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WSDC 2016 Stuttgart, Germany

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Motions, that are marked with bold are motions that were debated impromptu.

GF: This house believes that states should be allowed to pay other states to relocate and settle refugees.
SF: Ths house believes that versions of history taught by states through the education system should not be designed to promote national pride.
QF: This house belives that governments should ban their citizens from joining overseas groups fighting against terrorism which are not official military forces.
OF: This house believes that large tech companies should refuse to provide data on their customers to governments, even if it involves refusing to comply with a law which compels them to do so.
PDO: This house would abolish religious primary and secondary schools.

R8: This house would require individuals to pass a political general knowledge test in order to vote.
R7: This house believes that Obama’s administration has done more harm than good.
R6: This house believes that it should be a criminal offence to make comments which could promote hatred against people of particular races, religions, disabilities, sexualities or gender identities.
R5: This house believes that technology companies with significant market shares should not be eligible for patent protection.
R4: This house would televise criminal trials.
R3: This house would require democratic states to hold a national referendum to ratify free trade agreements.
R2: This house believes that major film and television awards shows should abolish awards categories separated by gender.
R1: This house believes that, after meeting their basic needs, individuals have a moral responsibility to donate their wealth towards poverty alleviation.

Dublin City 2014

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Round 1: This House Would Ban All Political Donations
Round 2: This House Would Establish Brothels on Military Bases
Round 3: This House Believes That it is Legitimate for Nations to Rewrite History Books in their Favour After a Time of War
Round 4: That This House, as Barack Obama, would use inception to plant socially progressive ideas in Vladmir Putin’s dreams
Round 5: This House Believes That liberal states with sexually conservative communities should subsidise hymenoplasty

Semi: “Info slide – Disgruntled with NSA spying on US citizens, two senators from opposing parties have introduced a bill banning companies in California from providing essential utility services to the agency – including cutting off its computer-cooling water supply.”
This house would Support the Bill

Final: This house Welcomes the advent of extreme (artificial and natural) genetic advancements for humans

Galway Open 2012

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Galway Open is a great tournament held in Ireland. In 2012 it was held on February 11th and 12th.

Round 1: THB It is Illegitimate for the State to Attempt to Instill Morals or Values in Children in Schools
Round 2: THW Prosecute Barack Obama for War Crimes
Round 3: TH Regrets the Existence of Valentine’s Day
Round 4: from the view of Iran: THW Build a Nuclear Weapon
Round 5: THB the State Should Impose a Maximum Income of €50000, inc benefits, commissions, bonuses, etc.
Semi: THW ban all technology in the pursuit of the genetic enhancement of humanity
Final: in the context of The Matrix: THW take the Blue Pill

EUDC 2013 Manchester motions

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Round 1: This House would ban videogames in which the player engages in brutal and immoral violence in a realistic setting.

Round 2: This House would require international development aid budgets to be approved by popular referenda.

Round 3: This House, as the Muslim Brotherhood, would sincerely offer to cease resistance, participate in elections, and respect a liberal constitution.

Round 4: This House would permit government agencies to conduct automated surveillance without court authorisation.

Round 5: This House believes that Israel should allow members of the Jewish diaspora to vote in its elections.

Round 6: This House applauds the rise of songs by female pop artists that glorify assertive female sexuality.

Round 7: This House belives that it is in China’s strategic interest to cease all non-humanitarian assistance to North Korea until it verifiably ends Its nuclear programme.

Round 8: This House believes that Barack Obama should not have granted legal immunity to officials who ordered the use of torture.

Round 9: This House would provide welfare in the form of basic goods and services, rather than cash payments.

ESL Motions

QuarterFinal: THBT men should consistently call out and correct chauvinistic claims by colleagues and co-workers.
SemiFinal: THB that environmentalists should launch a campaign of sabotage and property destruction aimed at major polluting companies.
ESL Final Motion: THB the state should not fund any work of art or perfomance that the average cititzens would not recognise as having artistic merit 

Open motions

QuarterFinals: THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools.
SemiFinals: TH Regrets that Western Media has Demonised Islamic Terrorists Rather than Portraying Them as Criminals with Legitimate Political Grievances.
Open Final Motion: THW give more votes to citizens according to their performance on a current affairs test.

Roosevelt Academy Open (RA Open), Middelburg, the Netherlands 2012

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Tournament topics from the Roosevelt Academy Open 2012

Round 1: This house would abolish referenda
Round 2: This house would not allow immigrants with illiberal values, such as homophobia, to settle in the country
Round 3: This house would vote for Obama
Round 4: This house believes that western countries should criminalize depictions of the Prophet Muhammed
Round 5: This house believes that sport’s governing bodies, such as IOC and FIFA, should allow performance enhancing pharmaceuticals
Semi: This house believes the EU should not pay rural subsidies
Final: This house would not use prison to punish non-violent offenders

EUDC 2011 Galway Motions

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Round 1: This house would bring back death penalty.
Round 2: This house would prohibit the media from using software to cosmetically improve an individual’s appearance.
Round 3: This house believes that Germany should ban the publication of Mein Kampf indefinitely
Round 4: This house believes that Barack Obama should have vetoed any debt deal that did not increase taxation.
Round 5: This house would allow the creation of donor siblings.
Round 6: This house believes that hacking is an acceptable form of protest against large corporations.
Round 7: This house believes that early childhood education in schools should undermine traditional gender roles.
Round 8: This house believes that America and the EU should cease all financial, political and military support to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority until they reach a peace agreement.
Round 9: This house would legally require priests to report all serious crimes that they hear of in confessions.
Quarters: This house would never fight for King and Country.
ESL Quarters: This house would ban all EU arms companies from selling arms outside the EU
ESL Semifinals: This house would require persons who work in the media to wait four years before running for public office or working for the government
Semifinals: This house believes that the West should promise preferential economic and political cooperation to Arab democracies who adopt secular constitutions.
ESL Finals: This house believes God Exists.
Finals: this house believes that the state should pay reparations to women