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Mykolas Romeris IV 2012

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This are the debate topics that were debated on the Mykolas Romeris IV tournament in Lithania on 24-25th March 2012

Round 1: This house would ban beauty pageants for under 16-year olds
Round 2: This house believes that the media should not publish news on suicides
Round 3: This house would require that Roma children be sent to state boarding schools
Round 4: This house would ban the use of religious rhetoric in political campaigns
Round 5: This house supports the use of bounty hunters in law enforcement
Semi: This house regrets the influence of YouTube on popular culture
Final: This house would grant asylum to those fleeing from persecution on grounds of sexual violence

Oxford IV, Oxford 2013

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Round 1 motion: THW provide mobile teachers for the compulsory education of the children of travelling communities (e.g. Roma and Irish Traveller)
Round 2 motion: THBT developed economies should collectively agree to impose radically redistributive tax codes
Round 3 motion: THW ban the gender testing of athletes in sports
Round 4 motion: THW require major polluters to open their borders to environmental refugees
Round 5 motion: THBT national war memorials should commemorate the casualties on all sides of the conflict
Novice Final: THBT when courts sentence offenders, they should give considerable weight to the views of the victims
Quarter: THW, as a liberal democracy, restrict coverage of small-scale terrorist attacks
ESL Semi: THBT political parties should adopt non-hierarchical organisational structures
Semi: THBT identity-based social movements should not include in their movements allies who are not part of the identity group in question
ESL Final: THBT liberal democracies should cut all economic and military ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Final: THBT the United States should dissolve its offensive military capabilities

If you are looking for other Oxford IV motions, here are the 2004, 2007, 2008 or 2012 motions.

IDAS 2013 tournament motions

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Round 1 THW impose a tax on men to reduce the gender pay gap.
Round 2 THBT EU nations should stop cooperating with the USA on intelligence matters.
Round 4 THW pay reparations to European Roma
Round 5 THBT all corporations should become cooperatives owned and operated by the workers.
Round 6 THB the dead are the property of the state.
Quarterfinals THW not tax bitcoin transactions.
Semifinals THW apply universal jurisdiction to crimes against the environment

Infoslide for the finals motion:

Washington Post, 23 November 2013.
“Iran, world powers reach historic nuclear deal”

First step towards a comprehensive agreement within six months.

Iran will:
· Freeze or reverse work at all Iran’s major nuclear facilities.
· Halts installation of new centrifuges to enrich uranium.
· Cease work on heavy water reactor that could produce plutonium.
· Accept daily monitoring of nuclear facilities by international inspectors.

Western powers will:
· Reduce existing trade sanctions against Iran.
· Grant access to frozen assets worth less than $7 billion.
· Sanctions reinstated if Iran violates the agreement.

European University Debate Championship Istanbul Koc 2007

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“This house believes that the state should publish deliberate mistruths during times of war.”
“This house would withdraw the right to veto the accession of new members to EU.”
EFL Semifinal
“This House would grant the state the exclusive right to make decisions on behalf of the mentally ill.”
ESL Semifinal
“This House believes that the state should not fund any fertility treatments.”
EFL Quarters
“This House would forcibly settle the Roma.”
ESL Quarters
“This House would distribute development aid through religious organizations rather than the state.”
Preliminary rounds:
R1: “This House would take lifestyle choices into account in the allocation of scarce medical resources.”
R2: “This House believes the state should prohibit all items of clothing which cover the face.”
R3: “This House believes that democracy is a necessary condition for economic growth and stability (ANALYSIS)”
R4: “This House believes that Turkey should invade Northern Iraq to fight Kurdish terrorist organisations.”
R5: “This House would require prescription for the ‘morning-after-pill'”
R6: “This House would introduce a time limit on bringing prosecutions for genocide.”
R7: “This House would prosecute parents who take their children to another legal jurisdiction in order to carry out an act which is illegal in their home country.”