WUDC results

One of the biggest problems of this WUDC in 2014 is that the tab has still not been released, and it is allready the 5th of january.

Ok, after all the problems, here is the tab. You can download it and check all the results. Click here. I'm not going to post all the results here, because the .xls can be much better. But still, some results need to be posted, so here we go:


The World Champions in the Open category,
Harvard A - Ben Sprung-Keyser, left, and Josh Zoffer
© Henrik Maedler // Chennai WUDC 2014
Harvard A (Josh Zoffer and Ben Sprung-Keyser)

Sydney Union B

Best speaker of Open: Eleanor Jones (Sydney B)


Champion: Berlin A (Dessislava Kirova and Kai Dittmann)

The World Champions in the ESL category,
Berlin Debating Union A - Dessislava Kirova (left)
and Kai Dittmann
© Henrik Maedler // Chennai WUDC 2014

Finalist:Luna A
Babes-Bolyai A
Belgrade B

Best Speaker of ESL: Mubarrat Wassey (IIUM A)


Bandung A (Vicario Reinaldo and Fauzan Reza Maulana)

Tubingen A
Warsaw Debate A
New Economic School A

Best Speaker of the Tournament: Helena Ivanov (Belgrade B)

The World Champions in the EFL category,
Bandung A - Fauzan Reza Maulana (left)
and Vicario Reinaldo
© Henrik Maedler // Chennai WUDC 2014

Champion: Nizamate of Hyderabad (James Torrance and Jordan Anderson)

Sydney G (Julia Bowes & Anna Garsia. Break position 20th) by a unanimous decision.
The Draw for the grand final was
1st Gov: Cambridge C
1st Opp: Queensland A
2nd Gov: Oxford D
2nd Opp: Sydney G

The top speaker at the 2007 World Debating Championships was
Jess Prince (Oxford D)

The ESL Champions at the World Debating Championships are
IIU Malaysia A
The Top 5 EFL speakers were
1) Suhaib Hassan
2) Elchanan Miller
3) Parat Sayta
4) Tasneem Elias
5) V Naranjan

The Masters Champions at the 2007 World Debating Championships are
Quebec (Matthew Sinclair and Ali Dewji)

The Public speaking champion at the 2007 World Debating Championships is:
Michael Imeson (Seattle)

The 2007 Stand Up Comedy Champion at the World Debating Championships is
Willard Foxton (Middle Temple, England)
The English as a Foreign Language Champions at the 2007 World Debating Championships are
Tsinghua A
The EFL Best Speaker was
Masako Suzuki

Hart House A (Michael Kotrly & Joanna Nairn) are the World Champions for 2006.

In the Final they Defeated
Chicago A
Inner Temple A
Yale E

Best speakers
1. Beth O'Connor (Yale A)
1. Rory Gillis (Yale A)
3. Derek Lande (UCC A)
3. Tara Mounce (Oxford A)
5. Daragh Grant (Chicago A)
6. Ivan Ah Sam (Sydney A)
7. Patrick Emerson (Chicago A)
8. Dominic Thurbon (Sydney A)
9. Jessica Prince
10. James Renihan
10. Joanna Nairn (Hart House A)

Erasmus A won the World ESL championships.
Anat Genber from Haifa A has won the ESL best speaker award
Team "Canada" (Neil Harvey-Smith & Jess Harvey-Smith) won the Team Masters. Sean O'Quigley (Ireland) won the individual Masters.

O'Neill Simpson from UWI Cave Hill has won the public Speaking

THE GRAND FINAL Ottawa A (Erik Eastaugh & Jamie Furniss) WINNERS
Cambridge A (Daragh Grant & Joe Devanney)
Oxford. D (Alex Just & Jonathan Bailey)
Hart House B (Michael Kotrly & Joanna Nairn)

Best Speaker
Kylie Lane (Monash A) 741
Seb Isaac (Lincoln's Inn) 736
Erik Eastaugh (Ottawa A) 735
Richard Osbourne (Inner Temple) 730
Jamie Furniss (Ottawa A) 730
Joe Devanney (Cambridge A) 728
Daragh Grant (Cambridge A) 728
Andrew Fitch (Monash A)728
Rory Gillis (Yale) 726
David Whelan (Kings Inn) 724

ESL Finalists:
UKM A (Tan Ai Huey & Khor Swee Kheng) WINNERS
Nanyang Tech U A (Anirudh & Ajay)
Nanyang Tech U B (Ankit & Karthik)
MGIMO Moscow (Zalivako & Akulich)

Masters finalists:
Australia (Roland Dillon & Michael Smith) WINNERS
Ireland (Derek Lande & Conor Buckley)
New Zealand (Rachel Carrell & Caleb Ward)
Tamil (Praba Ganesan & Kevin Moar)

Comedy: ANU (including: Jeremy Farrell, Toby Halligan, Patrick Moody, Emily Byrne, Jeremy Farrell and Bill Bannear).

Public Speaking:
Rahim Moloo (UBC) WINNER


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