WUDC motions

First Rounds
1. This house would ban criminals from voting (Cancelled due to mis times announcement)
1b. This house would give Europe it's own Army
2. This house would put a speed limit on human Traffic
3. This house would make company directors criminally liable for the wrongs of their company
4. This house believes the US should get out of the middle east
5. This house would make pollution a tradable commodity
6. This house would remove patents on pharmacutical drugs from the 3rd world.
7. This house believed that the WTO should grant exemptions to developing nations
8. This house would ban performance enhancing drugs in sport
9. Round Cancelled. Octo-Finals: This house would outlaw genetic discrimination
Quater Finals: This house supports a one child policy
Semi-Final: This house would make reparations for slavery
Final: This house would elect it's judges
Public Speaking:
Round 1: 5 min prep on a film quote (e.g. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get next")
Round 2: Prepared motion: "So long as even one hundred of us remain alive, we will never submit to the rule of the English"
Final: Impromptu

Semi-Final: This house would keep peacekeepers out of civil wars
Final: This house believes that a language which needs proteting isn't worth protecting.

Final: This house would squeeze the rich until the pip squeaks
Semi: This house believes that the rights of the child are paramount
Quarter: This house would censor hate

First Rounds
1. That this house believes that election campaigns should be fully financed by the state.
2. That this house demands work for welfare
3. That this house would alter its genetic code.
4. That this house would put worker's rights before trade rights.
5. That this house would have lots of sex.
6. That this house would ignore the war in Chechnya.
7. That this house believes religious doctrines are more important than women's rights.
8. That this house likes its environmentalists radical.
9. That this house would put corporate profits before individual privacy.

Octo Final: That Asia should take the liberal path.
Qtr Final: That this house would shut down Macdonalds.
Semi Final: This House Believes the IMF is the British Empire of Today
Final: This house believes Marx would have approved of the internet

Final: This house favours Positive discrimination

Semi That women should apply lipstick.
Rd 1 This house would Club Baby Seals

First Rounds
1. This house supports the bombing of Iraq.
2. This house believes globalization marginalises the poor.
3. This house believes the father should be present at conception.
4. This house believes ASEAN should rally behind Anwar.
5. This house believes art should be free from censorship.
6. This house believes democracy is the best way forward for Russia.
7. This house believes religious leaders should listen to opinion polls.
8. This house would rehabilitate criminals.
9. This house believes that federalism will not work for europe
Octo Final: This house believes that old dictators should not have to face the music
Qtr Final: This house believes that Media is more Powerful than the Government
Semi Final: This House would get US bases out of Asia
Final: This house believes Nethanyahu is the biggest obstacle to peace in Israel

Final: This house believes that a celibate priest is an unhappy priest
Semi-Finals: This House believes that Child Labour is necessary in developing countries
First Round: This house would support global nuclear disarmament

Public Speaking:
Long live the adjudicators
From the original recepie to extra crispy
Fish & Chips
The adventure of coach commando
Sex- a deadly weapon
Its a jungle out there
True love is another myth
Writing in the snow
Pick-up lines at a sushi bar
We want rice with that

First Rounds
This house believes in Economic policy before social policy
This house would look to the East
This house would put an immediate ban on land mines
This house believes he who controls information technology controls the world
This house believes that the glass is half full
This house believes that marriage is an outdated institution
This house believes that environmentalism is mostly hot air
This house believes that liberty should be rationed
This house would protect the rights of smokers
Octo Finals: This house believes we should leave nation states to the scrap yard of history
Qtr Finals: This house believes that the olympic games should come home for good
Semi Final : THis house would give national treasures back to its people
Final: This house believes that humanitarism is a first world affectation


First Rounds
1. This house believes that developing nations need strong dictatorship.
2. This house would legalize prostitution.
3. This house has an unhealthy obsession with sport.
4. This house believes that the U.S. is more sinned against than sinning.
5. This house would let the information superhighway run free.
6. This house believes that fanaticism works.
7. This house would allow same-sex couples to adopt children.
8. This house will regret the trade bloc.
9. This house believes that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a weak response.
Octo Final: This house supports privatization
Qtr Final: This house would adopt quotas.
Semi Final: This house believes that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
Final: This house would legalize all drugs.
ESL Final: This House believes that there is no such thing as universal human rights

First Rounds
1.This house would put pragmatism before its principles.
2. This house would test nuclear weapons.
3. This house would rebuild the Berlin Wall.
4. This house would sacrifice economic growth for the good of the environment.
5. This house would give racists a platform.
6. This house would make the blood of the patriarchy run in the streets. (enforced humour round)
7. This house would heed its priests.
8. This house believes that developing nations should adopt Western feminism.
9. This house would in trial by jury.
Octo Final: This house would reject big government.
Qtr Final: This house believes that the melting pot has failed.
Semi Final: This house would let the language die.
Final: This house believes that strong dictatorship is better than weak democracy.

First Rounds
1. This House would plan for peace by preparing for war.
2. This House has more to fear than to hope from genetic engineering.
3. This House would open its doors to the world.
4. This House believes that the separation of church and state has gone too far.
5. This House believes that the United Nations belongs on the ash-heap of history.
6. This House believes that American culture is an oxymoron. (enforced humour round)
7. This House believes that capitalism is a dead end.
8. This House believes economic sanctions should not be used to influence domestic policy.
9. This House believes that the government that governs least, governs best.
Octo Final: This House supports the statement, "Yankee Go Home!"

First Rounds
1. This house believes that right is more important than peace.
2. This House believes that political correctness is the new McCarthyism.
3. This House believes that space exploration can no longer be justified.
4. This House believes that Islam has had a bad press.
5. This House believes that the blood of East Timor is on Australia's hands.
6. This House believes that there is in this age a dearth of heroes.
7. This House believes that feminism should give way to multiculturalism.
8. This House believes that the West will regret free trade.
9. This House believes that cricket is to sport as Rolls-Royce is to motorcars. (enforced humour round)
Octo Final: This House believes that the state of the union is stuffed.
Qtr Final: This House would support affirmative action.
Semi Final: This House believes that the Pope should get married.
Final: This House believes that Machiavelli is the way to go.

First Rounds
1. This house would support positive discrimination.
2. This house would support the right to strike.
3. This house believes that sex kills romance.
4. This house believes that freedom of the individual is a myth.
5.Short men cast long shadows while the sun sets. (enforced humour round)
6. This house reveres the memory of the British Empire.
7. This house would out-closet homosexuals.
8. This house rejects consensus.
9. This house would abolish capital punishment.
Octo Final: The problems of the nation are better solved by the private sector than by government.
Qtr Final: This house would give land for peace.
Semi Final: A Federated Europe will protect the weak from the strong.
Final: Nationalism is a hangover from history.

First Rounds (Thanks to Randal H for this information)
1. The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.
2. Kuwait should be freed by military force.
3. Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.
4. All evils are equal when they are extreme.
5. Democracy is the bludgeoning of the people, by the people, for the people.
6. This House condemns the war on drugs.
7. This House would kiss the sky.
8. Environmentalism will go the way of the hula hoop.
9. To die for an idea is to set a rather high price for conjecture.
This house would not dare lift the veil.

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