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10th Turkish Nationals Motions

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Round 1: Thbt Income of gambling addicts should be directly given to their spouses

Round 2: Thbt University graduates should not be sent to places of war for fulfilling their military service.

Round 3: Thbt all football clubs should have salary cap

Round 4: Thbt people in drunk drivers’ car should be also punished

Round 5: Thbt local governments should not forcibly move residents for ‘Urban Renewal Projects’

Round 6: Thbt Central Bank should stop being guarantor to bankrupt banks

Round 7: Thbt Political party leaders should have a time limit of duty

Quarter: Th would force media agencies not to use any word other than ‘terrorist groups’ for whom state declares to be ‘terrorist group’.

Semi: Thbt UN Food Office should have all the responsibility of distribution, pricing or sale of wheat across the world

Final: Th would abolish inheritence

WUDC 2009 Cork Motions

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Final : That this house would allow abortion at all stages of pregnancy
Semi Final: This house believes governments should subsidise private home ownership.
Qtr Final: This house believes that the international criminal court should prosecute crimes against the democratic process.
Octo Final: This house would arm local militia to fight the taliban in Afghanistan.
ESL Final: This house would implement quotas for domestic players in national football leagues.
EFL Final: This house would prohibit all private health care.
Round 9: This house would ban the publication of political opinion polls.
Round 8: This house would apply a lower rate of income tax to women.
Round 7: This house believes that the west should recognise the independence of Abkhazia.
Round 6: This house would criminalise adultery.
Round 5: This house believes that China and India should bear the same obligations as the West in fighting climate change
Round 4: This house would force the religious desegregation of Northern Irish schools.
Round 3: This house would allow soldiers to sue their government for negligence.
Round 2: This house would fire the senior managements of all corporations which receive government bailouts.
Round 1: This house would ban all forms of gambling.
Womens Debate: This house would ban all forms of religious gender discrimination.
Adj Test: This house would allow insurance companies to view genetic test results in assessing potential customers.