twite & Tom Hay)
Cambridge (Jack Anderson & James Mehigan)
Limerick B (Gavin Ward & Eoin O’Coillain)
Oxford B (Andrew Zadel & Tom Goodhead)
IDC C (Avi Elkayam & Oren Shelfer)
Tel Aviv A (Gali Golan & Elad Frenkel)

ESL Finalists
Hebrew A Eli Noverstern & Neomi Kreiger – winners
Charles A (Milan Konrad & Barbara Havelkova)
IDC A (Gour Braslavi & Noga Issacson)
IDC C (Avi Elkayam & Orin Schefler)

ESL Semifinalists
Tel-Aviv A (Gali Golan & Elad Frenkel)
IDC B (Ariel Halevi & Yaron Hayat)
Tel- Aviv B (Daffi Kudish & Dan Liberman)
Hebrew B (Rebbeca Zerdin & Michael Cimerring)