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Mykolas Romeris IV 2012

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This are the debate topics that were debated on the Mykolas Romeris IV tournament in Lithania on 24-25th March 2012

Round 1: This house would ban beauty pageants for under 16-year olds
Round 2: This house believes that the media should not publish news on suicides
Round 3: This house would require that Roma children be sent to state boarding schools
Round 4: This house would ban the use of religious rhetoric in political campaigns
Round 5: This house supports the use of bounty hunters in law enforcement
Semi: This house regrets the influence of YouTube on popular culture
Final: This house would grant asylum to those fleeing from persecution on grounds of sexual violence

Manchester IV 2012

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Round 1: This house belives that India should remove its ban on ‘The Satanic Verses’
Round 2: This house would invest in big casinos to rejuvenate economically disadvantaged areas
Round 3: This house belives the Greek Government should reject the latest EU, ECB & IMF bailout agreement
Round 4: This house belives the Gay Rights Movement should oppose Gay Pride Parades in Western Liberal Democracies
Round 5: This house belives that the states of former Yugoslavia should create a unified football league
Open QF: This house belives that Vladmir Putin should make a credible public offer to the United States for joint decommissioning of their entire nuclear arsenal
ESL SF: This house belives that the Media should not show images of police brutality
Open SF: This house belives that film stars, music stars & other popular entertainers should be prohibited from participating in political campaigns
ESL Final: This house would grant automatic asylum to women from countries under sharia law
Open Final: This house belives that Western European countries should teach an overwhelmingly negative version of their imperial histories

Irish Mace Debates Round 2 2012

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The Irish Mace Round 2 in 2012 was held from January 24th till February 4th. Here are the motions:

Heat One: THW remove all hate speech laws
Heat Two: THW allow “religious duty/compulsion” as a mitigating defense for crimes
Heat Three: THW ban media reporting on violent crimes
Heat Four: THW hold parents responsible for the crimes of their kids
Heat Five: THW make rehabilitation the sole criteria for releasing criminals from prison
Heat Six: THW ban works of literature/film/music that glorify criminality
Heat Seven: THW compel priests to report a crime which they learn of through confession
Heat Eight: TTHW abolish the practice of plea bargaining
Heat Nine:: THW end the use of prisons
Heat Ten: THW, in countries where the death penalty is in use, not allow anyone to watch the execution
Heat Eleven: THW take socio-economic background into account when sentencing criminals
Heat Twelve: TTHW prosecute domestic violence without the consent of the victim
Heat Thirteen: THBT post-revolution states should delegate all trials and sentencing of former rulers and high ranking officials to the international community
Heat Fourteen: THW Elect its Judges Democratically
Heat Fifteen: THW publish a list of convicted sex offenders
Heat Sixteen: THW ban alcohol

Imperial College Open 2011

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Debate motions from the 2011 Imperial College Open, held on the 29th of October

R1: THBT the media should not report the declared motivations of protesters who use violence
R2: THBT emerging democracies should limit their presidents to a single term in office
R3: THW not contact, trade or otherwise engaging with uncontacted Yanomami communities in the Amazon forest
R4: THW disband the BBC
Final: The House does not regret the invasion of Iraq.

EUDC 2013 Manchester motions

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Round 1: This House would ban videogames in which the player engages in brutal and immoral violence in a realistic setting.

Round 2: This House would require international development aid budgets to be approved by popular referenda.

Round 3: This House, as the Muslim Brotherhood, would sincerely offer to cease resistance, participate in elections, and respect a liberal constitution.

Round 4: This House would permit government agencies to conduct automated surveillance without court authorisation.

Round 5: This House believes that Israel should allow members of the Jewish diaspora to vote in its elections.

Round 6: This House applauds the rise of songs by female pop artists that glorify assertive female sexuality.

Round 7: This House belives that it is in China’s strategic interest to cease all non-humanitarian assistance to North Korea until it verifiably ends Its nuclear programme.

Round 8: This House believes that Barack Obama should not have granted legal immunity to officials who ordered the use of torture.

Round 9: This House would provide welfare in the form of basic goods and services, rather than cash payments.

ESL Motions

QuarterFinal: THBT men should consistently call out and correct chauvinistic claims by colleagues and co-workers.
SemiFinal: THB that environmentalists should launch a campaign of sabotage and property destruction aimed at major polluting companies.
ESL Final Motion: THB the state should not fund any work of art or perfomance that the average cititzens would not recognise as having artistic merit 

Open motions

QuarterFinals: THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools.
SemiFinals: TH Regrets that Western Media has Demonised Islamic Terrorists Rather than Portraying Them as Criminals with Legitimate Political Grievances.
Open Final Motion: THW give more votes to citizens according to their performance on a current affairs test.

Cork IV, Cork, Ireland 2012

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R1: THW require prospective parents to obtain parenting licences prior to having children
R3: THW require all news media to graphically depict under-reported armed conflicts
R4: THBT the EU should suspend the membership rights of countries if they elect extremist parties to government (for example, Greece’s Golden Dawn or the UK’s British National Party)
R5: THB artists should not set out to sympathetically portray characters who hold morally repugnant world views
Semi: Context slide: (abbr.) Blind voting means voters indicating a series of preferences of policies, these preferences are only later matched to respective parties. Motion: THW introduce blind voting in national elections
Novice final: THW ban all medical procedures intended to change an individual’s racial appearance
Final: THB the ICC should open an investigation on war crimes in Palestine

World University Debate Championship MANILA 99

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First Rounds
1. This house supports the bombing of Iraq.
2. This house believes globalization marginalises the poor.
3. This house believes the father should be present at conception.
4. This house believes ASEAN should rally behind Anwar.
5. This house believes art should be free from censorship.
6. This house believes democracy is the best way forward for Russia.
7. This house believes religious leaders should listen to opinion polls.
8. This house would rehabilitate criminals.
9. This house believes that federalism will not work for europe
Octo Final: This house believes that old dictators should not have to face the music
Qtr Final: This house believes that Media is more Powerful than the Government
Semi Final: This House would get US bases out of Asia
Final: This house believes Nethanyahu is the biggest obstacle to peace in Israel

Final: This house believes that a celibate priest is an unhappy priest
Semi-Finals: This House believes that Child Labour is necessary in developing countries
First Round: This house would support global nuclear disarmament

Public Speaking:
Long live the adjudicators
From the original recepie to extra crispy
Fish & Chips
The adventure of coach commando
Sex- a deadly weapon
Its a jungle out there
True love is another myth
Writing in the snow
Pick-up lines at a sushi bar
We want rice with that

European University Debate Championship Durham 2004

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Grand Final motion
This House believes that elected politicians should not be allowed to own media companies
ESL Final motion
This House would ban international adoption
Semi Finals motion
This House believes that a foetus harmed in a criminal attack on its mother should be considered a victim of crime in its own right
ESL Semi Finals motion
This House believes that junk food companies should not be allowed to sponsor sporting events
Quarter Finals motion
This House supports compulsory HIV testing for immigrants

Preliminary Round Motions
This house believes that any EU Constitution should contain reference to Europe’s Christian heritage
This house would ban the production for road use of cars capable of driving over 160kph/100mph
This house believes that post-war reconstruction contracts should be restricted to companies from countries which supported the war
This house would legalise consensual cannibalism
This house would not allow embedded journalists attached to military units in warzones
This house believes that governments should insist that the software they use is open-source
This house believes that the military targeting of any place of worship is a crime against humanity