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Oxford Women’s Open 2012

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Round 1: This house belives that religious organisations should be subject to all aspects of civilian law (including, but not limited to: employment practice, adoption policy,…)
Round 2: This house would require military training to include extensive ethical and philosophical study
Round 3: This house would vote Republican
Round 4: This house would legalise S&M
Round 5: This house believes it is legitimate to use violence to defend private property
SemiFinal: This house as the UN, would use only private military companies for peace keeping operations
Final: This house would raise its child without gender

Amsterdam open 2008 motions

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Round 1 – This house would criminalize the act of having sex with a heroin-addicted prostitute

Round 2 – This house would not allow political parties to be based on religious grounds

Round 3 – This house would publicly recognize the right of the Tibetan people to national independence

Round 4 – This house would limit the voting rights of the elderly

Round 5 – This house would ban the practice of S&M

Semi Final – This house would mandate multinational companies operating from the EU to provide a reasonable level of education to their workforce in the third world

Final – This house would allow the police to use racial profiling