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Mitteldeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft

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The Mitteldeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft was held in Jena, Germany, April 21-22 2012. Here are the motions translated from the german language:

Round 1: This house would abolish state imposed heritage protection
Round 2: There are states which prescribe quota for the number of women in Boards of companies. This house would prohibit companies from other states that do not fill the required quota in their Board to participate in public tenders in states with quotas.
Round 3: This house would limit media coverage of shootings
Round 4: When a ship threatens to breach a UN weapons embargo, This house would allow all states to stop the ship with the use of force.
Semi: This house believes that every person has the right to take pictures of works of art or performances and publish them as their own works of art
Final: This house would allow audio and video recording of court procedures and the public dissemination of the recordings

AWDC 2011

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Debate motions from the Women’s 2011 debate tournament

This house would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate sexual abuse within the Catholic Church
Semi Final: : This house would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.
R6: This house would refuse to uphold confidential out-of-court settlements.
R5: That this house would oust the Karzai administration.
R4: This house supports democratic education.
R3: This House would redistribute, aggressively and without compensation, all land taken from black South Africans during apartheid.
R2: This house believes that, in times if economic crisis, economic bodies should withhold information that may damage market confidence.
R1: That this House would never prosecute child soldiers for crimes committed during war.

Video from the final:

EUDC 2010 motions

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Round 1: THBT the EU should pursue new member states by removing all non-economic membership
conditions, including political system and global location
Round 2: THBT schools should prioritise authority of the teacher over enjoyment of the pupil

Round 3: THW offer increased aid to the developing world countries that encourage and accept large
influxes of immigrants

Round 4: THBT social disgust is sufficient justification for censoring art

R5: THBT Bradley Manning should be pardoned if he is convicted of ?communicating, transmitting and delivering national defence information to an unauthorised source?

R6: THW allow all women, and women only, to bear arms

R7: THW offer the Taliban power-sharing deals in exchange for acts of disarmament

R8: THBT developing nations should distribute as a dividend to citizens all income derived from natural resource extraction

Open Quarters: This House would prohibit gay pride parades in countries or areas where there is a risk of violent backlash against those involved.
ESL Quarters: This House would extend the full protections of international law to guerilla fighters, insurgents and terrorists.
Open Semis: This House believes that the state should determine the wages to be payed (in both private and public sectors) for jobs deemed of moral value or societal importance.
ESL Semis: This House would grant higher primates rights equivalent to those of human children.

ESL final: THBT even in response to the most serious crimes a just penal system should have no consideration for society’s desire for retribution

Open final: THBT after a humanitarian intervention has halted human rights abuses the occupation forces should leave if the population clearly establishes this as their wish

Debate video – St. John’s Debate vs. Irish Times Champions

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A video posted by Steve with a debate on the motion This House believes that development aid should be tied to women’s rights.
An hour long debate video worth watching!

St. John’s University Debate vs. Irish Times National Champions from Steve Llano on Vimeo.

USU 2011 motions – Vermont

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Round 1: This House would mandate the purchase of insurance in disaster prone areas.
Round 2: This House would prosecute players who commit flagrant fouls for assault.
Round 3: This house would grant amnesty to dictators who voluntarily leave office.
Round 4: This house would would mandate a quota for women on the boards of large corporations.
Round 5: This house would create a public forum for active duty military personnel to criticize government policy.
Round 6: There is context: “Intellectual property is one or more of patents, copyright or trademarks.” This was read to the debaters before the motion was read. Round 6: TH would charge an annual tax on intellectual property.
Octofinal motion: This house believes that human shields are a legitimate target in war.
Quarterfinal motion: This house would instruct juries to acquit where they believe conviction not to be in the public interest.
Semifinal motion: This house believes in a constitutional right to a minimum standard of living.

WUDC 2010 Koc Motions

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WUDC 2010 (Koc, Turkey) Motions Round 1
This house would ban labour unions.

Round 2
This house believes that developing nations should pay for the full tuition of female university students.

Round 3
This house would financially incentivize both inter-faith and inter-ethnic marriages.

Round 4
THW prohibit high-ranking members of the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tigers from participation in the election.

Round 5
THW abolish taxes on alcohol and cigarettes that go beyond normal sales taxes.

Round 6
THW prosecute communities for complicity in honour killings.

Round 7
THW grant those diagnosed with terminal illnesses the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing.

Round 8
THW partition Sudan.

Round 9
THW ban all pornography.

EFL Semifinals
This House would use faith based rehabilitation in prison.

EFL Final
This House believes that democratic states should own their own broadcasting corporations.

ESL Quarterfinals
This House would ban any scheme intended to cure homosexuality

ESL Semifinals
This house would allow prisoners to raise their babies behind bars.

ESL Final
This house would prohibit expression that portrays convicted war criminals in a positive light.

This house believes the West should recognise the Dali Lama

This house would ban all procedures to alter one’s racial appearance.

THB that the United States government should subsidize Twitter to liberalize oppressed societies

Grand Final
THB that the media should show the full horror of war

World University Debate Championship Singapore 2004

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Final TTH would ban the abortion of fetuses on the grounds of their permanent disability
Semi-Final TTH believes war journalists should be forced to reveal their sources in international criminal tribunals
Quarter Final TTH believes parents should cast proxy votes for their children
Octo Final TTH would support regime change in Iran

Round 1 TTHW try Saddam Hussein before an international tribunal
Round 2 TTH supports all forms of child labour
Round 3 TTHB eviormentalists should use terrorism in support of their goals
Round 4 TTHB students all round the world should be taught in English
Round 5 TTHW tie world bank aid to womens’ rights
Round 6 TTHW make the release of child sexual abusers conditional on chemical castration
Round 7 TTH believes only African countries should be peacekeepers in African conflicts
Round 8 TTH would use international sporting events for political change
Round 9 TTH would ban religious symbols in state schools

ESL Final TTH believes that Japanese armed forces should fight in foreign lands
ESL Semi TTH prefers regional trade agreements to the WTO

European University Debate Championship Berlin 2006

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R1 TTHW abolish the international criminal court
R2 TTHB that gender reassignment surgery should be included in state funded medical care
R3 TTHB that governments should block the foreign takeover of important companies
R4 TTHW ban the use of evidence acquired from countries which practice torture.
R5 TTHW ban all religious involvement in schools
R6 TTHW remove the right to refuse medically necessary treatments
ESL Semis TTHW allow insurance companies to consider the results of genetic tests in asessing potential customers
ESL Finals TTHW destroy the artifacts of fallen oppressive regimes
Quarters That this house would take cult members into psychiatric care 
Semifinals THW grant an automatic right of asylum to women trafficked for prostitution
Finals TTHW allow companies to refuse to hire smokers

European University Debate Championship Haifa 2002 Motions

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R1 THBT referenda are the way forward for European democracy
R2 THBT Women should have equal rights and equal obligations in the Army
R3 THW Deny liver transplants to alcoholics
R4 THW Clone Britney Spears
R5 THBT The European Union should ban bullfighting
R6 THB that religious education is brainwashing kids

EFL Final “THW ban the advertisement of gambling”
EFL Semifinal “THW hold the accountants accountable”
EFL QFinal “THW prefer castration to incarceration for sexual offenders”.

ESL Final “THW give Europe its own constitution”
ESL Semifinal “THW guarantee the amnesty of retired dictators”