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Brno Open, Brno 2012

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R1: THW adopt life sentences without parole.
R2: THW not read fairytales which contain gender stereotypes to children.
R3: THW grant tax cuts to large foreign investors.
R4: THW cancel permanent membership and veto power in the UN Security Council.
Semi: THBT all regionally concentrated ethnic minorities should be granted territorial autonomy.
Final: THBT the European Union should open its borders for immigrants from third world countries.

SOAS IV, London 2012

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Round 1: TH regrets the criminalisation of squatting.
Round 2: THW allow high-ranked army officials, when in agreement, to reverse decisions made by democratic governments regarding military missions.
Round 3: THW fund research into the existence of a violent gene.
Round 4: THB that LGBTQI activism in countries with strong anti-gay policies does more harm than good.
Round 5: THW abolish all term-limits on the service of elected heads of state.
Open Quarter: THB it is legitimate for states to deny residence or asylum to immigrants who openly contradict their predominant values.
Open Semi: You are the British government. You have full guarantee that SAS (special air service) can enter the prison which currently holds the Pussy Riot Girls in Russia and you can remove them safely. THW enter Russia and remove the Pussy Riot Girls from their cells.
ESL Semi: THW not allow members of the royal family to serve in active combat.
ESL Final: THB that European States should end all funding for the arts until everyone lives above the national poverty level.
Open Final: THB the state should actively prosecute sexist and misogynist remarks.

EUDC 2009 Newcastle motions

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R1: THW allow the police to use entrapment. 
R2: THW use the education system to instill moral norms in children beyond mere obedience to the law. 
R3: THW grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who report on work-place exploitation. 
R4: THBT the gay rights movement should oppose gay marriage. 

R5: THBT western liberal countries have a moral duty to spread democracy across the world using force where necessary. 
R6: THBT custody hearings should not take a child’s biological parentage into account. 
R7: THW allow doctors to actively lie to their patients in order to create or augment a placebo effect. 
ESL QF: THW allow the police to physically discipline children below the age of criminal responsibility. 
QF: THW allow political parties to designate certain pre-election claims as binding promises, the breaking of which would trigger immediate fresh elections. 
ESL SF: THBT countries where assisted suicide is illegal should prosecute those who assist others that travel abroad to receive euthanasia. 
SF: THBT desecration of religious sites is a legitimate tactic of warfare. 
ESL GF: THW remove all legal barriers to the genetic enhancement of humans. 
GF: THW abolish all limits on immigration. 


European University Debate Championship Zagreb 2003

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THW hold parents legally responsible for the criminal actions of their children
THW make smokers pay for their own medical expenses
THB that the minority religious practices should be exempt from the national laws
THW close its doors to the immigrants
THW reform the UN security council

THB that the USA is right to tie its foreign aid to the support in war against terrorism
THB that the cost of space exploration is not worth it
THB that the EU should start immediate accession talks with Turkey
THB that the state should tax the graduates to cover the costs of their education
TH supports compulsory drug testing in the workplace
THB that parents have the right to choose the sex of their children