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WUDC 2018 – Mexico

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The Worlds Universities Debating Championship 2018 is hosted by Mexico this year. The tournament will start on the 27th December 2017 and will end on the 4th of January, with the Grand Finals on the 3rd of January 2018.
There are several teams on site that will allow us to get great info on what is going on and of course we will report with the always updated debate motions from the tournament.

SOAS IV 2011

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Round 1: This house would give harsher punishments to those who commit crimes during riots
Round 2: This house would have minimum quotas for different ethnic groups living in public housing estates
Round 3: This house believes that serving military generals should be prohibited from talking to the Media
Round 4: This house believes that the Indian Government Should Ban marriage between Members of the Same Caste
Round 5: This house would create a free market for the sale of babies
Quarter: This house believes that Mexico Should Legalise the Sale, Production and Transit of all Drugs
ESL semi: This house would allow constituents to recall their elected representatives
Semi: This house would end all subsidies for small farms
ESL final: This house believes that the countries of former Yugoslavia should create a common history curriculum and textbooks
Final: This houseregrets the extra judicial killing of Colonel Gaddafi