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Norddeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft 2012

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The Norddeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft was held in Kiel, Germany, April 21-22 2012. The tournament was held in German language, here are the translated motions:

Round 1: This house calls for a common European army
Round 2: This house would lift the ban on dancing (Tanzverbot, probably more a general celebration ban) on the “quiet holidays” (Good Friday, Memorial Day and Remembrance Sunday (Totensonntag))
Round 3: This house would make the ‘morning after pill’ available without doctor’s recipe
Round 4: This house would cancel the exemption on the 5% vote threshold for national minorities
Semi: This house believes that the Olympic Idea has outlived itself
Final: This house would allow audio and video recording of court procedures and the public dissemination of the recordings

Cardiff IV 2012

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The motions from  the tournament Cardiff IV in 2012, that was held on February 11th 2012:

Round 1: This house would create a separate league for athletes who choose to take performance enhancing substances.
Round 2: This house would require all video games that ostensibly depict realistic combat to adhere to the rules of war
Round 3: This house would abolish the concept of limited liability
Round 4: This house would create a separate state where all women and only women can claim citizenship
Final: Context: You are a young man in Galilee about 2000 years ago. You are charismatic and clever. You have the ability to gain a devoted following. People believe you are the son of God and are able to perform a number of miracles, like food-multiplication and healing. Motion: This house would use the influences gained from these abilities and beliefs to propagate socialist values that are justified through faith.

Aghveryan IV 2012

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Round 1: This house would punish sports teams for the criminal and violent behaviour of their fans.
Round 2: This house would ban foreign citizens from adopting Armenian children.
Round 3: This house would add a right to internet access to the Armenian constitution.
Round 4: This house believes that the Armenian media does not adequately represent the views and concerns of Armenian society.
Final: This house believes that journalism is more effective than political protest in holding governments responsible for their actions.

Red Sea open 2011

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Motions from the Red Sea Open tournament held from September 4-7:

Round 1: This house would ban the payment of ransoms
Round 2: This house would force elected politicians and their families to use only public health and education services
Round 3: This house would mandate the use of condoms in porn
Round 4: This house would prosecute violent fouls in sports as criminal assault
Round 5: Actually, This house would rather see one innocent man go to jail than a 100 guilty men walk free
Round 6: This house believes that natural resources should belong to the world and not to any individual country
Semis: This house believes that a universal minimum standard of education is a prerequisite for democracy
Finals: This house believes that consent is not a source of moral legitimacy