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Topics from Bruder Grimm Cup 2012

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These are the translated debate motions from the German Bruder Grimm cup, held on May 26th and 27th 2012 in Marburg, Germany.

Round 1: This house would make football clubs pay for the costs of police surveillance during league matches
Round 2: This house would block the Security Council as long as the veto power remains available
Round 3: Vorrunde: This house would rewrite the Grimm fairytales in a gender neutral way (Dieses Haus würde die Grimmschen Märchen gendergerecht umschreiben)
Round 4: This house would require candidates for public office to be psychologically evaluated during their trial period rather than making their psychological illness history public
Semi: This house would allow defendants to choose between a judge or a jury.
Final: This house wouldallow doctors treating terminally ill patients patients to offer them treatments that are still in the experimental stages

Mitteldeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft

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The Mitteldeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft was held in Jena, Germany, April 21-22 2012. Here are the motions translated from the german language:

Round 1: This house would abolish state imposed heritage protection
Round 2: There are states which prescribe quota for the number of women in Boards of companies. This house would prohibit companies from other states that do not fill the required quota in their Board to participate in public tenders in states with quotas.
Round 3: This house would limit media coverage of shootings
Round 4: When a ship threatens to breach a UN weapons embargo, This house would allow all states to stop the ship with the use of force.
Semi: This house believes that every person has the right to take pictures of works of art or performances and publish them as their own works of art
Final: This house would allow audio and video recording of court procedures and the public dissemination of the recordings

Edinburgh Cup 2011

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Edinburgh Cup debate tournament was held on the 8th and 9th of October 2011

Round 1: This house would ban nuclear energy
Round 2: This house would abolish the British Monarchy
Round 3: This house believes that the UN should immediately recognise and independent state of Palestine
Round 4: This house would cease all austerity measures in favour of a massive increase in government spending
Semifinal: This house would start a marxist revolution
Final: This house believes that the world is a safer place since the collapse of the USSR

Kiev Open 2011

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Kiev Open debate tournament was open in Ukraine in the 1st and 2nd of October 2011. Here are the motions:

Round 1: This house believes that there should be no limit on self-defence against violent crimes
Round 2: This house would ban parades and demonstrations that could incite a violent response
Round 3: This house believes that the UN should offer large bounties for the capture of pirates and the destruction of pirate ships
Round 4: This house would ban all religions from actively seeking conversions
Round 5: This house believes that America and the EU should cease all financial, political and military aid to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority until they reach a peace deal
Semifinal:  This house would ban political parties that propagate racism and xenophobia
Final: This house believes that even in an oppressive state, citizens should not turn to violence as a means of opposition

Oxford IV 2006

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Round 1: This house would grant anonymity to sex offenders.
Round 2: This house would allow the UN to hire mercenaries.
Round 3: This house would support all forms of child labour.
Round 4: This house would make Malta’s continued membership of the EU conditional to legalising divorce.
Round 5: This house believes that the US should sell a missile defence shield to Taiwan.

Oxford IV 2009

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Round 1: This house would allow deaf couples to use medical technology to ensure they have deaf offsprings.
Round 2: This house would welcome a European superstate.
Round 3: This house would redirect all state art funding for reproduction of classic works of art into new works of art.
Round 4: This house would give the UN Secretary General the power to unilaterally send peacekeepers into regions that are beyond the effective control of their governments.
Round 5: This house would abolish patents and replace them with government funded awards in recognition of R&D.
Round 6: This house believes that universities should not license societies that define themselves by gender, race nationalhood or sexuality.

If you know the semis and final motions, it would be great if you could leave them in the comments. Thanks!

Brno Open, Brno 2012

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R1: THW adopt life sentences without parole.
R2: THW not read fairytales which contain gender stereotypes to children.
R3: THW grant tax cuts to large foreign investors.
R4: THW cancel permanent membership and veto power in the UN Security Council.
Semi: THBT all regionally concentrated ethnic minorities should be granted territorial autonomy.
Final: THBT the European Union should open its borders for immigrants from third world countries.

International Debate Academy Slovenia 2005

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This house believes that China is a threat to international security.
This house believes UN should replace USA in Iraq.
This house believes UN and USA should cooperate when fighting terrorism.
This house supports the admission of Turkey into the EU.
This house supports Chechnya becoming an independent state.
This house supports the 6-parties talks concerning the sitatuation in Northeast Asia.
This house supports that the EU should have an army.
This house would take military measures to stop human rights abuses in Sudan.
This house believes that the USA is the most dangerous terrorist.
This house would stop work on the nuclear enrichment program in Iran.
This house would negotiate with terrorists.
This house would solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
This house believes Taiwan has a right to become an independent country.
This house would stop producing nuclear weapon.
This house would destroy all the nuclear weapons in the world.
This house supports the Kurds.
This house fears Pakistan.
This house believes that UN peacekeeping troops do more harm than good.
This house would close USA military basis in Asia.
This house believes that Africa can secure itself.
This house believes that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is a failure.
This house believes that Latin America should become a demilitarized zone.
This house believes that military participation in efforts to control illegal drugs has been a failure.
This house believes that all nations should adopt a no first use policy for nuclear weapons.
This house would develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.
This house believes that nuclear electrical power is a security danger.
This house believes that open borders can be a significant threat to international security.
This house would demilitarize space.
This house would make the United Nations responsible for outer space security and development.
This house would not allow human settlement of the moon.
This house believes that the more we venture into outer space the more secure Earth becomes.
This house believes that current security measures have not made airline travel more secure.
This house believes that those who would sacrifice liberty for security

10th Turkish Nationals Motions

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Round 1: Thbt Income of gambling addicts should be directly given to their spouses

Round 2: Thbt University graduates should not be sent to places of war for fulfilling their military service.

Round 3: Thbt all football clubs should have salary cap

Round 4: Thbt people in drunk drivers’ car should be also punished

Round 5: Thbt local governments should not forcibly move residents for ‘Urban Renewal Projects’

Round 6: Thbt Central Bank should stop being guarantor to bankrupt banks

Round 7: Thbt Political party leaders should have a time limit of duty

Quarter: Th would force media agencies not to use any word other than ‘terrorist groups’ for whom state declares to be ‘terrorist group’.

Semi: Thbt UN Food Office should have all the responsibility of distribution, pricing or sale of wheat across the world

Final: Th would abolish inheritence

ICRC International Humanitarian Law Debate 2008 Motions

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Round 1: Intervention
THBT the UN’s responsibility to protect is more important than its respect to national sovereignity
THBT constructive engagement works better than military intervention
THBT invasion into other sovereign countries is justified only in the name of counter-terrorism

Round 2: Nukes
THBT all nations have the right to possess nuclear weapons
THBT only democratic states have the right to civilian nuclear energy
THBT South Korea should provide unconditional aid to North Korea

Round 3: Negotiating with terrorists
THBT Israel should include Hamas in its dealing with Palestine.
THW not recognize Hezbollah as the rulers of Lebanon.
THW not negotioate with violent separatist movements.

Round : Food Security
THBT the World Bank and other bilateral donors should tie developmental aid to investment in agriculture.
THW curb the production of biofuels to address the growing food crisis.
THBT the EU should not bow to the pressures of WTO in reducing agricuktural subsidies.

Quarter Finals: Cluster Munitions Treaty
THBT the greatest impact of the ban on cluster munitions is not in protecting civilians but in hampering the military capability.
THBT the “Big Players” persistence on the option of using cluster munitions is a threat to collective security.
THW criminalize countries that cooperate with other nations using cluster munitions.

Semi Finals: Responsibility
THW force countries to make contributions to relief funds proportional to their GDPs
THW hold states responsible for collateral damage
THW allow America soldiers to not respond to the call of war

Third Placing: Justice – 3rd
THBT perpetrators of crimes against humanity should only be tried in international courts or tribunals, not local courts
THBT the ICC is ineffective in delivering justice to victims of crimes against humanity
THBT TRCs are a sufficient form of recourse afforded to victims of crimes against humanity

Grand Finals: The Geneva Conventions
THBT the Geneva Conventions have no place in modern warfare
THW include terrorists as combatants under the Geneva Conventions
THBT rendition has no place in a democratic world.