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Thailand WSDC 2014 motions

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Round 0: THW Ban Children From Becoming Professional Models
Round 1: This house believes that post-revolution states should delegate trials of former rulers and high-ranking officials to the International Criminal Court.
Round 3: This house would allow prisoners to volunteer for drug trials in exchange for lighter sentences.
Round 4 (impromptu): This house would require companies to pay their interns.
Round 5: This house believes that slum tourism does more harm than good.
Round 6 (impromptu): THW not allow unvaccinated children to attend public schools.
Round 7: This house would lift tax exemptions from religious institutions that refuse to recognize marriage equality.
Octo finals: This House Would not Prosecute Defamation
Grand Finals: THBT Asean political union is an impossible dream.

I was not able to find all the motions. If you have any that I’m missing, please contact me, or just write it in the comments.

These motions were prepared by the 2013/14 WSDC Motions Committee and verified by two external, independent checkers.

The Motions Committee is just finalising the wording of the Grand Final motion and it will be released very soon.

I’d like to thank all the members of this year’s committee for their time and hard work preparing these motions.

Best wishes


Chair, Tournament Executive Committee

Science Po Le Havre IV 2012

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Publishing motions from the Science Po Le Havre IV, held in France, April 13-15 2012:

Round 1: This house would ban racist and extreme nationalist political parties
Round 2: This house would lift all sanctions on North Korea
Round 3: This house believes that the ICC should offer Joseph Kony an amnesty from prosecution
Round 4: This house would impose a 75% rate of tax on all earnings over €100000
Round 5: This house believes that all State Schools should actively promote the religion of the majority
Semi: This house believes that state policies should actively discourage a consumerist lifestyle
Final: This house regrets the founding of the European Union

Cork IV, Cork, Ireland 2012

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R1: THW require prospective parents to obtain parenting licences prior to having children
R3: THW require all news media to graphically depict under-reported armed conflicts
R4: THBT the EU should suspend the membership rights of countries if they elect extremist parties to government (for example, Greece’s Golden Dawn or the UK’s British National Party)
R5: THB artists should not set out to sympathetically portray characters who hold morally repugnant world views
Semi: Context slide: (abbr.) Blind voting means voters indicating a series of preferences of policies, these preferences are only later matched to respective parties. Motion: THW introduce blind voting in national elections
Novice final: THW ban all medical procedures intended to change an individual’s racial appearance
Final: THB the ICC should open an investigation on war crimes in Palestine

European University Debate Championship Berlin 2006

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R1 TTHW abolish the international criminal court
R2 TTHB that gender reassignment surgery should be included in state funded medical care
R3 TTHB that governments should block the foreign takeover of important companies
R4 TTHW ban the use of evidence acquired from countries which practice torture.
R5 TTHW ban all religious involvement in schools
R6 TTHW remove the right to refuse medically necessary treatments
ESL Semis TTHW allow insurance companies to consider the results of genetic tests in asessing potential customers
ESL Finals TTHW destroy the artifacts of fallen oppressive regimes
Quarters That this house would take cult members into psychiatric care 
Semifinals THW grant an automatic right of asylum to women trafficked for prostitution
Finals TTHW allow companies to refuse to hire smokers