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Istanbul Meridyen Debating Academy

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The Turkey debate tournament was held 3-4 September 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. It was CA’ed by a great team, namely Melda Eren (CA), Monica Forman (CA), Nika Jelendorf (CA), Rebecca Irvine (CA).

Here are the motions that were debated:

Round 1: This house believes that governments should strictly regulate construction and renovation in order to preserve historical architecture (buildings, parks, public spaces etc).
Round 2: This house would ban self-learning sex robots that aim to be highly gratifying and realistic
Round 3: This house would permanently remove from service Imams who are stationed in places where an honour killing has occured
Round 4: This house would not use scientific data acquired through non-ethical experiments

Final: Infoslide: Husartsan was the first memorial monument dedicated to the victims of the ‘Armenian Tragedy’. It was erected in 1919 near Taksim Square in Istanbul, on the premises of a former Armenian Cemetary. In 1922, during the occupation of Istanbul, the monument was dismantled and subsequently lost under unknown circumstances. Recently, President Erdogan has declared Turkey the “most meaningful place” to commemorate the ‘Armenian Tragedy’, which Ankara does not recognize as genocide.
Motion: This house would rebuild the Husartsan memorial

Mediterranean Universities Debating Championships 2012

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The Mediterranean Universities Debating Championships in 2012 were held at the  Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 29 – August 3.

Round 1: This house believes the state should send all underage overweight children to a summer far camp
Round 2: This house believes that all EU countries should set the bar of entry to their parliament in such a way that would ensure a two party system
Round 3: This house believes that Amercia is justified in keeping the Second Amendment
Round 4: You are a western reporter covering the Middle East. You received indisputable and ex
clusive evidence that Israel is about to launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities in the next 24 hours. This house would not publish the story
Round 5: This house believes Turkey should abandon all efforts to join the EU
Round 6: You are a CEO of a major clothing company and currently pay workers in your factory 1 dollar a day. You are presented with a plan that would give your employees a dignified living wage. This would significantly increase production costs but would not put you out of business. This house would implement the plan.
Round 7: This house believes that posing for Playboy is immoral
Semi: This house would heavily incentivise Bosnians, Croats and Serbs in Bosnia and Hercegovina that move to areas where dominant ethnicity is other than their own
Final: Given the technology, This house would burn obedience to criminal law in the brains of all humans

Iron Man BP Tournament Utrecht 2012

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Motions from the Iron Man BP Tournament, University College Utrecht, June 2, the Netherlands:

Round 1: This house believes that there should be no restrictions on political donations
Round 2: This house would predicate any humanitarian aid on efforts limiting birth-rates where there’s a risk of overpopulation.
Round 3: This house believes that, rather than after the fact, the judicial system should be able to take pre-emptive measures when there’s a suspicion of hate-speech
Round 4: This house believes that that the Turkish military should stop enforcing the separation between church & state
Semis: This house would practice investment over austerity in times of economic crisis
Final: This house would undertake military action against the Syrian government

Edinburgh Cup 2012

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R1: THBT the State should pay for university education
R2: THW abolish all hate crime laws and instead prosecute according to criminal law
R3: THS eco-terrorism
R4: THBT the identity of the artist should be obscured from those who buy and display the art (approximation)
R5: THW financially incentivize drug and alcohol addicts not to have children
Semi: THBT in the event of a Syrian border attack on Turkey, NATO should come to the aid of Turkey
Final: TH welcomes the demise of religion

International Debate Academy Slovenia 2005

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This house believes that China is a threat to international security.
This house believes UN should replace USA in Iraq.
This house believes UN and USA should cooperate when fighting terrorism.
This house supports the admission of Turkey into the EU.
This house supports Chechnya becoming an independent state.
This house supports the 6-parties talks concerning the sitatuation in Northeast Asia.
This house supports that the EU should have an army.
This house would take military measures to stop human rights abuses in Sudan.
This house believes that the USA is the most dangerous terrorist.
This house would stop work on the nuclear enrichment program in Iran.
This house would negotiate with terrorists.
This house would solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
This house believes Taiwan has a right to become an independent country.
This house would stop producing nuclear weapon.
This house would destroy all the nuclear weapons in the world.
This house supports the Kurds.
This house fears Pakistan.
This house believes that UN peacekeeping troops do more harm than good.
This house would close USA military basis in Asia.
This house believes that Africa can secure itself.
This house believes that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is a failure.
This house believes that Latin America should become a demilitarized zone.
This house believes that military participation in efforts to control illegal drugs has been a failure.
This house believes that all nations should adopt a no first use policy for nuclear weapons.
This house would develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.
This house believes that nuclear electrical power is a security danger.
This house believes that open borders can be a significant threat to international security.
This house would demilitarize space.
This house would make the United Nations responsible for outer space security and development.
This house would not allow human settlement of the moon.
This house believes that the more we venture into outer space the more secure Earth becomes.
This house believes that current security measures have not made airline travel more secure.
This house believes that those who would sacrifice liberty for security

10th Turkish Nationals Motions

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Round 1: Thbt Income of gambling addicts should be directly given to their spouses

Round 2: Thbt University graduates should not be sent to places of war for fulfilling their military service.

Round 3: Thbt all football clubs should have salary cap

Round 4: Thbt people in drunk drivers’ car should be also punished

Round 5: Thbt local governments should not forcibly move residents for ‘Urban Renewal Projects’

Round 6: Thbt Central Bank should stop being guarantor to bankrupt banks

Round 7: Thbt Political party leaders should have a time limit of duty

Quarter: Th would force media agencies not to use any word other than ‘terrorist groups’ for whom state declares to be ‘terrorist group’.

Semi: Thbt UN Food Office should have all the responsibility of distribution, pricing or sale of wheat across the world

Final: Th would abolish inheritence

WUDC 2010 Koc Motions

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WUDC 2010 (Koc, Turkey) Motions Round 1
This house would ban labour unions.

Round 2
This house believes that developing nations should pay for the full tuition of female university students.

Round 3
This house would financially incentivize both inter-faith and inter-ethnic marriages.

Round 4
THW prohibit high-ranking members of the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tigers from participation in the election.

Round 5
THW abolish taxes on alcohol and cigarettes that go beyond normal sales taxes.

Round 6
THW prosecute communities for complicity in honour killings.

Round 7
THW grant those diagnosed with terminal illnesses the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing.

Round 8
THW partition Sudan.

Round 9
THW ban all pornography.

EFL Semifinals
This House would use faith based rehabilitation in prison.

EFL Final
This House believes that democratic states should own their own broadcasting corporations.

ESL Quarterfinals
This House would ban any scheme intended to cure homosexuality

ESL Semifinals
This house would allow prisoners to raise their babies behind bars.

ESL Final
This house would prohibit expression that portrays convicted war criminals in a positive light.

This house believes the West should recognise the Dali Lama

This house would ban all procedures to alter one’s racial appearance.

THB that the United States government should subsidize Twitter to liberalize oppressed societies

Grand Final
THB that the media should show the full horror of war

European University Debate Championship Istanbul Koc 2007

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“This house believes that the state should publish deliberate mistruths during times of war.”
“This house would withdraw the right to veto the accession of new members to EU.”
EFL Semifinal
“This House would grant the state the exclusive right to make decisions on behalf of the mentally ill.”
ESL Semifinal
“This House believes that the state should not fund any fertility treatments.”
EFL Quarters
“This House would forcibly settle the Roma.”
ESL Quarters
“This House would distribute development aid through religious organizations rather than the state.”
Preliminary rounds:
R1: “This House would take lifestyle choices into account in the allocation of scarce medical resources.”
R2: “This House believes the state should prohibit all items of clothing which cover the face.”
R3: “This House believes that democracy is a necessary condition for economic growth and stability (ANALYSIS)”
R4: “This House believes that Turkey should invade Northern Iraq to fight Kurdish terrorist organisations.”
R5: “This House would require prescription for the ‘morning-after-pill'”
R6: “This House would introduce a time limit on bringing prosecutions for genocide.”
R7: “This House would prosecute parents who take their children to another legal jurisdiction in order to carry out an act which is illegal in their home country.”